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   Mage knelt down and dipped the point of a claw in a small cup of red paint, adding a message to her hastily put up sign: "Free Scarves!" Dennis joined her outside with another woolly pile of fabric to be unceremoniously dumped on the box the sign resided on. "How many are you planning on giving out?" He asked her as she stretched back up.

    "As many as I can make, I suppose. Gro's are gonna need them. But this is enough for now." The Grey Wyngro shrugged.

    Dennis raised an eyebrow. "You don't think that you should have a set amount? I'm all for donating, but you don't want to use up your entire stock. The merchants haven't been seen since the attack."

    "They're not gonna come back if the town freezes to death."

    "Scarves aren't gonna fix that. We need more houses."

    Mage paused and gave him a sideways look. "Well last I checked you were against doing something to help that required getting off your ass, so I suppose this is the next best thing." Piercing orange eyes narrowed at her in turn, but his mouth remained closed. She left the silence hanging in the air and turned back to her stand, carefully folding her work. Dennis let out a long sigh but remained where he was, watching the elder sibling’s perfected technique.

    His ears flicked at town square as a commotion spurred around the now ruined remains of their nova tree. “Looks like a town meeting.” Dennis piped up. “You want to go see what it’s about?”

    Mage’s words came out like the sharp icicles that hung above them. “oh, do I get a say in whether I’m in the loop on the town’s well-being now?” There it was. The same fight they had been having at least daily for the last week. Dennis bit his tongue again. She shrugged at him. “You can go ahead, kid.” He almost did, until he heard her mutter, “Chii knows I need my baby brother to filter the news for me.” Dennis whipped back to her.

    “I said I was sorry, ok! Will you let it go already?” He snarled back.

    “Well, It’s true! I don't’ need you-” she jabbed a finger into his fluff. “-To decide what I can and can’t hear about.”

    “You’re such a fucking drama queen, you know that? You think that maybe I just didn’t want you in a frenzy just because some sprite got loose?”

    “It clearly wasn’t just ‘some sprite.’ Someone got flung through the window and the nova tree-”

    The cream one suddenly shouted “I know that now!” His chest began to heave in shaky patterns. “I thought Ivy was just going off about a normal spite. I would have told you if I knew if was...whatever that behemoth was, but I wasn’t about to send you into a panic over something that didn’t seem to involve us. Chii forbid you actually try to go after the damn thing when you don’t know a lick of magic.” The same orange eyes that spoke of fire seemed to have turned into dull marbles that dropped to the ground. “Mage, I don’t...I don’t like seeing you get all worked up. I don’t want you to get hurt.” The eyes began to leak. “I don’t want to fight with you.”

    Mages eyes, for their part, had softened. A soft sigh escaped her nose and she sat on her haunched, down to her brothers level “I’m still mad, but… I don’t need to be picking fights with you over it.” She reached over and took an armful of Dennis, rocking it. “Not if you’re this upset over it. I’m Sor-” A hacking fit suddenly started and Mage let go of him, backing up enough to give it breathing room.

    Dennis burst out laughing. “Way to go, we were having a moment!’ His sister went between suppressing her own laughter and fighting the urge to cough up a lung. “These bonds between siblings only happen once in a lifetime, you know! You’ve gone and completely ruined it!” He tittered. Mage regained her breath between giggles before lunging for a new hug that he backed away from with a new wave of laughter. “Bug off, I don’t want you’re sick!” He snickered, until he set off his own chain of coughing.

    The older sibling took the opportunity to swoop in and noogy him. “Too late!” she sang, then coughed with him. “See, this is what the scarves are for. Protects your throat from this awful cold, helps prevent just this.” Mage mumbled, and began to get up. “Come on, let’s go have dinner. Soup’ll be nice for our coughs.”

    Dennis took an outreached claw and hoisted himself back to all fours. “I thought you wanted to check out the town meeting?”

    “It’ll just be about how we need to come together as a community or whatever, we already have that covered. I’m not making our colds worse over it.” she shrugged

    Dennis rolled his eyes and followed her inside the house, shaking his head. The hypocrisy wasn’t worth a new argument.

    Inside, Mage set water to boil and the siblings began to settle in for the night. “I am sorry that I upset you.” Dennis mumbled at her. “But I wish you’d realize that the world won’t end because you didn’t do something today. I mean…”

    A Green wyngro going by Dr. F faced a crowd that had gathered around center of town, telling of a young death “I... fear the Deelagun’s death may have done more than simply take our nova tree. We seem to have a deadly plague on our hands.”

    “...there’s always tomorrow.”

    The coughing punctuated the air for hours onward, until blood began to pour from their mouths and sickly black goo fell from the sibling’s eyes. To their chargan, the soup had done little for them, only forcing Mage to drag buckets out in case they turned to vomiting their dinner up later. “It’s only a bad case of runny glands.” Mage insisted, and they both pretended to believe her.

    The duo rested on the couch with Dennis splaying himself across his sister’s lap. Neither one felt up to making the trek upstairs to their beds. They laid there, listening to each other’s shaky breaths. “It’s just runny glands” The elder repeated. “We’ll just take a sick day tomorrow, and it’ll be fine."

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