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ProjectComment is a Group of many projects centred around comments, but, more importantly, constructive comments. We offer Members of deviantART a lot of opportunities to get comments, give comments, participate in comment projects, win points, get featured and much, much more!

The 0-5 Comments Issues feature a deviant as well as 3 deviations with less than 5 original comments from a wide selection of art. Please give your time to :+favlove: this article and to write constructive comments so that you make a true difference to the artists featured here. This will be the last issue posted for now!

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Featured Deviations

Digital Art
:thumb255688646: Apocalypse Now - Aninite 11 by cloud-dark1470 A wave that carries me by Alarikan

reflection by Pernille1992 Time is collapsing by MissParisienne Architecture talk by CarlosBecerra

Traditional Art
Goblet of Fire by Chyringa Warsaw New Town Market Square by jGospodarek by the tree by Luckyten

Artisan Crafts
Glitter Stache Necklace by egyptianruin lighted painted bottle by lilygirl04 Silver owl ring by nataliakhon

Designs & Interfaces
Protect Our Marine Wildlife by grafyt :thumb257868302: Keep Calm and Rock On -Poster- by tazerguy

Literature – Prose
writing my heart outWords. Twenty-six simple letters to manipulate to my liking, and silences in which I can hide. In the written word, I find solace; in the written word, I find a safe haven.
From the time I was in seventh grade, my life has been shaped by words. From the amateur writing of a new writer to the college level essays of today, my writing has gradually grown and taken over my life, helping me understand myself. It splays my heart out on a page, and demands that I see the why and how behind my emotions. When I write, my mistakes are put in black and white for me to learn from. Hidden inside my heart, my mistakes can do nothing but poison and trick.
Words are perhaps one of the most important things to me; they share the stories I cannot bear to voice. In the silence there is room for all my thoughts and safety from the chaotic world that moves too hastily. Writing is my pride and joy; it has kept me sane throughout the hectic life I lead, it has helped me make new friends and se
:thumb258536331: BelovedTerror grips your heart with its icy talons digging deeper as each moment slips away. You feel the cold breath of death right behind your neck. You know he's there, far too close, but you just wish he would go. Departing forever would be a childish wish, but even a few days more would be a blessing.
You watch her chest rise and fall, longing to keep that shadow away. Though you know she is the one in pain, seeing her suffer makes you feel the same. Your heart pounds but she can hardly breathe.
Rise and fall, rise and fall, it all goes too fast.
Fear is blinding, you can only see her. Every moment beyond the present has lost all meaning; the only thing that matters is staying by her side. Death counts away the seconds as you pray in vain to keep him away.
In and out, in and out, every breath hurts.
Tears fall down your cheeks from eyes that stare unblinking. Time is your cruelest master, taking her away too soon. Death draws nearer, deaf to every whispered prayer. He waits while she hol

Literature – Poetry
AstronautOnce, I stood in a downpour
and sought the dark side of the sun.
I could feel it in my rib bones, the pull
of that something, strong and sore
like gravity, or breath.
And that was that: the death of reality.
I had teetered over the edge of reason
and into somewhere more glazed,
more dazed, and altogether
much too perfect.
I wonder if reeled-up life
should ever feel this real,
whether six shadows are more than enough,
or whether colour should be so luminescent,
as intravenous as sound. Can I ever
be grounded enough if I hold conversations
with the ceiling above, or if I crouch
and look for love behind the radiator?
I live on the underside of the couch,
stroking the knit of bones in my wrists.
It passes time. Now, every night,
the light bulb speaks with its own acoustic,
and everything tastes saccharine.
Like an astronaut, I step into spaces,
and find myself etched into the linings
of black holes, a thousand light years wide.
And my only hope is that one day, there may
be someone to cup
:thumb258072609: For YouIt's looping in circles, like needles
thread twisting back,
falling forth,
they are my letters on this page
your eyes scanning down for something more
something less.
But at this point I have nothing
but these simple, looping,
For all you know.
For all you care.
Teaching you something, maybe
for with every word is a lesson to be seen
in it's own right
but the beholder has to give to receive;
because as a tv show taught me,
this is the equivalent exchange.
In life
In death
you'll find me here
because my words are my first
and final
testament to this love I have
for you.

Cartoons & Comics
PMD Mission3 page 2 by pipchirisu AaSA pg 15 by Hapo57 :thumb255799830:

Moe moe by Patxxo Lambo-san by kevf Bubbles by kaori2791

Fan Art
::SasuHina:Beach Break:: by LeonardVindelStudios Crescent Beam Warrior by blobble

Featured Deviant


a crowded city by feria233 Slice by feria233 Candle in the wind by feria233 streak by feria233 lines by feria233

Thank you for reading! :dalove:

3wyl, posting on behalf of ProjectComment
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kaori2791 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you very much for featuring my "bubbles" :')
lilygirl04 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for featuring my painted bottle!!
Nee-to Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011
Thanks for featuring my piece, even though it's on an art thief's account ^-^ I think the one in my gallery has over 5 comments, so I'll not link it~
grafyt Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am stoked! Thanks for the feature!

<< Inspired and Motivated! :D
PaxionArt Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011  Student General Artist
wow..thanks for the opportunity :D never thought that someone would take interest in my artwork...
pipchirisu Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow thanks alot for the feature :)
RollingTomorrow Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011   General Artist
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egyptianruin Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011
Thank you for featuring my mustache necklace <3
LeonardVindelStudios Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, i certainly didn't see this coming :icongrin--plz:

Thank you so much for the feature :manhug:
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