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~ An interview of a talented artist in our General Photography Community

Tell us a bit about yourself, MyLifeThroughTheLens! How did you get into photography and why?

My name is Eddy , i was born and raised in Lima and a few years ago i moved to Boston. I got into photography about 2 years ago after a really bad breakup because i guess i really needed to feel good at something and since i always loved art i decided to give photography a shot and now i'm really glad i did it has helped me a lot.

Why are you on deviantART?

I am on deviantart because i feel that this is a great community of artists and i feel more comfortable to open myself to personal ideas or concepts here than in any other social network ..but when i'm not sharing my work i also enjoy browsing for art and it is usually from traditional artist like Pixiecold or Lora zombie.

What type of photography do you most like to do and why?

I love conceptual photography the most because there are times when i feel like saying something but i never been good at expresing my feelings with words so i try to do it with images. In my opinion art should be all about expressing a feeling ..if i can create an image that can make you "feel" something instead of just something pretty to look at then i feel like i acomplished something.

What are some of your favourite subject matters to shoot and why?

I love working with nature .. mostly flowers because they are so fragile and beautiful kinda like a human being so is is easy for me to use them for conceptual shots.

Do you have a specific flower that you like to shoot?

I love cherry blossoms but sadly they can only be found during Spring and sometimes in December the rest of the year i like to work with roses and daisies.

How do you come up with ideas for your photographs? What inspires/motivates you?

Most of the time my inspiration comes from music and movies but sometimes it is a bit more personnal and it comes from memories and feelings that i need to let out ideas are always very detailed about how i want them to look like but they rarely turn out as i picture them in my head

Is there a particular kind of music/movies that especially inspire you?

I listen to different bands all the time..i go through this days when i only want to listen a specific band. I guess at the momet is either Placebo and Mumford and Sons. I often find inspiration in movies like Across the universe or The phantom of the Opera but i'm currently working on making something related to one of my favorite movies "Fight Club".

Do you use a specific technique when shooting? What setting on your camera do you most like to use?

I'm currently really into capturing movement ..long exposure at night or just playing with a water spray and my speedlite. I usually have my camera lenses wide open because i love creating a nice bokeh on all of my photos . I don't know if i have a favorite setting but i rarely change my camera settings from Manual because it allows me to control shutter speed,aperture and ISO at the same time .

What got you into capturing movement, long exposures, etc.?

Like i said before sometimes i feel like i was blind to all that is around me until i got into photography and part of all that i was missing out before was to see the beauty in comon things like when is raining or snowing because it happens so fast that you can't really see it but thanks to my camera im able to capture that split second into a photo and look at it as long as i like .

Do you struggle with photography? If so, what do you do?

I do get frustrated sometimes when i want something really specific and it doesn't turn out the way i want it but when that happens i usually just leave it alone for the time being and try something else until i can figure out what could help me make that shot happen .

What has been your best and worst experience with photography?

Best photography experience ..i guess that would be at Anime Boston last year everybody was really nice and eager to get their photo taken, i'm really looking forward to go there again this year . Worst experience ..i wouldn't even call it a bad experience but it took a lot from me to get a shot of the fireworks by Charles River on the 4th of July last year because i had to be there 5 hours before the show to get a decent spot and it was really hot during the day and afternoon and before the show started we had a thunderstorm so there i was hungry, tired and wet but still i got a few shots and it made it all worth it , it was pretty epic.

What is your favourite piece and why?

I think one of my favorites would be my first DD "Fall in love" ..before i got into photography i never took the time to look into the change of colors in nature , i was just another person too busy to open my eyes to the beauty around me but once i did i reallized how much i love the colors of Autumn and that is one of the photos that i'm most proud of because i was able to capture the emotion of a couple of strangers in such a romantic setting.

How do you feel about your Daily Deviations? What was your reaction like on the day?

The first time i got a DD i didn't even knew what they were ..i woke up one morning and i had a lot of messages and favorites out of nowhere , it was very unexpected but made me really happy and got a lot of exposure beacause of that ..since then i got two more DD'a and i think it is great because there is a lot of deviations that go unnoticed so to me this is like giving them a second chance to be seen and that is great.

Do you like to post-process a lot?

I noticed that as i get more experience in photography i also have become better at editing my work ..sometimes i like to edit my photos a lot and sometimes is minimal ,it all depends on what i'm looking to show my viewers.

What is your equipment list? What made you choose your equipment there?

I currently use a canon 5d mark II , canon 70 200mm 2.8 ,canon 100mm 2.8 ,canon 24 105 mm and a canon speedlite 580ex . I always read a lot of reviews before i buy my equipment on different photography forums.

Are you doing any projects at the moment, photography wise or not? Offline and online?

Not really ..i just love photography and i'm just having fun with it at the moment but definetely in the future i would like to get more serious about it.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

Taking photos is much more complex than just pressing a button on your camera ,there are so many elements that can make your work better or worse so it would take time until you can figure out how to do it properly so don't get frustrated if your photos are not wall material after a couple of months with your new camera ..also ALWAYS read reviews before you buy your equipment ,photography is not cheap and the last thing you want to do is invest in a bad camera body or lens.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank you and everybody else that is reading this and has taken the time to look into my work.

Thank you MyLifeThroughTheLens!

3wyl, posting on behalf of CRPhotography

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So glad to see Eddy featured here! :la: I love his work! :nuu: :heart:
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Thank you so much for giving me the oportunity to share a bit more about my work :bow:
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Whoa.. This is a really good article. Fall In Love was amazing..
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*whistles* ....Words.... I have no words.... too epic.... :wow:
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    Eddy's a great photographer :heart:
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Thank you very much Cristina :bow:
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    Don't worry about it, it is true :heart:
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