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NieR: Automata 2b (+SPEEDPAINT)

I'm back from my hiatus!! =3. I've been travelling this these last two weeks and I've not been able to finish this drawing until now. This is 2b, from NieR: Automata (a game that my pc doesn't run well and causes blue screens of the death ='). I've only played the demo but I do need to play it and complete all the 26 endings. The atmosphere is really unique, and the music really fits with it (it reminds me of Ghost in the Shell OST a bit). I need to do a fanart of 2b, the game really inspired me. Hope you like it ^^.

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The background has a very nice, digital texture. The variety of the rectangles appearing out bold at front, only to fade out the further back they go definitely draws attention around 2B. I'd say it is a decent piece. :-)
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Thank you! ^^ I really appreciate your feedback. It took me a while to design the background and I thought the rectangles would give it a cool digital appearance =)