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Discord Meme

Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl A more informative discord meme!

Feel free to download the PSD file if you'd prefer to work in the image. Otherwise, anybody and everybody can download this image and fill it in Paint, Photoshop, or other software online/offline!

Just let me know if you are using this!
I appreciate comments and +fav

Here's the text version if you'd prefer to do this in your journal:

Discord Meme!




I Create:

My Tools:

Who Can Add Me:

Find Me In:

Anything Else?

I Tag These Discord Users!

Here's an example of the meme filled out:

Username: 3wyl#7850
Make sure to add the 4 numbers after #

Location: USA Eastern

Level: Hobbyist
Artist Level, e.g. Student, Hobbyist, Professional

I Create: Photography
Art Creation, e.g. Digital Art, Traditional Art, Literature, Photography, etc.

My Tools: Canon 40D, Photoshop
Tools Used, including software

Who Can Add Me: Anyone!
Anyone, friends, ask?

Find Me In: Project Art Discord Server
Where you hang out, e.g. 1-on-1 Direct Messages, Group Direct Messages, Private Server, Public Server

Anything Else? Nope!

I Tag These Discord Users!
:icondiscordapp: :iconcommentoutreach:
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© 2018 - 2021 3wyl
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You're welcome

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Mines is pinkfong
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A question though? Why is it called a meme?
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It's something that can be easily copied and completed. I think google has the definition explained.
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I do know the term meme derived from the ancient greek: μιμητής (mimētḗs), meaning "imitator or pretender".
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That would make sense. :nod:
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Thank you!
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I use it but, I mainly want to play online games with others
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Ah, what kind of online games?
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steam games such as payday 2, portal 2, l4d, l4d 2, or league of legends
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Thank you! :eager:
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