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December 2, 2009
The suggester loves My Wings II by =3wyl for a number of reasons... 1) This scares me. Seriously. Heights = falling = notfun. 2) That leads me to the fact that the concept is great. Falling is flying - so you aren't really falling, and you aren't going to die. No, we never die until that moment when we hit the ground. 3) The actual technical skill is really good too. The composition and the different focuses really make this something a little different, which is nice.
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Suggested by CarolineCherry
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My Wings II

Where flying feels like falling
And to fall, it seems,
To fly.

Learning How to Fly ~PrettyThings9
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Canon EOS 40D
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1/6317 second
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50 mm
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Jul 30, 2009, 2:14:43 AM
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Immediately it's obvious why this piece received a DD. The composition and concept are so well executed. The message is obvious, powerful. The individual photographs themselves posses great composition, edits, and work powerfully together. Wonderful work. Thank you for sharing. :heart:
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Thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful comment! :hug:
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It was much deserved. :huggle:
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This has feels yo. The perspective is both beautiful and eerie, its so blue and dreary but in way that I like.  I feel like this photo is either referring to the person wanting suicide or maybe wanting to be free to fly. I'm hoping the latter but since you have this tagged as horror and macabre its probably not. 0_o 
Very interesting photo, seeing photos like these make me question why aren't there more photos that invoke such emotions. At least that's what I feel. ^^ 
Nice photo.
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Thank you very much! I am glad you caught the feels. :D

It is a mixture of both, I guess. I'm not saying that suicide is freedom, but to many people, it is. It offers people freedom away from life.

For me personally, being able to fly would mean freedom from the gravity of earth pulling us down and keeping us on our feet.

I imagine there are many photos that evoke emotion, but perhaps not that many of this caliber. :P

Thank you for your comment! :hug:
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You're welcome. 
The feels are real! 
I like to believe the person is just daydreaming about flight. ^^
Well to be honest I've seen a lot of photos and most of them I don't connect to. I don't know if its just because I don't get it or because its done so simply. Like I think before I saw this one, I only felt something for these two other photos. One that's really popular with a poor woman appearing to be in deep thought about her life, and this one with an inbred tiger. Only reason I felt anything for the tiger one was due to the fact that I had known before hand that the tiger, due to being inbred was born with down syndrome and with like a doggy face. ;(
I have a family member who loves photography and she studies it, so that's why I know about some of this. :D   
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The feels are definitely real for me! I'm glad that they're real for you too. :D

That works. :la:

I guess it depends on how a person approaches photography, both from an artistic side and from a viewer/audience side. Some people put more thought and feeling in photographs than others.

I can appreciate many photographs, but I don't 'resonate' with many of them. :hmm:

Damn, that sucks. I didn't know tigers could even get down syndrome. =/

Sounds awesome! It helps to increase our exposure, whether it's on DeviantArt or elsewhere. :P
Pheenixorphan's avatar
I know, it sucks that animals can be born with mental problems too. Especially since most animals aren't that bright to begin with, excluding animals like dolphins and I guess apes. That tiger got the short end of the stick man. A lot of photos I don't resonate with either. Maybe I'm stunted...:awesome: nah. 
Exposure is good. 
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I wonder if animals being born with mental problems is a natural thing, or if we helped it along with everything we're doing to Earth...all the pollution, diseases, etc. :hmm:

Exposure is good. A site like DeviantArt can really broaden one's mind, just because the variety of art on this site is pretty astounding. Even if a person can't relate or connect to most, they're still being exposed.

So yeah, I agree with what you said. :O
Pheenixorphan's avatar
 Well, I mean that tiger was inbreed in captivity for whatever wild reason or accident. On the subject of animals, the problems animals like those suffer are mostly solved due to the mother killing them off when their young... (0_o) Like the reason we don't see any messed up animals walking around is because their mothers' made sure to examine the batch of kids. Hamsters tend to do this a lot, I like hamsters still but damn they're actually brutal to their own kind! Sweating a little... (Then again I'm always drawn to the dark side...) I guess you could say...they live the thug life.YeahDoge  
Although humans like us don't help. Like I know whales get TB from humans since humans and whales are both mammals. Dogs get colds and flues from people too, my family's dogs got little flues a while ago. Although I have no idea how because nobody in the household was sick with that.  
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Oh right, I see. :hmm:

You raise a fair point. There are many reasons why a mother may kill her young. Perhaps the young is too weak to survive, or mentally, it's not all there. :nod:

It is odd how diseases spread across species. While we may have influenced other animals, they have likewise influenced us, whether that's mad cow disease, or bird flu or something else.

It's actually important to go through diseases, if only so our immune systems become stronger. Of course, it depends on the disease. Some diseases are best not contracted in the first place.
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Clever concept. Everything is a matter of perspective and what we choose to focus on.. Bravo! :clap: (Well deserved DD as well!)
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That is very true. Perspective is key indeed!

Thank you! :)
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Interesting concept! I also find it scary with this perspective, the blurred parts and blue as the main color. Based on the category that's what you intended, so great job!
I often think about how amazing it would be to fly, but the thought of my feet being my wings is a whole new point of view. After all, for birds, their wings serve the same purpose as the feet to humans... thank you for uploading this on dA, it made me think.
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Yes, indeed! :D

Thank you so much for your comment! Your comment reminds me of where I was going with this piece 7 years ago. :XD:
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powerful, love this <3
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I love this photo!  Someone very close to me committed suicide by jumping from a building in 2008.  I have often wondered what he felt and saw, and this photo helps make that connection. Great job!
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Thanks a lot for the comment. I'm sorry about the person who was close to you, though. =/
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congrats for the dd :)
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Thank you!
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