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Glacies v1.1 - iPhone Theme

By 3rror404
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This theme has not been updated since iOS 2.x. Expect lots of issues. I no longer support this theme.


Hit the "Download" button ^^

Glacies - A WinterBoard theme for iPhone and iPod Touch.

104 icons so far. I will be updating the pack regularly with many more icons.

Custom sliders and battery.

My own wallpaper.

Hope you like. :D

(To use themes you must Jailbreak your device. See for help and support)

Icon pack updates --> [link]

03/05/2009 By :iconangel-of-killing: [link]

© 2008 - 2021 3rror404
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hi, i'm new to the jailbreaking and theme-using... i allready downloaded this design... simply because its awesome :)
one problem... my clock, music and settings (ipod touch) didnt change icon those three are in my bottom thingy and theres a really weird reflections that look like your icons acutally like 4 or 5 icons are overlapping but there are only those three and they look like the normal icons... whats wrong...

still great design... love it
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I haven't updated this theme since iOS 2.x so you will encounter lots of problems. I don't have time to update it anymore.
Apple removed reflective dock in 2.x (they added it again in a later update). This theme uses JavaScript to reflect the dock icons. That is why you are seeing weird reflections of icons that aren't in your dock. If you look in the theme folder you will see some reference to reflective dock (i cant remember exactly how it works or what the file names are). Delete it and it might fix it for you.
The icons that aren't themeing must have had there names changed since 2.x. will be able to help you find the correct names for iOS 4.x. You will then need to change the icon names in the theme folder.
To be honest it's probably more trouble than it's worth. I appreciate the interest and kind words though. Sorry I can't help further.
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that answer, even though not satisfying at all, is so honest that i have to say:
thanks anyway and good look for futurprojects :)

still cool...
This is a phenomenal theme, 3rror404! It's truly one of the best, and I've looked through quite a few! Is there anyway I could request particular app icons? Or perhaps you could give instructions on how to make individual icons that are uniform with the ones you've done?

Thanks again!
Fantastic Theme! I'm very fussy when it comes to themes and this is one of the best I've come across. Is there anyone out there that can make some custom icons if I'm not really the best with Photoshop? I just want to have all my icons the same rather than some a different style.

Also, it would be awesome if someone could make a custom icon family for the Categories app. :-P
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Epic, nice theme!
The-Illogical's avatar
is there a changed keyboard?
DJClotz's avatar
Great battery mate!
i love your theme sir 3rror404.. everything is okay except for my weather icon.. it didn't change.. i already did it 3 times but it won't work.. please help.. thanks.. by the way, still waiting for your new set of icons.. i'm a big fan sir..
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Hi. Sorry for the slow response.
I haven't updated this theme for the 3.x iPhone firmware and don't intend to at the moment. (It is extremely time consuming creating themes.)
I would assume that the weather icon .png filename has been changed in the new firmware.
Somebody at [link] will probably be able to help you further.
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I used your work for this [link]
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I guess that that is ok but it would be nice if you at least credited me in your artist description!
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well, everyone who click on the link which is given for the findexer icons will be redirected to your deviation. and i wrote your name at the bottom where all the deviants are listed from whom I took artwork ;)
Do you mind if I port hthis over to my BBerry Storm?
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I don't mind. But please don't distribute it without my consent
haha i didn't realise that you made the theme i use on my iPhone xD great work :)
3rror404's avatar
Yep. That's me :D
Hey Dude,
Luv your theme.

Looking forwards to more new icons, to complete the collections...
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do you have theme for windows mobile 5 dude :)
if you have, i want it...i want design like this :giggle:
very nice
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No, sorry. I don't have a device to test on so it's not going to happen i'm afraid :(

Thanks for the comment though :D
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ok no prob ^^ i like this interface :D
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This looks fantastic, is in any repo's yet??
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Thanks man. :D

No repo yet. I'm working on it though.

It's pretty easy to manually install if you know how to SSH
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