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15 Points

W.I.T.C.H Hay Lin TG: The curse of Nerissa.
"We came to rescue you! There is no time! Come with us"
Those were words I never expected to hear. Especially not on my birthday. Not that this day would be different than any other. I was always alone working late until it's was dark and today was no exception. Yet what I dreaded the most was two hours on the subway just to get to my apartment and sleep for another day. If my neighbors let me sleep. I closed my eyes. I daydreamed of having a birthday party and friends that were trying to cheer me up. I didn't want to open my eyes and return to reality where I was all alone working in a cubicle calculating taxes in a spreadsheet. "if only I had friends. Someone that cared about me..." I thought to myself
I opened my eyes with a frown, annoyed at my dream was interrupted by someone pulling my arm.
When I turned around to see who was pulling me, I saw 4 teenage girls staring at me.  A black girl with glasses was looking at me silently,  a blond girl looked a posh blond girl was
  The light is wax in your heartsFirstly in English, German below
Slipped Islam
The founder of Islam is considered to be the seal of the prophets, the last of the chain – Mohammed. For the reason that it is the last religion, Islam sees itself as a corrective to its predecessors in the series of monotheisms.[i]
Islam performed a dissemination rate that is one of the political-military wonder of the world, similar to the British Empire in the 17th-19th centuries, albeit in confrontation with "civil-warlike resistance."[ii]
Muhammed moved to Medina, where he solved disputes of Arab tribes and then became Medina's ruler. He liked the Asceticism catalog (exercise collection and rite collection) of the Jews and at first, even directed the direction of prayer to Jerusalem, later towards Mecca.
He wanted to gather th
[JAC11] Ch. 1 (extract)    Drun was aware of the strange looks upon him and the Sandborn beside him. A glance here, a shuffle there, some chittering across the way. Not many orcs looked kindly on Sandborn; idle gossip framed the outsiders as stubborn, irritable, and prone to unsavoury actions. There were also unkind mentions related to their tanned skin versus the lighter shades of “purer” orcs, but those were relatively few and far between.
    The darker orc must have felt Drun gripping his hand tighter. “Is something wrong?” 
    Drun looked into the orc’s clouded eyes, and then focused on the stone tiling underfoot. “I guess it's just another day for you, Tennogc.” 
    “If I worried about what people thought I’d trap myself inside forever.” He grinned. “Sandborn don't just have thick skin in the physical sense, you know. We gotta be able to deal with
Ranger's Adventures APM - Prologue

‘A Troubled Kingdom’
Unknown Date – 15:35:10
Unknown Location
Ranger Lawson
Independent Mercenary
“Augh…. My Head….”
That’s all I could think about as I woke up. Honestly, I didn’t even know if I was alive or not. However, The Memories of what I thought were my last moments returned to my head.

“Bowser, I’ll give you some advice. This world has nothing that will satisfy you. No amount of Power, Wealth, or Pride will give you satisfaction in this life. You’re looking in all the wrong pla
Family ties - Chapter 5Home. She was home now, sitting on her bed, in her room. The same room she had always slept in from as far as she could remember and as clean as ever. The sheets were fresh, the blanket was neatly spread on her bed, light blue to match the sheets and pillowcase, with a blue feline embroidered on it. The same blue feline she had a plushy of on the shelf near her desk. It was so old, but she couldn’t just imagine getting rid of it. This stuffed Pokemon was the only thing she had kept from her childhood. Now, everything she looked at was simply efficient and useful. Just as the Pokegear she had in her hand and couldn’t get herself to use.
The mountain air had been fresh and invigorating. The evening promised to be bright and agreeable. And it was as good a moment as any to make up for lost time between a mother and her daughter.
“So, how is Professor Oak? Is he as knowledgeable as people claim he is? And how did you find yourself working for him?”
MineHard impact on the water. Pieces of burning racket falling all around. Everything was on fire, even the surface of the water, when Eddie finally managed to emerge. Gasping for air, he desperately looked around:
No response.
Panting, Eddie sat up on bed. He was sweating through his clothes and shivering in the same time, the nightmare filling his bones with chill. Only it wasn´t a nightmare… but a memory. That was the worst part of it. He tried to swallow around the lump in his throat. Venom was gone. He protected him from the explosion, slowed his fall by transforming into makeshift parachute, even covering Eddie´s skin to save him from flames.
Eddie rubbed his eyes angrily, trying to suppress stupid feeling of sadness. He wasn´t supposed to miss the alien parasite who possessed him. It was ridiculous, really. Everyone seemed to be glad that Venom was gone. Even Annie, who showed more sympathy th
Four Times I Begged Them: A Don't Starve FanficIn the interminable stretch of time that has passed since my dabbling in dark magic got my assistant and I captured and dragged into The Constant, I’ve begged our captors four times.
The first was the night they took Charlie.
When they first pulled us into this miserable world, I thought we would at least be able to take comfort in each other’s company. Charlie was angry with me – understandably so – for ruining her life through my reckless hubris, but I knew she’d forgive me eventually.
I was ready to do whatever it took to earn that forgiveness, though I knew I would never truly deserve it. After dragging her into this mess, the least I could do was everything I could to keep her alive and to give her as good a life as we could create in this wretched, uncultured wilderness.
But I don’t think our captors like it when we have hope. The more our minds deteriorate, the further we slide into their world, and I suspect that’s exactly where they wa
  Tetrix - Selfie [Raffle Prize] by Souvillaine Lucote - Verticality [Raffle Prize] by Souvillaine   Markus Reference - NEW CHARACTER 2019 by UltimateEquilibrium Whitney Audino TF by EduartBoudewijn Lavender 48 by Laylabelle97 Krampus by DoubleDandE Lien-Da of the Dark Legion by DoubleDandE Sho's Journey: The New Attendant by dviouslecunning Holiday Card Project (Wrap Around Card) by DoubleDandE Lavender 47  by Laylabelle97 Commission: Big and Smaller part 1 by EduartBoudewijn Commission: Big and Smaller part 4 by EduartBoudewijn WOTM-CH01-Euro Fox-Page 2 by Foxy-Knight WOTM-CH01-Euro Fox-Page 1 by Foxy-Knight WOTM:Disclaimer by Foxy-Knight Gambit by EshiSnu Gift: The Bumbling Bibliomancer by EduartBoudewijn Commission: Do It For The Team! by EduartBoudewijn My Summary of Art 2018 by Souvillaine Valentine's Day in Moscow [Special] - AC #164 Love by Souvillaine Make Sure We Look Good by StephOBrien [REQUEST] Wayne Minazuryu as Asriel Dreemurr by Itorilan   An Unusual Treat by EshiSnu Frida Kahlo by EshiSnu Starry Snow Spiral Product Preview by StephOBrien Warcorne sheet by MuneStruk Mimicry 25 Page Five by ThePhantomDoodle Symmetric Pattern: Forest Fire Flake by StephOBrien Forest Fire Flake Product Preview by StephOBrien Very Square Hair - Flats by atomicsnarl Symmetric Pattern: Bladed Sky by StephOBrien Oath to Three pilot pg 9 by Yodawgyoutalkin2me Sisters (Mr-Avi and Mr-Audrey) v0.25 !!!!updated!! by smaker81 Falco Lombardi (In A Blue Tone) by MapleTreeXZ Family by MuneStruk A Child's Touch May Thaw the Proudest Heart by RoleplayDragon2000 Solder tree against glass dusk- my 1st commission by Spectral1um Stained glass portrait #1- The Singer by Spectral1um Oriental princess - the two sides - the nice side by Reisender2 Circular Machine by RowanWithAPen

10 Points

1amn0ta10ne - Illustrierte Novelle
Alle Rechte vorbehalten, insbesondere das der Übersetzung, des öffentlichen Vortrags sowie der Übertragung durch Rundfunk und Fernsehen, auch einzelner Teile. Kein Teil des Werkes darf in irgendeiner Form (durch Fotografie, Mikrofilm oder andere Verfahren) ohne schriftliche Genehmigung des Urhebers - Christian Raimund Stosch - oder unter Verwendung elektronischer Systeme verarbeitet, vervielfältigt oder verbreitet werden.
In der Küche ist sein Frühstück; ein Zettel sagt, sie sei schon zur Arbeit und hat zum Schluss geschrieben "Kisses. I love you". Er schlief doch bei den Cyberpunks ein, oder nicht? Mareille ist wieder da? Irgendwas Vages sagt ihm, er solle Acht geben, vor dem Risiko seiner Arbeit. Er isst seine Spiegeleier mit Schinkenspeck. Seine Skepsis sieht im Moment keinen Bedarf für weiteres Vorgehen. Aber dann: In seinem linken Blickfeld ist eine kleine Irritation, er schlingt lieber sein Essen schnell runter – er scha
The Terrible Tribulations of TributeContinuing from "Life's not Faire", where Darin has uncovered the activities of a ruthless band of species traffickers. However, stuck for the evening at the old fishing village – two days normal travel time from Xin, he has been unable to warn his friends that they will be the next target.
4:30 AM. Xin.
A city that was remarkably unremarkable. An oasis of beige and gray within that jarring kaleidoscope of brilliance that was Felarya. At this time of the morning it would usually be a safe bet that the activity level here equaled zero. But this morning, the morning after opening night of the biannual faire, the city bustled with activity. The hour had already passed when drunken revelers noticed the low quality of local wine, and once this tipping point was reached, the average state of mental acuity in the city deteriorated rapidly.
While the city's layout may have seemed confusing
The begining of life: H.F Ep:1The beginning of life: F.H Ep.1, Season 1
Today we will begin the first season of Hanja Fury, which will narrate and present each character, for those who do not know what it is about, here is the link to the document that explains:
Now we will start with the first chapter, where we will know more about one of the protagonists, Hosuryu Longua, let's begin:
It was a quiet day in the Tianmei region, more specifically in the city of Huariang, where the festival of the jubilee to the cosmos would take place, where the unification of the region would take place after the great wars 5000 years ago and where it would show a Beautiful moon, the whole region is invited to attend.
This happened in the capital of the region, but, in a small town in the center-east of the region, in a cozy town called Biajung, in a place called Lì lún cāntīng
Beauty and the Beast-Epic Poem Part 2A thousand years did pass,
For the phantom king of old,
Had made Gavin immortal,
To further torture his soul.
When Gavin saw the sun,
He would lose his need for blood,
Thus he would barricade his room,
In hopes it would be enough.
He'd lock all door and gates,
Trying to keep himself in.
They sometimes proved able
To keep him from his sin.
Yet if a mistake was made,
In the preparation for the night,
His cursed self would prevail,
And destroy another life.
The forest was abandoned,
By those living that remained.
They fled the ensanguined land,
And from the beast untamed.
Gavin prayed his life be ended,
And tried to do so with his sword.
He found agonizing pain,
Yet not Death at his door.
The ancient king's words
Haunted Gavin's mind,
Along with his victims' screams,
And pleas as they died.
Gavin lost all hope,
In a way to end the curse.
He lost control of himself.
He only waited for the worst.
Yet unbeknownst to him,
A maiden had pierced the trees,
In hopes of finding and slaying,
The Last Jedi vs She-RaSo a few weeks ago I finished watching the first season of She-Ra and the Princess of Power. So far I have to say, I was impressed. The show's humor really connected to me and I found myself laughing out loud more than once. I also really like the action, being a blend of sci-fi with anime. Now keep in mind that I never watched the 80’s cartoon and I didn’t know anything about the franchise prior to watching it so I went in not knowing what to expect.
I decided to look around the internet and see what other people thought of it and I was surprised at how divided people are with this show. Like I heard from some people that She-Ra is one of the best cartoons in recent years, while others said that its a terrible remake and one that doesn’t do the original show justice.
Now, most of what was said was the standard stuff you’d expect, changes in characters, animation style, etc. But what really got my attention was the criticism of it pandering to SJWs. I mean sure
Story of the Manila Film CenterA few weeks ago, on my way to my brother's wedding, I passed by the Manila Film Center. I read about the story when I was younger and how the place was riddled with bad luck and the rumors of dark things inside it.
So gather around boys and girls and here this story of greed, injustice, and betrayal. *Shines a flashlight on my face as organ music plays in the background.* Because this is the story of the Manila Film Center.
During the Marcos Dictatorship of the 70s and 80s, the husband and wife team Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos became famous for their Edifice complex. A nasty habit of building huge projects that bankrupted the country which for the most part were, completely worthless. Such projects included the Bataan Nuclear Plant, (which was never used due to being built on a fault line,) the San Juanico Bridge, (which at the time was economically worthless,) and the now infamous Manila Film Center, one of the most haunted places in Metro Manila if not the entire Philippines.
Four seasons with VenomSpring
“Bored!” Venom repeated louder.
Sighing, Eddie put the box down and straightened his back. “It won´t take much longer.”
“You said that hours ago!”
“Come on, I need to finish this,” Eddie argued, waving his hand towards the boxes with old crap. “I´m not using any of this anymore, it´s just taking the space up.”
“We have space.”
“But if I never do the cleaning, the trash will eventually take all that space. Just, watch TV or something.”
“Why now? You don´t usually clean this much.”
“Dunno,” Eddie shrugged, pulling an old T-shirt out of shelf. It was covered in stains and had a hole on the side. Eddie threw it into trash bag. “Lot of people clean in spring. You know, to start the
Frozen heart [Commission]Sighing, Miles pushed the half-finished map away and rubbed his eye. His table was littered with sketches of locations, maps and drawings of icebergs. Working as a cartographer and researcher in Antarctica, Miles didn´t have many other ways of spending his time than actually working. He didn´t mind – creating maps was always one of his favourite things and here, he could avoid meeting people too.
Not that people were bad, Miles just preferred to work in peace, without any interruptions. He was still rather young man, with messy red hair and pale skin. He used to have tired, worn out expression and simple, worn out clothes and lonely, worn out look in his only remaining eye.
Sometimes, when he wasn´t working, he would cover his eyes with a cloth to hide the empty right eye socket. He was used to move around his large research tent by memory and only uncovered his eye when he needed to write or perform some research. His left eye was slightly clouded bu
Mika Hoshino Bio (W.i.p)Basics

Mika Hoshino
Nickname(s): Chief (Kenny) and The Silver Cantil 

Gender: Female
Age: 16-18 (her story); 21-24 (collaboration story)

 January 4th, 2983

Zodiac Sign:
Handedness: Left
Ethnicity: Japanese 
Religion: She does not belong to any religious sect since she is an Atheist
Occupation: Full-Time High school student 
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: Shawn Thompson (though she won’t admit it)
Marital Status: Single (in her story and the beginning of the collaboration project); Taken by Shawn Thompson (at the end of the collaboration project)
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Current Place of Residence: Osaka, Japan
Societal Status: Upper Class
Affiliation: Faranox
Physical Aliments: Near-sighted without her glasses due to insomnia. She a
Webs N' ShotgunsMás de una vez, viendo el crepitar del fuego, mientras Waylon y Cordie dormían, sus pensamientos no paraban de fastidiarle, uno de los muchos motivos por los que prefería vigilar, al menos mantenía su mente ocupada en el pensamiento de dispararle a cualquier criatura que se cruzase en su línea de visión.
Pero hoy, como si de un milagro (o una maldición) se tratase, esta excursión a los bosques no había despertado la ira de las criaturas que lo habitaban, de hecho, no se habían gastado ni una sola bala en todo lo que llevaban en aquel bosque, su escopeta (y revolver) no solían pasar tanto tiempo sin ser disparados, y la falta del peligro al que estaba tan acostumbrada, solo ayudaba a que su mente comenzase a regresar a esos pensamientos tan fastidiosos.
No paraba de pensar en Cordie, simplemente no había podido sacar a la Arácnida de sus pensamientos, en el momento en que el nombre de ella pasaba por su mente, su mente no
Symmetric Pattern: Blue Starflower by StephOBrien Thanks for 100 watchers by Carpatianlion Black Eyed Children (Urban Legend Art) by MelvineKadmiss [DS] Let's Pretend the Sky is Ours by ordinaryredtail Suha watching the sleeping empress by bioniclop18 Save the Light by Hiyawoffa Symmetric Pattern: Gothic Snowflake Silhouette by StephOBrien Enyi - The Happy Hyena Girl [Raffle Prize] by Souvillaine

5 Points

Two Swords-Prologue"A tale be told of our past:
In the age of Rimahk, the age of the Blue Moon, so this story begins.
When the world was turmoil and the lands savage, were the Swords gifted to the Elders. Forged in the night by Powers unknown and infused with magic, the Swords were bestowed upon us to keep peace among the peoples. Yet the Elders, seeing their untamable power and fearing it, sought to seal them beneath the earth on which we stood. Hidden away in the fabled Blue Caverns, the Swords lay untouched for millennia and were forgotten by all except the Keepers of records.
And when the land fell into endless war, the Swords were brought to the sky once again. Greeted by the moon, blue and light, the Powers saw fit to tie the Blades to their retrievers. Thus were the Chosen first fashioned and formed..... And each gained a power from the Sword they held. One would bring death at a touch. The other make well again.

They were to protect the lands; To bring peace to all nations. Bu
PatriotBlasts of cold, wisps of snow,
Cannot quench the Patriot's flame.
For they fight,
With light in their eyes,
Not for benefits or fame.
They're a true warrior on the Devil's battlefield,
A stranger in the midst of all.
But still they fight on,
For God makes them strong,
And the Patriot won't suffer the fall.
Rain On Roses- Page 16 by WarriorCatsWild GALAXIES by Jaderral Request - Tribal Mr. Bunny by raichmann Waistcoats and Pocketwatches Chapter 1 Page 14 by emiledrocell The New look by SharpshooterPamu [CONTEST ENTRY] Shiro by Itorilan The KING of Conjurors by Francourecompositor4 Chicken by MrRaptor07 Tomboy Kidtee by RustedAnchorPhotos Captain and First Mate II by RustedAnchorPhotos Barbara and Kara, Gotham City Garage by kmkibble75 2019-04-20 - Feya (wip) by Fae-Fire

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More Exposure #94

Sun Jun 9, 2019, 4:45 PM
ProjectComment is a Group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the DeviantArt community, but we aim to feature under-appreciated artwork too!

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CAR BU KI by DemonG3
Cute blonde boy by Yuudraws
Portrait of Dianne by TheElfsCauldron
Rebornica FNAF Study Sketches 1 by FunStorytimeStudios
Magical Doremi by SushixZombie
Treasure Planet -  What do you See at Prow? by The-Empress-Shark
OFF: Purifier by Milky-Nya
Space Cats - Happy birthday Anthony  by funny4urface
Ace the hot boi by sulgao
''Derek, no! Not the village!'' (Art Trade) by EattaCeleryStalk
the echo of an angel by kyoyane
WP Cover 10: His Last Vow. by Kellsyy
Fear by kolgarave

FNaC145's 6: Together Once More (4K) by Yoshifan1219
[C] MysteryLilac by Kawaii-SoupBowl
Cherry by Lillendandie
Yuri Mortifer II by ValeriyaSegal
Skydive by nizmus
Cafe by peachiebun

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Soul of Fire Enhanced by RoleplayDragon2000 Phychadelic Feverdream by RoleplayDragon2000 Steampunk 2 by RoleplayDragon2000

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Punk Rock Sapphire by AlexandeNight
Suha watching the sleeping empress by bioniclop18
D and D Time (Commission) by DoubleDandE
[1/8] Dragon sitting in the chair by Dragon-Studio
Eraviel (EQG style) by Fae-Fire
May the Best Bear ... Burp? by GamerArtisan

A'Lina (REDRAW 2) by Kelaaiyer
Hex Collaboration by Laylabelle97
whew by Mackelleduff
Thanks for 300k! by Mmatt0904
Hylia. Again by Nokutaan
Reverence Edoan by OfficialMipps
Pokemon Fire Red by raichmann
Constella and Wingale 2019 by rainbow000pegasus
Destination by Seeeks
Diamond by Sori-Eminia

Protector by SpookyGrowly
Starstruck by tichodr0ma

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Orange Halloween by VenomQuill Eye of the Storm by VenomQuill

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Emi-Xstitch, EshiSnu, GamerArtisan, Gequibren, Hethroz, Iroken, Luna-the-Zekrom, OfficialMipps, raichmann, rainbow000pegasus, Tat-bunny, Tes92, Witherfrost

Generation 1 reloaded Collab: Ninetales V1 by Emi-Xstitch
Space Unicorn by EshiSnu
Triss Merigold, Scorched Ice Spell by GamerArtisan
Krita Video Tutorial 11 (subt. in 7 languages) by Gequibren
Geisteon by Hethroz
250219 by Iroken
Embracing the Sky by Luna-the-Zekrom
Rimel Doal by OfficialMipps
Tribal Arzuros by raichmann
OC-T: Team Chartreuse Prom Photo by rainbow000pegasus
Oh, no! by Tat-bunny
Happy nap by Tes92
In My Remains by Witherfrost

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Albano Samurai by Albano12 BrokenWhere to start? I am sure that it must be a defect in my programming. A break in a series of perfectly scripted code and before the error corrects itself the madness is exposed for anyone willing to lay eyes on it.
Cyborg, a noun. A person whose physical or mental abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body. The idea behind the blend would be to wield the perfect human, a maximized human shell. Still "perfect" being the keyword. However, while the mechanical component may not break the organic or the interaction degrades and allows the operation to fail.
Where my part failure steams I am not sure. Now as for the madness I have a fair direction from which that fire has grown. Emotion is that kindling for madness. In my view of the world, life before true emotional interaction was easier. Multiple lives could be learned. lived, managed, and sorted with little effort. Once emotion beings to taint lives the paths begin to develop curves
Netifim III by ValeriyaSegal
Chimeri (No Reference Text Version) by Veryek Nox Relatorium Page12 by kyoyane Gryphon Arttrade by HerothTheDragon
Rahjabella ya Strozza by Reisender2 Baby Shark Do Do Do Do Do by M1m1kyu Luna by AmberArt212 Venus in Waiting by Medusa-the-Eternal
Contest Poem: Mother's Day Tribute.Whenever someone asks
"What is your mother like?",
I smile with an image of her,
making breakfast in the morning;

dancing to a playlist of songs
in vivid memory
then say
"My mother has
Words of wisdom;
love like no other.
Eyes of comfort;
God's greatest wonder
with deep, hazel eyes,
willing to sacrifice
with scars left untold,
but has a heart of gold.
And I wish I could repay
beyond hugs and cards with "Thank You".
Now all I can do is give
a daughter's lasting gratitude".
Art Trade: Rainbow Vixen... thing by Diego-C Persistencia by orioncassini Hard Hearth's Sketches by FunStorytimeStudios
Only one self + SPEEDPAINT! by Najti Yuri Mortifer V by ValeriyaSegal Dragon ball Z My Cards by oronk unamed oc by kyoyane
Untitled by RoseGoldVelvet Hista by Sir-Duke01 Welcome to my Gym!(beta) by SonJessica street by Elpaca
Creator and Destroyer by Bruce04 Aqua Splash by TheMaskedMare Free by AkiComics WP Cover 6: How To Become A Kellsy. by Kellsyy
Miniature Bottle Cap Clay Gravestone by kerobyx .:The Great Gatsby:. by Yoshifan1219 Tomboy Kidtee by RustedAnchorPhotos Yuri Mortifer III by ValeriyaSegal
Slime Monster by kyoyane Short Story/Poem: Better Left Unsaid.When she pressed “send”, she sank back in ease. The millions of words she held back were finally free...
Words of longing...
Poems of grief;
Memorable stories of disbelief...
And in these things,
she found relief.
She held her breath as he received and read her message: the canvas of text she painted just for him. She waited for his reply...
Five minutes passed...
Ten minutes passed...
The clock clicked 
and chuckled,
fond of teasing,
finding her fear
highly appeasing.
Nothing moved. Her eyes and his speech bubble became frozen in thought. She continued to hold her breath...
Waiting for the bullet or horror to pass:
maybe a miracle 
that won’t shatter her heart...
made out of glass.
After half an hour, three dots began to dance on her screen. Her eyes and mouth widened...
In shock
and expectancy
In false hop
Oh my... by BubTheBup6 Space Boy by KinSyke
[SFM] Plant Gals by CaptainLopunny Flirty Boi  by Thetoonwiz Strange Ship #4 by Pegasister64 Mr. Dayton and Mr. Wickles in Coolsville's Prison by DXRD
Passover meets Easter, finished by UmbreonStorm Come A Long Way by MUZZLI Souls by kyoyane Woodduck4 by Railwaytoheaven11

Project Comment - June Newsletter

Sat Jun 1, 2019, 1:26 PM
Our 44th edition of reviewing things that have happened in the previous month and what we have planned for you all this month! We will be announcing the next commenter to receive our comment award, as well as showcasing the most active and constructive commenters of our projects!


We will be launching a comment contest this month with some amazing prizes, so watch this space! :la:

Do you have spare time every week? We need your support! If you have spare time every week to support the group, we would love to have you on board as an Official Commenter or Project Manager! If you are interested in one of these positions, please note the group today.

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  • More Exposure #93 and #92
  • No Constructive Comments: #32 and #31

If you have suggestions for people to be featured, workshop ideas or questions to ask to our members, send us a note!

Project Comment Award

Congratulations to rainbow000pegasus for receiving June's Golden Words Award! It was honestly a surprise to note that rainbow000pegasus has not received this Award before, as it is much deserved and has been for the many years she has contributed to ProjectComment. rainbow000pegasus consistently supports artists in a variety of ways, one of which is through the helpful comments she gives so others may improve their craft. Thank you for your commitment to the community, rainbow000pegasus!

A huge thank you to the talented UszatyArbuz for creating this award for ProjectComment! :heart:

Admin Pick - Comment of the Month

The comment of the month goes to NozomemeYozawa for going above and beyond with their awesome comment here. NozomemeYozawa's comment is full of actionable advice, tailored to the artist, with new insight that spurs thoughtful discussion.

Projects and Active Constructive Commenters

Comment Tag ~ Dj-Edi

Join us for a game of Comment Tag, where every comment given is a comment received! If you feel people are only commenting on the first piece they see, or you would like more people to look through your gallery, this is the project for you... so why not join us for a round (or two) today?

Congratulations to RustedAnchorPhotos for being the most active and constructive commenter!

Kidtee Maternity by RustedAnchorPhotos Storybook Minnie with Keyblade by RustedAnchorPhotos Steampunk Gentleman with Banjo by RustedAnchorPhotos

Gallery at a Glance ~ KokoKiero

If you sometimes feel a little lost on your artistic journey, if you would like a fresh pair of eyes to help you pinpoint where your strengths and weaknesses are, or if you would just like to know the impression that your art leaves on other viewers, come join us for a round (or two)! :la:

Congratulations to StormPawz for being the most active and constructive commenter!

[Request] Bubbles YCH by StormPawz [Request/Entry] For by StormPawz [Personal] Morse YCh exmaple by StormPawz

More Exposure ~ 3wyl

This article series highlight works submitted to the More Exposure folder. Submit one piece a week to the folder if you'd like to be featured in a journal and on our front page!

Congratulations to SilSinn9801 for being the most active and constructive commenter!

A Forgotten People by christi-chan Mystic Forest by Allawalatown Artwork of 2015! by GodofDarness18

No Constructive Comments ~ 3wyl

We feature the artworks submitted to the No Constructive Comments folder, a collection of artwork with no constructive comments at all.

If you have a spare moment, why not give a constructive comment today on the pieces in our No Constructive Comments project?

Congratulations to Sagana666 for being the most active and constructive commenter!

Mature Content

Fighting girl by Sagana666

Mature Content

Studio di nudo 01 by Sagana666

Mature Content

Retro girl by Sagana666

Weekly Commenting Project ~ 3wyl

If you would like to go the extra step, consider signing up for our Weekly Commenting Project. As a thank you from us for your efforts, we submit your pieces into our Gallery for constructive comments.

Congratulations to Emi-Xstitch for being the most active constructive commenter!

Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales baby Bathtowel by Emi-Xstitch 009 - Coussin Tortank by Emi-Xstitch