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/// Details of this image are available on my portfolio, in this post

Stocks : statue / public domain - mountain - cosmos - symbols. All other ressources by me.

/// More artworks at

/// If you like my work, follow and support my art on Facebook page / Behance Network / Instagram / Google + / Twitter.

Thanks for watching !
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© 2014 - 2021 3mmI
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Hi! Could I add your great art to my non-commercial music clip?

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Nope, sorry. This art is copyrighted and now belongs to an author + Univercity :

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Aww, this is a very interesting work, mysterious and beautiful... These shapes were very well placed =)
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I love the concept ! Looks stunning :wow:
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interesting, those mountains on the head and the birds are really cool
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Beatiful work! Clap
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Great Composition ! :)
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...this rocks...awsome picture my friend...well done...:clap:
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super good again!
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Amazing work! Do you create the mist/smoke with a brush set to dissolve and then blur it or do you use the cloud filter???
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I made it with a brush, I never use the cloud filter. :)
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Thanks good to know. :) But can you be a little more specific (I want to learn your ways >_< ). Did you use a particle brush,or a regular soft brush set to dissolve and then blur it(this is how I make clouds/mist) or did you just make it with a regular old soft brush set to normal? 
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I think it's some particule brushs, I don't remember exactly. Anyway, you always have several different ways to make the same result, so this information is not really important, I guess.
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Thanks for the info. :) Yeah it doesn't matter what particle brush you used I was just wondering how you personally did yours. Now I know.  Sorry about my curiosity. :giggle:   
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