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March 23, 2010
Breaking Point - WIP by =3rror404
"I love the pain and emotion in this image. A vision straight out of a nightmare. To me, this is horror at it's best. Truly creepy, dark and twisted. This image persists in my mind long after it has disapeared from my computer screen..."
Featured by Destin8x
Suggested by MattyDThatsMe
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Breaking Point




UPDATE 17/04/2011

Featured in "Advanced Photoshop Magazine" UK. Issue 81. April 2011

Featured in "Advanced Photoshop Magazine" Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium. November 2010.


UPDATE 26/07/2010:
Major reworking.
Submitted as print.




Whoa a DD! Awesomeness. Thank you everybody for all the comments/favs etc. I really appreciate it :peace:

Special thanks to MattyDThatsMe and Destin8x


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Favourite comment:

"This is incredible! I looked at the album art for "The Wall". The only way that this resembles that piece of work is that there is a face in obvious agony.

Your work is so much better, so much more finely tuned, if that is the word. The album art seems a gross misrepresentation, in comparison to your piece of art.

This is a piece of work that people who have suffered a great amount of pain, can identify with.

It is really amazing art and you certainly more than deserved a Daily Deviation. This should be the art that is on the Pink Floyd album.

It is obvious that you put a lot of creativity into this."
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I too really like this concept.
The look of agony in his face is clear to see and sets the tone for the whole piece.

I kinda agree with the comment made by =lexigeek, in that, the area of skin surrounding the face appears to be lacking in detail and texture when compared to the face itself.

I wonder if the shadows to the right of the image could have been slightly stronger ? perhaps similar to those found on the right side of the face, near the eye and nose ?
(but then that may detract from the "face" and upset the balance?)

Overall, I really like this piece
Amazing work !!