Feature of Great Commenters: June - July

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As a result of our Nominate a Commenter + Win 100 Points project, we will be announcing the winners of those 100 :points: and bringing you features of our great commenters every month!

Week of 24th June - 8th July

Congratulations rainbow000pegasus for winning 100 :points:!

MM: Where's the Sword? by rainbow000pegasus [SSE] Photogenic Stance by rainbow000pegasus [WDoS GCE] Sakura by rainbow000pegasus

Feature of Great Commenters!

7EternalLove, ado-mi, ArbyZors, Beatzekatze, eddyray26, EduartBoudewijn, Goddess-of-Gales, kikoeart, KH-Clark-Designs, Liketheisland, NymphTale, pawcanada, PolymerWantACracker, RaizaNoelia, scorpion016, spiltink550, StevenUniversFan, Untraceablemystic, VenomQuill, VoiceInForestShadow

Lonely Roads by 7EternalLove
Art Trade : Emariechi by ado-mi
Ocean Bottle by ArbyZors
Vampires Don't Sparkle by Beatzekatze
The Monster within me.... by eddyray26
Weekly: The Queen's Idol by EduartBoudewijn
Wars of Fire and Darkness by Goddess-of-Gales
Knight Girl Sad 2.0 WIP by kikoeart
WIP by KH-Clark-Designs
Land of confusion by Liketheisland
Banner Saga - Oddleif by NymphTale
Gift Art - Ysemea by pawcanada
H2Crow by PolymerWantACracker
Spring Commission by RaizaNoelia
God Commendeth His Love by scorpion016
KeyWord (I don't know what to title this) by spiltink550

Remembrance pg 3 by Untraceablemystic

Runes and Pictographs by VoiceInForestShadow

Week of 8th - 22nd July

Congratulations KH-Clark-Designs for winning 100 :points:!

Madame Butterfly by KH-Clark-DesignsVector Self Portrait by KH-Clark-Designs Casual Vs Dressy by KH-Clark-Designs

Feature of Great Commenters!

CSEmber, DoubleDandE, EduartBoudewijn, kikoeart, KokoKiero, Liketheisland, LillianCloudwing, Niruja, pawcanada, rainbow000pegasus, RJGimps, RiEile, SketchingDragon, so-ah, sphelon8565, StephOBrien, Zitruseis

Ember Headshot by CSEmber
Art Trade: Fwaiya at the Park by DoubleDandE
Weekly: A Link Between Ages by EduartBoudewijn
A is for Avocadavero  3.0 by kikoeart
Reflection by KokoKiero
BOOBS by Liketheisland
Falling (in Love) by LillianCloudwing
Rest by Niruja
Morgan Elianja - Amazon by pawcanada
Summer Formal Wear by rainbow000pegasus
Summer Shirt! by RJGimps
-Pfarrkirche St. Stephan- by RiEile

[prize] mocking by so-ah
League of Legends | Janna -  Harmonic Calmness by sphelon8565
Undertale Wallpaper: Pacifist Picnic (spoilers) by StephOBrien
Elliot by Zitruseis

If you would like the chance to win 100 :points: or be featured,
nominate a commenter now!

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So many interesting diverse works of art! Congratulations everyone, keep it up :>
3wyl's avatar
Indeed, thank you!
RaizaNoelia's avatar
Thank you so much once again for the feature! This group is truly amazing Hug Heart 
And beautiful work everyone! 
3wyl's avatar
Thank you! :glomp:
sphelon8565's avatar
Thanks for another feature! :happybounce: also cheers for everyone in this post,
you have brilliant works!
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KH-Clark-Designs's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature and the points! I'm really honored! Starstruck / Starry Eyed 
3wyl's avatar
Thank you! :hug:
RJGimps's avatar
Thanks for the feature! La la la la
StephOBrien's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring My Undertale wallpaper! Congratulations to everyone else who was featured. :)
3wyl's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
StephOBrien's avatar
You're welcome so much. :) I appreciate everything you do to keep this great group running.
3wyl's avatar
We appreciate the support! :hug:
Liketheisland's avatar
Many thanks for the feature! Congrats to everyone else too!
3wyl's avatar
Congratulations indeed! :la:
Niruja's avatar
Thanks for the feature :D
RiEile's avatar
Thank you for the feature and for the great company here;)
3wyl's avatar
Thank you! :glomp:
WolfSpiritOfMoon's avatar
I'd like to nominate MyelinSheath (i've never done this before so i think this is how it works)
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If you could link us to a particular comment, that would be great!
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