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Oh hey! Guess who's in Advanced Photoshop Magazine this month! (Issue 81)

Advanced Photoshop Magazine
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Hi watchers and random visitors. V2 is live.

It would be great if some of you could test it out for me. Especially those using older browsers (especially especially Internet Explorer) and those with low system specs.

You will need javascript enabled to use the gallery and animated scroll etc.

Thanks for the help!


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Uploaded some prints to

Reasonable prices. Go get 'em...…………

Advanced Photoshop Magazine article

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 15, 2010, 6:33 AM
Nearly forgot to tell you all...

There is a 2 page article about me and my work in the German language version of Advanced Photoshop magazine this month
You can pick up a copy in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium I believe.

If somebody wants to translate it for me that would be great :) I don't speak a word of German.


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So, finally finished the high-res version of "Breaking Point" and submitted as a print…
Tons more detail. Looks great printed.

Breaking Point by 3rror404

Go buy it! I need the moneys!
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If you have a couple of minutes spare please read the description on this:…
Incognito - Threadless WIP by 3rror404

Much thanks :peace:
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Hi all.
I'm visiting London this weekend and need some suggestions of design museums/exhibitions I should see.
Hopefully going to make it to the last day of Designs Of The Year Awards , possibly the Zero Per Zero exhibition at Kemstry Gallery…, Tate modern, hmmmmm... that's all so far.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Check this out...

Symbolic Confusion by 3rror404

My design is featured on the BBC Radio 6 website

You can download my design from Lauren Lavernes blog and send it to that special somebody :hug:

Love to Lauren and her lovely legs x
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Just wanted to say thank you all for the favs, comments and watches I've received over the last few days. Mainly related to this:

Breaking Point by 3rror404

which has rapidly become my most popular deviation.

Sorry I can't thank y'all individually but my inbox currently stands at 260 messages :wow:

Much love. I really appreciate it.

Also, big thanks to :iconunknown-artists-club: who are currently featuring me on their home page as "Member of the week" unknown-artists-club.deviantar… I'm truly honoured :bow:

Random awesomness:

:iconsonicbeanz: :iconlexigeek: :icondrahomira: :iconrockfield: :icondracoimagem-com:

Peace :peace:
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The beta version of is up. Still lots to work on but it's a start.

Check it out and feel free to send me some feedback :thumbsup:
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Buy my Fine Art Prints at The Untapped Source

Want to buy some awesome prints?

Yes you do.
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Hmmmm, what's this?…

Saurik, I salute you :salute:
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