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Cryonic Folder

Hi folks!
These folders you can use it freely, subject to your own folder. If you like the design you can change it as much as you'd like. Notice the "CC" info but!

If you use Corel PhotoImpact X3, so I created it, you can change everything!

There are some limitations to all the Photoshop, Gimp, etc. PainNet use.

You almost can not change anything unless you edited the PSD and add your own things.

Included are:
- 14th sample Folders PNG 512x512 pixels
- 12th PSD files (you can not edit my shapes, but you can edit all other files) + Shadow
- 12th UFO files (use Corel PhotoImpact X3, you can edit all)
- High-Res Video 1920x1200 (20MB) </ b>

You can you watch the video, so you'll know what you could do with the folders. High-res video in rar-file included.
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the best. and on the right pane of the zip, you could say that these files are safe because he clearly states that there is no virus or spyware. I did scan and it is really clean. Thank you!

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best i have from now!thank you

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Thanks for this. Good looking icons.
Thank you, I love your icon pack
Thanks Cool Bro!
hi bro perfecto wonerfool
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helpful details.
thank you
oops nvm found it im a new user
sorry is this is a dumb question, but where are the download links?
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most awesome folder icons ever ! thx for sharing !
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Very nice work.

I would like to change all my live folders include this one ( [link]) by a cryonic. How can I do ?
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here is a guide: [link] or [link] or [link]
Nice, but the NC restriction in the license isn't doing what you think. Instead of stopping commercial use and allowing everything else, you are blocking most non-commercial use. The reason is, the NC license is incompatible with GPL and CC-BY-SA. So what happens is you just stopped anyone from mixing your icons with other material, even if nobody ever wanted to use them commercially. You really should consider changing the license. NC is a problem and isn't what you want.

For example, this is causing problems with the oxygencolors icon set: [link]

Ideally, deviantart and everyone else who stop suggesting the NC license because of its bad compatibility.
If you really want to understand the details about NC, read this: [link]
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this is excellent work - thank you so much for sharing it
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stylish and elegant, thanks :)
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It's awesome, ty!~
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these are awesome!! but how do you actually install them and use them??
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convert the .png to .ico and replace your desktop icons
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i am always looking for colored folders to help me organize projects on my computer. this is awesome.
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