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Welcome to ProjectComment's Comment Hall of Fame!

The comments in these articles are only some of the best comments made on behalf of ProjectComment, from members to members. References of ProjectComment have been removed from these comments, but links to these comments are featured.

The comments, commenters and artists are not 'perfect', but are featured as inspiration. It is up to you to find aspects you would like to use in your own comments, though we have included artists' responses to some of the comments to help you find those aspects.

These commenters have made a difference to these artists by providing a comment that is constructive. Please join us in recognising the efforts of both artist and commenter.

Please feel free to regularly check this journal as more comments and articles will be added.

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I realised that there is no way to access this journal other than already knowing it exists and looking for it in the group's blog log.
I think there should be links to it from the front page or from these pages:
What is a Constructive Comment?A constructive comment is a comment that serves a useful purpose. For many artists, constructive comments help them improve their artwork. For others, constructive comments offer insight, depth, new perspective and more. Ultimately, constructive comments encourage critical thinking of both the artist and the commenter, and they embody our values as a group. What are ProjectComment’s Values?
For ProjectComment, a constructive comment is…
Tailored to the artist and the art.
Precise in summarizing your interpretation of the piece regarding the concept, meaning and more.
Well-rounded and balanced in content, including things done well and not done well, things you like and not like, positive and negative, etc.
Targeted for artistic improvement, with suggestions of what to improve, how to improve and why the artist should improve in this specific area.
Justified with specifi
I need support for my comments / commenting.You have come to the right place if you would like support for your comments and/or commenting in general! If you are open and willing to learn, we are more than willing to help and guide you through the realm of commenting.
Comment Support Projects
Comment Support Group - Unlike the Comment Coach project below, the Comment Support Group brings together artists who would like to improve their comments and commenting together. Each 'session' challenges the artist to comment on one deviation, after which, we share our thoughts and feelings about the whole process.
Comment Coach - A mentor/mentee project between you and one of our admins. Not sure whether a comment is ‘constructive’? Don’t want to offend anyone with your comment? Stumped at what to say? Contact a Comment Coach! If you are inte