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Twitter client

After a week of planning, brainstorming the final UI is done. It took me some time to create it. But this is what want my client look like, feel and function.

I hate looking at applications that totally destroy your creative juices so I hope this one will turn u on, instead off off.

A little bit about the project, It will be powered by the amazing platform Adobe AIR. The development will start next week, and there are still beta spots available, your and idea's are more than welcome!

Custom themes will be available once the first release is stable, same counts for plugin support and other microbloggin services.

O, i just saw i forgot to add a full screen option.. >_<
Also, the window size can changed by pulling on the bottom right strips :P

Thanks for watching :D

(full size: 1,6mb 3602 px wide, GL viewing that :D recommend to see all details and functions)
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nice UI well done :)
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hi my dear watcher :heart: you have a lil feat in My Journal

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It's slick! Currently I on TweetDeck. Wishing you all the best for your client! It already looks fantastic!
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If it were to be an iPhone app. It would make any other client shake in their boots!

Good Work Man!
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Yeah It could go for a Iphone App. But its been released as widget.
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this is for the iphone/itouch right?
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Nope its been released as a widget: [link];pb=1
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Hi guys, I talked with the author of this great UI, and we came to an agrement where I could inspire me from this work to create my own Twitter client.
I've just released an alpha version, check it out and let me know what you guys think :)

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this looks awesome man..
like these..
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This concept is brilliant! :#1:
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Thanks, now that i'm working on it i found some missing pieces of the puzzle, like theming, url shortening, multiple accounts etc. But the coding goes well, :P so yay for progress :D. The themes will almost be fully customizable, background images, colors, fonts its going to be a hell to implement. But I think it will be nice feature for fellow designers to create something that they like. I will just provide the base and people can theme and tweak it any direction they want :)
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Sounds great!

Im really looking forward to that :#1:
Keep on with the good work!
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I better keep an eye on you for when this twitter app comes out ;)
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I'll try to *whip* my self harder for completion of this project.
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Hows this coming along mate? Still working on it?
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I have got it working, but its still to buggy. I guess i'm to much of a perfectionist :!. I'm currently buried under work and speaking arrangements. :(
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When will it be ready then?
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It was released as widget here:

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This is badass. <3 it.
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Thanks allot,

Once I have the most of the code ill be releasing it as an open source project.
So development would speed up a bit ._. I'm kinda ashamed by the slow development that i have been doing ._.'
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