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Lust and Pride

By 3Pride
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It took me a while, but in the end I completed this drawing =)
It's dedicated to my nee-san Liris (Here on DeviantArt Lirisea), and the words on the background (I love this way to do the background) came from her fanfictions: Lust and Pride , Lust: The Natural Vice and Pride: The Virtue of Unhappy

This Lust/Roy can create fire and he not has the same power of true Lust (i.e. stretch her fingers), but the hands that I drew were orrible and the result is this :XD: So, please, never mind
Anyway, I think this drawing is a little strange, I don't know why... maybe is all fault of Roy's face :XD:
Pride is the same Pride of BlueBird's Illusion (You can watch the opening here, if you want) and some time I love to draw him :heart:
The only thing that I don't like are the eyes... they are so vague, empty and lifeless =(

I hope you like this drawing, anyway =)
See ya next time! :heart:

Post scriptum: Aye, as you can see, I put the mark on all my drawings
I found some of my work around the web without credits, time ago, so I've remedied
If some of you will see other my works without credits, please tell me

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST © 2002Hiromu Arakawa/SQUARE ENIX. All Rights Reserved.
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If I was about to be killed my these two i wouldn't no to be scared or turn on.

Can it be both.
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Lol, glad you think this 
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Personally I don't fully understand the homoculous thought of this. It's cool, but who thought of it?
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There is no words for how cool this is!!
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Thanks! :D
(OMG Count Duckcula! Your avatar make me feel so old ahahah!)
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You are so welcomes! :D
awww, sorry! Count Duckula is my current
obsession xD
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Glad you like it ^^
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*dies from Lust* I am Faving for sure
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Aww, thanks, I'm glad you like it!
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Aw, this was just the picture I needed to gain inspiration for a fan fiction of mine. It is, right now, called: "Overcoming Pride." Its based on the 2003 anime series of FMA, and it is Roy x Pride!Ed, or if I can think of something, Lust!Roy x Pride!Ed.

Such a lovely picture, keep up the good work!
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I've seen Ed as Pride plenty of times, but Roy as Lust is new to me...and wicked awesome! Your portrayal is great! I really like the words for the background. I just wish I knew the language.
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I'm very glad you like it :)
The words say something like that: Why slide into oblivion when him kiss my skin? Why slip in ecstasy when my body shakes with small burns? Why slip in the complete perfection to the sound of my name on his lips?
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roy is lust now!?

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That is just hot!!! XD
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omg! sooo EPIC! i luv ed's tatoos :iconmonkeyloveplz: *arm flail* i'm a-gunna fav it!!!! :+favlove:
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