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A type of Flash Fiction, six word stories are (very) short stories with an exact word count: six words. SixWordStories is the place where, alongside quality, quantity really does matter. Though these stories are so brief in length, they can be as profound, if not more, than the prose and poetry you see and read every day, partly because six word stories can tell us so much and yet contain so little.

In our feature articles, we will be showcasing six word stories submitted to Freestyle folder.

:thumb391843194: LifeJaw-dropping entry, heart stopping close.

Mature Content

Six-Word Story: The SneezeBrushing teeth, itchy nose.
...Impending disaster!
Pyrrhic victory.On the battlefield after victory, silence. UntitledFlame and ash!-
We can't forget.
Under my ShirtBomb or baby?
Someone will die.
MisfitHello there Harmony,
I am Disaster
:thumb400412030: :thumb400839766: *Melt*Emotional meltdown, dripping like candle wax.
2013 Delice1941
18th September2013
HamletIs me being to be continued? Lost in Translation    "I see."
    Said the blind man.
:thumb401217202: Senior MomentBargain bin!
"Hearing aid batteries."
RegretWords unsaid make me wish that... An evening with you in PripyatGeiger counter bleeping,
sprawled under stars.
Each DayWake.
PurpleDon't love me, I bruise easily. Coming HomeMummy? When is Daddy coming home? Earth Described: A Six Word StoryEarth: beautiful, terrible, and our home.

Versicolor Project

30th September - 14th October
Prompt: "Tangerine" | Submission Folder


25th September - 9th October
Theme Prompt: "Mother" | Submission Folder

Word Prompt: "Radiance" | Submission Folder

Thank you for reading! :dalove:

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thanks so much for the feature :) Love six word stories, or I like to think of them as sixwordpoetry :)