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Super Blood Moon

/// My own photo serie of the Super blood moon merged in one photo, september, 2015. One of the best eclipse I've ever seen.

All pictures are from me (Canon 5D Mark II + 70/300 Sigma + Lightroom + Photoshop).

/// More artworks at

/// If you like my work, follow and support my art on Facebook page / Behance Network / Instagram / Google + / Twitter.

Thanks for watching !
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© 2015 - 2021 3mmI
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Very impressive.

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I absolutely love the way you've captured and arranged these! Really cool!
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There are no words how amazing this looks.
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Its always sad when you live somewhere where there's tons of street lights and stuff. It makes it hard to see the eclipse.
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Pretty impresive. Good job!
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Skilful and inventive.
Sanluris's avatar
You got a great view and people pictures! It was nice where I was but not this clear.
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Sadly i wasn't able to see it because clouds!
Same :| I did see part of the eclipse though
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I watched one a couple of years ago in the hills of italy
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Missed the eclipse here in Florida... too overcast.  :(

Great shots there!  :clap:
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Merci beaucoup :)
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I saw it, and boy, was it cool!

I thought of it as a great gift, because that night, the 27th, was my birthday. :)
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Très beau travail de composition pour une bien belle image au final.
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I would have loved to have seen it. Shame my body wasn't willing to let me. :sleep:
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LOOK  at that beautiful thing! :heart:
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Well, that's a cute moon you got there. :lol:
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amazing! i can't see it because it's 4.35 am and the day after there was school
Sad dummy 
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