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ProjectComment has been an active comment group for 11+ years to give you the constructive comments you deserve!

We have many projects that encourage our awesome members to give and get comments. These projects involve workshops, features, contests, and, more importantly, systems that rely on interchange, inclusion and interaction.

It's not easy to give and get comments, but, with the many projects we have here, we hope you find something that works best for you.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our Values

Our amazing admins and members give comments and get comments with the following values in mind:

  • Interchange
    …to restore balance – comment for comment, positive and negative, give and take.
  • Inclusion
    …to accept all – every commenter, every art, regardless of skill or artist.
  • Interaction
    …to nurture together – educate, engage, elevate.

Click the links below to reach the relevant section:

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please note us!

Joining ProjectComment [^]

ProjectComment membership is automatically approved. We accept every kind of artist and all kinds of art. We don’t care if you are an expert, or a complete n00b, at commenting!

To join, you do not have to be an amazing artist or commenter. We believe everyone can write a constructive comment if they are willing to try and learn.

So, what are you waiting for? :la:

I'm new! Where do I start? What do I do? [^]

Welcome to ProjectComment! Where you start and what you do is entirely up to you! There are many places for you to start, and many things for you to do. No one way is right or wrong.

ProjectComment encourages you to ask yourself what you really want from the group. Do you want comments? Do you want to give comments? Do you want support for your comments?

These are just some of the questions that you could be asking yourself. Once you have your answer, check out our visual help guide for new members to find where you can start and what you can do.

As a group, we encourage you to join us whenever you can. We understand that commenting takes time - you may not have a lot of time, or be active. That is completely fine with us! Many of our projects allow you to come and go as you please.

ProjectComment "Projects" [^]

ProjectComment’s projects can range from workshops, features, contests, actual projects and much more! Everything we have is to encourage you to give and get the comments you deserve, as well as aid you in your commenting.

Each project has its own rules, guidelines and information, as well as its own ‘Project Manager’. The Project Manager is the person to go to with any questions, suggestions or concerns about anything related to the project, as they, essentially, manage the project. If you are not comfortable talking to the Project Manager, please note the group instead.

ProjectComment Rules [^]

ProjectComment’s rules and group standards ensure the efficiency and fairness of our projects for everyone. Your understanding of our rules and group standards is very much appreciated.

Constructive Comments

Comments made on behalf of ProjectComment should be constructive. What is a Constructive Comment?

For the comment to really help an artist, a rough measurement is a comment of 7 consecutive lines as seen on a desktop computer. As screen sizes differ, ProjectComment counts 7 lines as 200 words minimum of deviation-related content.

Please do not interpret lines as ‘sentences’ or lines that should be broken up.
7 consecutive lines means that the lines should follow on from each other - one after the other.

To really help an artist, we also expect constructive comments to use What is a Constructive Comment? as a guide and basic foundation for your comment, not to be used or interpreted as the bare minimum required by ProjectComment. For further support, please review our Constructive Commenting: Guiding Questions (questions to consider when writing constructive comments) and Comment Hall of Fame (examples of constructive comments).

In addition, while ProjectComment recommends you include greetings, introductions, conclusions, well wishes, disclaimers, etc. to round off your constructive comments, these are not counted as deviation-related content, which means they are not counted in the 200 words minimum requirement. 

Member Indication

To distinguish between comments made on behalf of our group, and comments made on behalf of other groups, please indicate you are a member of ProjectComment in your constructive comment:

What is a Constructive Comment? [^]

A constructive comment is a comment that serves a useful purpose. For many artists, constructive comments help them improve their artwork. For others, constructive comments offer insight, depth, new perspective and more. Ultimately, constructive comments encourage critical thinking of both the artist and the commenter, and they embody our values as a group.

A constructive comment is...
  • Tailored to the artist and the art.
  • Precise in summarizing your interpretation of the piece regarding the concept, meaning and more.
  • Well-rounded and balanced in content, including things done well and not done well, things you like and not like, positive and negative, etc.
  • Targeted for artistic improvement, with suggestions of what to improve, how to improve and why the artist should improve in this specific area.
  • Justified with specific examples, evidence and explanations. This is done through 'why', 'how', 'what', etc.
    For example, what does this particular element create in / add to / contributes to...the piece, the subject, the concept, etc.? How and why does the element or artist do this?

Please take note that the above is to be used as a guide and basic foundation for your comment, not to be used or interpreted as the bare minimum required by ProjectComment. The above should help you expand upon your own comment. For further support, please review our Constructive Commenting: Guiding Questions (questions to consider when writing constructive comments) and Comment Hall of Fame (examples of constructive comments).

In addition, while ProjectComment recommends you include greetings, introductions, conclusions, well wishes, disclaimers, etc. to round off your constructive comment, these are not counted as deviation-related content, which means they are not counted in the 200 words minimum requirement. 

What is not a Constructive Comment? [^]

A constructive comment is not
:bulletblack: A line or a few lines - it is difficult to be constructive when writing so little.

:bulletblack: An Itemized List - or any list at all.

:bulletblack: Generic - feedback that could be applied to any artist or any art.

:bulletblack: Useless - no insight, no depth, no improvement suggestions, no justification, etc.

:bulletblack: Rude / Offensive / Insulting - constructive comments can be given (i.e. phrased) constructively.

Examples of Constructive Comments [^]

The different parts (or 'structure') of the comment are as follows:
  • Brief Introduction - first impressions and feelings over the artwork.
  • The well-done elements – main idea, examples and explanation of what was done well.
  • The points to improve - what elements could be improved and how to do so.
  • Brief Conclusion – supporting message and encouragement to the artist, thus ending the comment on a positive or hopeful note.

6-7 Lines or 200 Words Minimum*

7+ Lines or 300 Words Minimum*

RED: The main idea of each point for further development later; something general to introduce your point and what you will say.

GREEN: Examples used as 'evidence' of the main idea, thus helping the artist to spot different elements or areas of improvement. No 'evidence' can cause confusion for the artist.

BLUE: Further guidance by suggesting ways to improve, specifically focusing on how. Simply stating what needs to be improved is not enough to help the artist.

PURPLE: Justification and explanation of the effect on you (the commenter/audience) by the different elements (red) and examples (green). This is important in highlighting whether the audience (you) was able to understand the artwork in terms of meaning and concept.

Check out our Comment Hall of Fame, which features amazing constructive comments!

Submitting to the Gallery [^]

ProjectComment guarantees constructive comments for every piece in our Gallery, but to get constructive comments, you must first give constructive comments on pieces from our Gallery! This ensures the system keeps running, that comments are being given so that others get comments. (Submission Limit: 7/week.)

If you would like to submit Literature, we would really appreciate it if you could comment on Literature so that it is fair. Submitting Literature?

Submission Approval

For ProjectComment to approve your submission to our Gallery, please do the following:
  • Give a constructive comment on a deviation in our Gallery, preferably from the same folder you would like to submit to yourself.
  • Once you have commented, please give us a link to your comment as seen here OR post on our front page OR note the group with a link to the deviation you would like to submit to the group.
  • We will review your comment. If the comment is constructive, your submission will be accepted into the group and will not be moved until you get a constructive comment back.

Please note it takes 48 hours (maximum) to receive a response from ProjectComment regarding your Gallery Submissions

Our Gallery System

Folders open to our members:

:bulletgreen: Give & Get 1 Comment, 200 Words Minimum
:bulletgreen: Give & Get 1 Comment, 300 Words Minimum
:bulletgreen: Give & Get 2 Comments, 200 Words Minimum
:bulletgreen: Give & Get 2 Comments, 300 Words Minimum

What do our folders mean?

  • Give & Get - If you submit to Give & Get 1, you will give 1 comment and get 1 comment. If you submit to Give & Get 2, you will give 2 comments and get 2 comments.
  • Lines - If you submit to 200 words minimum, you will give 200 words minimum and get 200 words minimum. If you submit to 300 words minimum, you will give 300 words minimum and get 300 words minimum.

Take Note

  • Please respect our system. For example, if you are commenting on a deviation in the 300 words minimum folders, please post a comment of 300 words minimum.
  • If you have made and linked us to two constructive comments, you will, of course, get two constructive comments back.
  • Comments must be constructive, on deviation-related content. What is a Constructive Comment?

Submitting Literature [^]

You may submit literature to ProjectComment, but we do have specific rules…

  • If you would like to submit Literature to our Gallery, we would really appreciate it if you could comment on Literature so that it is fair.
  • Our members will not be commenting on more than two standard pages of Literature. Therefore, we ask that you refrain from submitting more than two pages or, if you insist on submitting, please do not expect our commenters to comment, fully, on the entire piece.
  • Our members cannot comment on any chapter after the first (e.g. Chapter 2 or 22) with understanding of happenings that occurred in previous chapters. Therefore, if you would like a comment on a piece that comes after the first chapter, it will be approached as a standalone piece.
  • Our members may not know the fandom of a fanfiction piece. Therefore, please bear in mind that our members may not be able to comment on the content.

Giving & Getting Comments [^]

If you want to get comments by giving comments, that is awesome! ProjectComment tries to foster an environment of reciprocity, of fair exchange and balance, so that those that give comments get comments back of the same caliber.

How does it work to get comments by giving comments? Well, we have projects that encourage you to give comments first. Once you have commented and linked us to your comments, your piece will be commented on by other members – just like what you did for someone else.

Please note that Give & Get Comment Projects guarantee you comments.

Getting Comments, Without Giving [^]

Commenting takes time, especially if you are posting constructive comments. Therefore, we understand if you just want to get comments without giving any (although, we would like you to pay the kindness forward by giving comments too).

  • More Exposure - Not exactly a ‘Comment Project’, this project aims to bring you more exposure by featuring you on our front page and in a news article.
    (Submission Limit: 1/week.)
  • No Constructive Comments - We guarantee one constructive comment for deviations with no constructive comments. (Submission Limit: 1/week.)
  • Points/Comment Exchange - We accept :points: in exchange of comments. To do so, please donate here and ensure you link the deviations you would like to get comments on. Our prices:
  • 100 :points: = 2 Constructive Comments of 200 Words Minimum each.
  • 150 :points: = 2 Constructive Comments of 300 Words Minimum each.

Please note that some Get Comment Projects do not guarantee you comments.

Interacting & Supporting Commenters [^]

Without our awesome commenters, ProjectComment wouldn't be the group it is today. It is with that belief that we have initiatives for you all to interact and support one another as commenters, but also as artists and members of the DeviantArt community.

Comment Support [^]

You have come to the right place if you would like support for your comments and/or commenting in general! If you are open and willing to learn, we are more than willing to help and guide you through the realm of commenting.

Supporting ProjectComment [^]

We appreciate every and any support to help artists on DeviantArt get the constructive comments they deserve. As they say, the more, the merrier!

You can support ProjectComment in many different ways:
  • Post a Journal, Status Update and more about ProjectComment. Invite and encourage others to join in on the commenting fun!
  • Use our Comment Emoticons in your journals, artist descriptions and anywhere else you see fit!
  • If you see someone stating they want comments, mention ProjectComment to them and invite them to participate!
  • :+fav: and comment on our journals, create discussions, share your thoughts and opinions!
  • Donate :points: here, where every :points: received goes back to our members and the community in the form of contests, projects and other events.

Become an Admin

If you would like to go one step further than a commenter or member, consider becoming an admin at ProjectComment.

We are in need of volunteers to help us manage the group behind-the-scenes. Those who are interested in our open positions should send us a note with the position you are interested in and an explanation for your interest.

Open Positions
  • Writing and Posting Commenting Workshops/Tutorials (once a month)
  • Hosting Chat Events (once a month)
  • Commenting Officially (once a week)
  • Managing a Project (ongoing)

Please ensure that you can demonstrate activity within the group before application. We will not be accepting applications from people who do not have a history of making a difference in ProjectComment.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please note us!

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I commented on this piece!

Demon pinup
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Thank you! Let me know if you'd like to submit a piece to the gallery for comments. :)

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I'm lost for words. many times do you need to comment? and how will you know if you already give a comment.

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That's up to you. If you'd like to submit to our gallery, we ask for a constructive comment in advance, so it's 1 for 1 there (you give a comment, you get a comment).

You can copy/paste a link to the deviation you commented on on the group front page or note the group.

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Ok. noted thank you.

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Why does this have white text on a white background making vital words invisible instead? Was this something that changed because of Eclipse?

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Yes, that's something that changed with Eclipse. There's no option to do CSS/HTML in journals any more. I don't see white text on white background on my screen, but I imagine it looks different on other platforms.

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I guess it could be my web browser choice. I do not use other web browsers any more and some sites seem to have compatibility issues.

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That's understandable. Code can be a finicky thing.

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Comentado aqui:

El Heredero de Star Swirl Portada Fanfic
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If you'd like comments from group members, please first provide a 200 word minimum comment on a piece in the group gallery.

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Commented here:

Wysdom Empress - Owlis
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Accepted, thank you!

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Comentado aqui:

Rainbow StarFlower
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Thank you for commenting!

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Accepted, thank you!

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I've accepted your work into the gallery!

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