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Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl This is a listing of servers created by members of DeviantArt.
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl Anyone and everyone is welcome to join these servers.
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl Each server has its own culture, environment, rules, members, etc.
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl Not every server will be right for you. If one is not, you are free to leave.  
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl Any abuse reported to DiscordApp in relation to servers listed here will be sanctioned with a group ban.
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl Questions, suggestions, feedback? Please don't hesitate to note the group.
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl If you are kicked/banned from a server listed below, do not come to DiscordApp. We are not affiliated with any servers listed here and cannot do anything.

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Art Servers

- Alfa's Lounge -- My Tiny Server Was Once A Hangout Server For My DA Watchers, But I Had To Convert It To This. Most Of The Current Members Aren't Active In The Server, But I Believe That It Can Be Better!
- Animator Guild -- Features multiple monthly challenges. It's fun, friendly, and helpful overall.
- Art-Bible -- This discord server comes with resources, critique area, art challenges, and more. We look to improve your current art and style, this server is only focusing on improvement and discussions of practice.
- Art by P.Geier -- NSFW Server where BloodyWing shares their art and a place where you can share your art as well. Has a channel to share commission experiences and places where you can turn your art into money.
- Art server dot com -- Welcome to our art discord server, in this server we share a lot of digital art, traditional art, references and ideas for everyone, come join and share your art with us and of course have fun with everyone!
- ART SHIT GOOD TIMES -- We're an art-based discord focused on fostering a welcome and chill atmosphere. All artists are welcome regardless of their chosen medium or skill level!
- Art Squad -- A server for all artists to get together and meet other artists! A small community to give advice, chat and relax, share things and just make friends! Feel free to hop in, introduce yourself, and maybe gain a few friends.
- Art with Revenov -- Art with Revenov is a fan art sever, a place to share your own art and opinions as well as a community for those who are interested in joining, making friends and just having fun!
- ArtCore! -- Seeking an active community of 200+ artists? No matters your skills, your age or your favorite color, you're welcomed on ArtCore! Share your art, advertise yourself, ask for tips or give ones, and enter in many free events! Join now! :)
- Artist Alley -- Looking for a server from which you can not only improve your artistic talents or showcase your cosplay but also make friends and network whilst doing so? We are a very helpful bunch of various skill sets and styles that welcome all regardless of skill level in hopes to help each other grow.
- Artist Chat -- A place for artists of all levels to come and chat, roleplay, and other stuff.
- cafe loco -- 3d Modeling, Animation, Art, Audio Engineering, Commissions/Trades, Cosplay, Crafts/Sculptures, Drawings, Filmography, Food, Graphic Design, Karaoke, Literature, Manga, Models, Musicians, Paintings, Performance/Dancing, Photography, Portfolios (including DeviantArt), Selfies, Selfies Fan Art, Singing, Social Media, Sound Production,Stories, Videography, Voice Acting, YouTube/Twitch/Mixer/Picarto/SmashCast, Also ~40 Multi-Lingual channels
- Calmecac Dojo --  Server with the purpose of art sharing, moral and technical support of upcoming artists, connecting with other writing, world building and character designing enthusiasts and conversations about pop culture - though over all, memeing.
- Cosmic Aesthetics --  A server dedicated to Aesthetic work; Created for artists to be able to share and promote their own pieces, as well as discover other artists and make connections!! All experience levels welcome! We have channels for all mediums: moodboards, drawing, photography and photomanips, writing, and so much more!
- DeviantArt Worldwide --  Made so that everyone around the world can meet with each other and talk to each other and meet new friends and also share their art with everyone.
- Deviants -- Deviants is mainly a social Discord server open for all Deviant Art members. All type of artists are welcome! Deviants also hosts channels for Deviant Art groups. Are your Star wars and Dune posters not inspiring you anymore, join us and let's talk about it! Welcome to Deviants!
- Dreamer's Unite -- Share your Artwork! Roleplay, Fandoms, Theories, Gaming, Talking and more! It's more like a socializing channel, Critique stand, and Teamwork!
- EE-- Where people can chill and talk about their art and just have a good time.
- Khrestos Art Admirers' Club -- A great server to go if you love art, want to share art, want to learn about art, have fun and make new friends! We have places to share your art profiles and games relating to art too, plus so much more!
- Lets Talk Art -- We're a fun cozy server with a silly friendly community, our purpose is to attract new artists and give them a comfortable place where they can get help from other artists, and just talk and have fun!
- Mafeking Art -- Art appreciation and art talk. Come show off your stuff, and talk about things you want to improve. Also offering critiquing and resources. Open to all skills.
- Mystique Woodland Adoptables -- Are you having difficulties selling your adopts and/or commissions? Do you require a way to advertise yourself? Then this is the group for you. Here, you are free to advertise your work (without spamming) to make yourself more known. Art appreciators are also welcome.
- Naturist Commission --  Naturist related from members of DeviantArt, NSFW but cleaner than most NSFW ones.
- Pastelia Kingdom -- A server to share your art and make friends. All type of artists are welcome! You don't need to be a artist to join, bring your gaming best friends here too. Let's embrace our favorite fandoms!
- Rainbow Circus -- A fun art discord with a circus theme, you can share your art twitch & more and have fun talking & meeting new people
- Rosennia Arts and creative community -- Creative community of artists, streamers, writers and others! We're a friendly bunch of gamers, rolpleayers, and nerds alike who love to be creative! Based around the art of Alexia Rosenne (Rosennia), she showcases her work alongside all others in the group. Competitions, events and more!
- Sapphlings -- Server to build a community based around artists and other creatives!
- SHIT • HOLE -- A slowly regaining energies server makes it back to the charts! it is a cementery, but here you can share your art, talk about games and catch pokémon, how couldn't it get any better?
- That One Hive -- A place for all works of Gib the Artling, as well as a place to overall chat about games, internet events, other arts etc.
- The Coop -- A laid-back art community with 100+ members. Advertise commissions, share your art, get feedback and critiques, participate in fun events.
- the-dA-Community
- WaterTortoise -- A nice cozy chat room with nice people and artists of all kind! We even accept nsfw art! We have good well known staff so you can feel safe! Our staff is chit chatty so no need getting bored! We accept people of all kind and any racism and judgement is prohibited.
- Wolfen's Artsy Corner -- We are a pretty chill bunch so please feel free to join even if you don't know the owner. You can roleplay, game with people, chill, share memes, talk about crafts and cosplay and more!~ Feel free to join we don't bite.
- World of Myths -- A Progressive Fantasy ARPG/Species Group in an old Scandinavian setting with slight modern touches. We are a very slowly growing group and wish to have more people to join us! We share art, have fun with bots and even discuss the development of our ARPG world and lore!
- xoxo~ --  In xoxo~ we have a variety of chats ranging from fandom channels to a story channel! Pretty much everyone in the server is approachable and make you have a nice stay!

General Chat Servers

- Apple of Discord -- A server made for all sorts of nonsense. If you wish to procrastinate, then come along!
- DanielTheUnknown's Server -- For new friends to chat, role-play, etc.
- Fluffys Sweet Paradise! -- Just a sweet and cozy chat group
- Kebab Page -- A server hoping to grow, come and chill, share art, request critique and talk about games, memes or anything that comes to mind, there's a NSFW channel for those wishing to share some not so friendly works. Just as long rules are followed we won't have any issues
- MObubbles Corner -- MObubbles Corner is a fun, uplifting server for artists, writers, gamers and anyone else who would like to come join our family! Become a part of the Bubble Squad today! <3
- NSFW CLUB (OPEN For ALL) -- Everyone is welcome here, don't judge anyone and enjoy shared pics and videos, links, share your art, ideas... join in chat... No insulting, no hate words... 2 rules to follow only.
- Peanut Butter --  Peanut Butter is a general chatter server where you can talk about subjects ranging from Anime's, Cats, Arpg groups, Memes, Nsfw content, ect. You can also share art and receive critiques as well as play with the few bots we have, along with listen to music and voice chat!
- RAWR -- Just a small derpy server where memes and art can be shared and games can also be played. o-o
- Rise of the Artists -- A friendly server for artists and writers too, all type of deviants can enter. Mainly this group is for helping new comers and supporting each other. The Server admins also made a DA group Rise-of-the-Artists where artists can feature their works, discord server members can get Contributor role and use extra facilities!
- Server of Edwardo -- The server is basically for friends or people interested in my silly server. We support all Fandoms. We heavily focus on Undertale/Deltarune most of the time, however, we support most if not all fandoms. The server can have added categories and channels.
- The Bear Cave -- Protectors of the forest unite! In The Bear Cave, we are a fine bunch that love to chat, game, create, and just chill all around. If you're up for a peaceful and serene time, enter The Bear Cave.
- The Crayon Box -- A server dedicated to simply having a good time. In this server, people are focused on simply having fun, sharing music, art, memes, or anything entertaining. With a wide range of members, it can be quite easy to find and make new friends!
- TrueCompanion -- This is the Best place to roleplay,chat,find your true companion,play and last but not least, have fun! Come join my chatroom to be a TrueCompanion!
- Two Tailed Fox Server -- A Miles "Tails" Prower community going 12 years strong! Fly high with a tight-knit community and friendly staff.

Role-Play Servers

- {Glady Marshes} -- A warrior cats roleplay server, everyone's pretty chill! I have info about the rp here
- Kahuvaa Tribe -- A Horse ARPG (Art Role Playing Game) focused on multiple new horse and donkeys breeds. This HARPG drives inspiration from none other than the vast Sierra National Forrest and surrounding wilds along with deep Native American culture.
- ► R ⏣ L E  P L A Y ᶦⁿᶠᶦⁿᶦᵗʸ (Roleplay Infinity) -- Any genre, any setting, any time period, fandom or OC! This server has custom channels you can make, and a list of pre-existing worlds with weather cycles. You can even post roleplay ads using a bot that will notify people of what universe you're roleplaying in!
- Sunrise Academy -- The server for our group Sunrise-Academy, SRA is a high school where you can focus in becoming either an idol or have a regular student life. If you like a welcoming community and story focused groups, this is your place.
- 「UTA☆OC」Our Rhythm -- UTA☆OC; OUR RHYTHM is an Uta no Prince sama discord community dedicated to original characters and their gakuen life/career paths. The goal of this community is to promote Uta no Prince sama and to support original characters for this amazing fandom. Guidebook:…

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