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I've been working on a few projects including two AMV's and two drawings! Details below~
  • Togainu No Chi AMV to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
  • Free! AMV to The Sound Of Violence by Cassius
  • A super delayed Noiz birthday drawing (not even considering it a birthday present anymore)
  • Sasuke's birthday drawing (hoping to be up on his birthday this week)
So I actually have been working on things except I've been extremely lazy. Now I've got school to put up with :/ I'm super excited for when I upload all those projects!
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Free! is out. Free! is out. Free! is out. Free! is out.
Swimming anime is out. Swimming anime is out. Swimming anime is out. Swimming anime is out.
I stayed up until 6:30am. I woke up at 10:30am yesterday and stayed awake until 6:30am the next day.
For hot, swimming anime boys.
I'm so dedicated.
P.S It was a really good episode as well I can't wait to see how the story unfolds
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So just letting you guys know in 8 hours I'll be on a plane to Japan! :iconexcitedplz:
I'm going for about two weeks and will be on hiatus! (I'll be checking my Tumblr, YouTube and Facebook so if you want to contact me, inbox me there!)
When I come back I have Supanova to look forward too! This year is gonna be the best!
Hopefully I find a nice cosplay in Japan or else I'll have nothing D:
Please don't expect anything from me these coming two weeks, I'm going to be on full hiatus! :heart:
P.S when I get back I'll start colouring my akatsuki OC :iconakatsukiplz:
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Hey guys, sorry for being a butt and putting up so many journals! I just created a Fanfiction account :3 It's for my one off DRAMAtical Murder fic. The pairing is Noiz x Aoba, meaning yaoi. Basically just a few paragraphs of smut… not really much story. Anyways please have a look! I might be uploading some other fics as well but for now that's the only one on there! Click here ~~~~~…
Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of it! I love comments! <3 :tighthug:
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  • Watching: Naruto Shippuden episode 163
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  • Drinking: You guys should be able to guess...
To see pictures visit here~~~~…

A few days ago (on Monday 11th of February) DRAMAtical Murder arrived in my mailbox! I was coming back from school and when I crossed the road I started smiling like a maniac since I could see the package sticking out of the mailbox >.< I went inside and ripped it apart (well, in a gentle sort of way) and happy tears were rolling down my face. I was also happy screaming so my neighbours probably thought I was being sexually harassed but whatever xD

So, I put it into the computer and of course it didn't work. Then mum tried helping me and she searched it up :/ Yeah. She found out that it was 18+ and yaoi... I just pretended I was shocked. I was like "*gasp* REALLY?! Maybe it's a good thing it doesn't work" and walked out of the room quickly. She hasn't brought it up but I think she's trying to get it to work so she can see what's so 18+ about it. (craaaap)

Today, Valentine's Day, about three days after the game arrived, the teachers where I live went on strike so I had a day off. Instead of spending it with my boyfriend (who I think still had school) I decided to spend it with DRAMAtical Murder. I GOT IT WORKING. I. GOT. IT. WORKING. Although my mum still thinks it doesn't work so I have to pretend again and be all oblivious.
Update~ Now she's actually contacting the person I bought it off... ;_;

THE GAME IS AMAZING ASDFGHJKL; I LOVE IT. Their voices and the graphics omfg I can't. It was like the day it arrived all over again. I was crying out to my dog screaming "MASON I GOT IT WORKING!!" Since I couldn't tell my mum and I was home alone :D I haven't gotten far but hopefully I get another day off soon so I can play it some more :heart: BEST. VALENTINE'S DAY. EVER. OMGGG

BTW HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY YOU GUYS!! :heart: YOU ALL :hug: :glomp: :heart:
  • Reading: The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya ~ Manga
  • Watching: Naruto Shippuden episode 162
  • Playing: DRAMAtical Murder OMFG
  • Drinking: You guys should be able to guess...
So I changed my mum's mind about letting me buy DRAMAtical Murder by making a freaking 7 page booklet about it. She doesn't know it's a BL game yet… lets hope she never does ;) Click this~~~… to see the photos of it! (the idea might just work for you as well haha)

I do have the game on order from Japan through someone on eBay. I'm hoping that everything goes alright, that all the effort I put into getting it pays off and that my money didn't go to waste. As you can see I am quite obsessed with this game :3 I'm so hyped up to be getting the package! I can't wait to play it! I can't wait to see Noiz omfg <3

STEPHANIEEEEE <3 (zexionisawesome1998) Last time that I mentioned DRAMAtical Murder you seemed a little interested in it so when (if) I get it I might be able to lend it to you :3
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  • Watching: Naruto Shippuden episode 152
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I just watched Naruto Shippuden episodes 119 and 120. Omfg my feels at the moment. Tears. Freaking STREAMING down my face. Why did he have to die that way? And when he donated his Sharingan to Kakashi! And when he wished that he lived longer and said that he didn't even get time to confess his love for Rin? I CRIED A FREAKING WATERFALL OMG. And then Rin tries to confess her love for Kakashi when Kakashi clearly stated that Obito loved her? UGH. HE JUST DIED. She just rejected him like that! Didn't even say a word! Like c'mon at least say aww, don't just go and reject him and confess your love to Kakashi. I didn't know Kakashi's sharingan was Obito's! I love when you get to see history behind characters. Just a short ramp to tell you guys that I'm alive. Well, just. Seeing as I think I've cried all of the water out of my system =_= I'm marathoning Naruto Shippuden in order to get up to date with times. IT'S SO HARD. Anyways, I'll be uploading some stuff SUPER soon! So look forward to seeing it haha.

*Snuggles back into bed with my tissue buddies*
  • Reading: The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya ~ Manga
  • Watching: Naruto Shippuden episode 120
  • Eating: Just finished eating french vanilla ice-cream :3
I'm procrastinating from editing my amv... sorry for the sort of spam you guys xD

001. Real name → Amber
002. Nickname → Tiger, Tiger-chii, Tig-chii
003. Status → Good, relaxed, creative!
004. Zodiac sign → Capricorn
005. Male or female → Female
006. Primary → St. Matthew's Primary
007. Middle School → --- (I think middle school is put under high school in Australia.. not sure)
008. High School → St. Columba's college
009. Smart → Yeah, I guess. My report ranged. I was never below my year, and got above in Science :D
010. Hair color → Light brown
011. Long or short → Long
012. Loud or Quiet → Quiet when I want to be, I get a little more confident and louder when I'm with my friends though.
013. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans
014. Phone or Camera → Phone, it's the only connection I have with my friends when I'm not at home!
015. Health freak → At the moment yes. Although, I've been getting worse everyday. (Had a boost bar today- I'm so bad *sighs*)
016. Drink or Smoke? → If I had to choose, drink. But I'd do none of them.
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → Yes! My boyfriend :heart: And characters that don't actually exist.. :3
018. Eat or Drink → Drink
019. Piercings → One on each ear... the normal piercings :P
020. Tattoos → None! I'm not getting any when I'm older either. I wanna get a fake one of the Homra insignia though!
021. Favorite color → Orange!
022. favorite animal → Tiger

023. First piercing → My ears
024. First best friend: I can't remember if it was Natalie or Lucas.. I'm talking back in Kindergarden haha
025. First award : Swimming, for completing my first lesson when I was like 2 years old
026. First crush → Adam.L
027. First pet → Maltese x Shih-tzu (Bubbles)
028. First big vacation → Queensland
030. First big birthday → I think I was turning 5, I had a massive jumping castle and a blow up pool with my family, friends and neighbours!
031. First kiss → Grade 6 with my boyfriend that I have at the moment >.<

049. Eating → Italian Salami... omg it's so yummy
050. Drinking → Water, as usual.
052. I'm about to → Go back to editing, I'm procrastinating at the moment.
053. Listening to → Heaven by DJ Sammy and Do & Yanou from Ministry Of Sound Sprint Running Trax
054. Plans for today → Continue to edit my upcoming amv
055. Waiting for → Not really waiting, but I wanna ask my boyfriend to come over my place, but I'm a little embarrassed too hehe

058. Want kids? → Well, not really but if I do I want them to be blonde, male twins with blue eyes, or just one boy with blue eyes and blonde hair <3
059. Want to get married? → Yeah I guess!
060. Careers in mind → Graphic design or movie editing, something to do with technology!

068. Lips or eyes → Eyes! Preferably blue!
070. Shorter or taller? → Taller but I'm not too fussed since I'm pretty tall myself.
072. Romantic or spontaneous → spontaneous and romantic at the same time? xD
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Stomach, but I'm not really into six packs and muscles...
074. Sensitive or loud → Sensitive
075. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship
077. Trouble maker or hesitant → Hesitant ~ ugh so cuuute! :3

080. Lost glasses/contacts → Nope, I don't wear any!
081. Ran away from home → No, I love my home!
084. Broken someones heart → No, I'm a sweetheart, but I've had mine broken once. It was hard...
085. Been arrested: No! I don't plan on getting arrested either!
087. Cried when someone died → Uhm, no, I haven't gone to a funeral yet, but if this includes fictional characters and dogs then yes, I have, quite a lot actually...

089. Yourself → Last night I had a fall out, but that was the first time, so I'd say yes I do :D
090. Miracles → Yes! I got a boyfriend for god's sake! Who would have thought?
091. Love at first sight → Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
092. Heaven or reincarnation → I believe in both, it's hard for me to choose.
093. Santa Claus ?: hehe Yeah I still do xD
094. Sex on the first date → Nahhh
095. Kiss on the first date → Yes! That would be so cute!

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → YES. Desperatly. I wanna be with my boyfriend. I saw him for a few hours in like a year so I'm like slowly dying here from not seeing him omg!
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Yes, I love my life at the moment, but there are a few things I'd like to improve ~ Social stuff (friends etc.), my body (maybe loose a little more weight) and my editing and graphic stuff but I can ALWAYS get better at those!
099. Do you believe in God → Yes, I am catholic, so yeah!
100. Post as 100 truths and tag...
  • Listening to: Heaven - details in the journal
  • Reading: nothing ~~
  • Watching: Adventure Time - Not really watching it though.
  • Playing: I wanna play COD with my boyfriend :(
  • Eating: nooothing~ trying to be healthier haha
  • Drinking: Water &lt;3
I advise a viewer warning for the eyes of people who dislike attractive half naked anime guys :3 They are the topic of this journal! Well, the thing they come from is also a yaoi so, don't read if you don't like that either haha

lol at the title I'm so creative!
Alright so this is for my yaoi loving watchers *if I have any that is.. I NEED to tell someone about it I'm sorry ;-;*

So I made this discovery at about 8:30pm while going through my likes on Tumblr.There was this fan art *I think* of a really attractive yaoi pairing and I dunno who did the tags but that person is wonderful for putting where they come from! They come from one of the most amazing Japanese BL games I have ever seen in my entire life. It's called DRAMAtical murder and j-just look at these sexy boys *drool* Here, I'll give you a gift and give you a photo link to my fave characters hehe first photo is from the actual game the second may be a fan art I'm not too sure. MAJOR NOSEBLEED WARNING!

Noiz (ULTIMATE FAVE ~ you work that you hot stuff omfg come at me you irresistible thing... woah I went overboard there sorry hehehe):……

Virus and Trip (the one with glasses is Virus the one without is Trip):……
*sidenote ~ they are not twins and they are not lovers. Well, that's what they say I mean, they sleep in the same bed but whatever floats their boat xD


I have never cried over an anime character after seeing them for the first time. Yeah, I started tearing up from these boys' seductive personalities and physical appearance. What can I say? (I'm really sad I know, I need to go out and get a social life and stop staring at fictional characters *sigh*) So, from about 8:30pm till now (12:54am the next day) I have been looking at those sexy beasts. I really needed to get that off my chest. Thank-you for having to put up with that <3

[[umm I'd like to apologise to those who don't like yaoi and are watching me this will be my one and only journal with the topic as yaoi, promise!]]
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  • Watching: Their bodies &lt;3 ehehe
  • Playing: DRAMAtical Murder
  • Eating: nooothing~
  • Drinking: Water &lt;3
So today for an excursion we went to a market and it was like full of asian things! It was so cool! I literally felt like I was in Asia! I bought two packets of Pocky- Chocolate and Strawberry. It was the first time I tasted strawberry and it's defiantly my fave! I felt forever alone when I was eating it though... I wish I could play the pocky game with someone :'( preferably a guy haha. When I get a bf (yeah if you ever do, keep on loving guys that don't exist and you won't get anywhere [ shut-up reality.]) I'm defiantly playing that with him omg it's so cute :3 Anyways, so when I got home I decided to catch up on some Naruto Shippuden - I was on ep 54 now I'm on ep 61, shut-up I'm not into the long anime... Naruto is an exception though ;) - Then, for dinner I thought I'd continue my "Asian" day and have Yum-cha! I was all yeah! I'm turning my Friday night into my "Asian" night in celebration to the end of the week :D Yes, I sat there, in bed, with my pocky (feeling forever alone- not really 'cause I have Naruto *omg, have I gotten that bad...*), watching Naruto. Until I had to do my stupid homework -_- So yeah, it was a good Friday oh and sorry if this is hard to understand xD I tried haha
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OMG Thank-you guys for following me for a WHOLE YEAR!! Btw, by 'you guys' I mean all my watchers! I also apologise for the decreasing number of art that I've been posting D': I really have to pull my socks up. literally... cause I've gotta go to school in like 10 minutes o.O *NOOO DON'T DRAG ME TO THAT HELL HOLE :'(* Anyway I'm actually really happy with myself (ahaha no. not really since I don't submit much art...) because I think I've improved heaps reading tuts and learning shadows etc. I have to draw something soon and submit it here. That'll be my goal for this term :3 Oh and to make two new YT backgrounds (since I've had one on request for like over 6 months... I'm so sorry about that, I've started it and everything I've just gotta finish it!) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH YOU GUYS!! :heart: :glomp: :heart:
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Hey guys!! I haven't written a journal in ages, and I've been meaning to write one! I see it every time I log in (nearly everyday) and it really pisses me off having to see a journal that's MONTHS old!! So it's nearly the end of the year again (omg summer holidays in 9 weeks! whoop!) and I get to wear summer uniform this term! double whoop! anyways these two weeks have been the worst holidays of my life so far. I had six assignments. SIX. ASSIGNMENTS. and I'm only in year 8. like wtf? what's it gonna be like in year 12 holy crap -_- I've been busy at work and using my iPad heaps because I've gotta make a picture story book and decided to do the illustrations on it. I might post them up on here when I'm done but I'll only put the good ones up haha. To make it easier I used bases... (slacker!!) So that's why I've been pretty inactive. My life is soooo busy! I haven't even been able to start my collab with moon-nee :'( tears, tears, tears... But part of that is because I've gotta watch Bakemonogatari and Rosario+Vampire cause I wanna use those anime in it xD Anyway I've also gotten into yaoi... omg that sounds like I've done something wrong :S I love AkuRoku (Axel x Roxas) fanfics they're so cute and I like SasuNaru (Sasuke x Naruto) >.< I want AkuRoku to become cannon so bad but it sorta is.. since at the end of KH2 Axel sorta confesses his love for Roxas... not gonna say when or else it will spoil KH2 haha. So to summarise my holidays: 6 freaking assignments, stress, practicing drawing on my iPad, gotta watch some more anime gosh, and YAOI WOO XD So I hope everyone has an amazing holidays and doesn't do 6 assignments like me and the people who are at school don't worry, you'll get a break soon <3
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Yeap! I got my tickets for manifest not long ago! It was pretty funny 'cause I had already thought about my costume and everything :3 It was between Blair (Soul Eater) or Misa Amane (Death Note). I chose Misa because I couldn't be bothered going out and getting purple spray paint to spray the hair on my witches hat since it's orange. My Misa costume is complete and I absolutely love it! I love how she has her hair with the little piggy tail sorta things. I'mma look so cool xD. Oh, and I think my friends (xiximagicramen and zexionisawesome) are going as people from Death Note as well. Hahaha we'll be a little trio! My friends and I are going on the Saturday, and I might be going on the Sunday as well still working the Sunday out but there's a massive possibility that I'll be going. So I made this Journal because I wanted to ask you guys a question. If any of you are going, who are you complying as and if you wanna (seriously I don't mind if you don't i understand.) tell me which day as well! Feel free to leave a comment :D

^^ Lol awks if I don't get any comments >.<
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On the 15th of April *Last Saturday* I went to my first Supanova! It was pretty cool seeing everyone dressed up in different costumes. They were all ranging from T.V shows like Dr. Who to movies like Harry Potter to anime like Naruto and Totoro. I actually felt too normal xD I was aiming for a "Yellow Scarves" member but ended up just dressing up as the girl version of Kida! I had blue shorts on, sparkly vans, a white hoodie and wore a yellow scarf as a head-band... Pretty lame outfit if you ask me. I didn't know what to expect that's why it was so lame!! Some outfits were amazing!  Plus I don't really like dressing up, it's too much for me I went for the merchandise and the experience ;) I thought I was the only one that liked anime around my state. Supanova changed my thoughts totally. If there weren't so many people I would have stayed all day and bought nearly everything. There was a Madman stand and they had about 5 tables FULL of anime DVD's and I didn't even get one :'( At J.B HI-FI I spend like an hour looking at their anime DVD's and they only have like 3 short rows. They had 5 TABLES!! I would have been there all day o.O I'll upload a photo of everything I bought in a few days time. There was only a few stalls that had Durarara!! stuff which totally defeated the day. When ever I saw something Durarara!! I automatically got it 'cause there was nothing else! I couldn't believe it. I'm saving up for when I go to Japan. Hopefully when I go to Ikebukuro they'll have some stuff. Yep. I might be going to the place where Durarara!! was based on. BRING IT ON DOLLARS/YELLOW SCARVES >.< rofl I'm joking but it would be pretty cool. When I go it will complete my fan base of Durarara!! and I'll be so proud of myself. September school holidays here I come! **Hopefully**
So yeah Supanova was pretty cool and I'm looking into Manifest! Yay! Even though I've got quite a lot of homework {I know on the second day, seriously?!} My Life is still amazing. I'm living it very well by not getting put down by the littlest things. << I'm so... like scared of wasting my life xD Anyways Bye guys sorry for putting you through reading this... :hug:
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OMFG!!! SQUEEE!! >.< *Fan girl scream* They're all back on my T.V screen in my bedroom!!! All mine to scream and cry about. Okay, first clue. Naruto Shippuuden is back on Cartoon Network, making it free and easy for me to watch and record my first guy/s strutting their sexy stuff <3 So, making it a guy from Naruto. {hint hint the name of the show and the guy they're searching for} Yeah it's obvious now. :heart: I CAN WATCH NARUTO AND SASUKE ON MY MEDIUM SIZED SCREEN IN MY WARDROBE!!! :heart: Well, second clue. He's a hot blondie with ocean blue eyes and lives in a place called Angelous. He isn't that popular in the T.V world {well not that I know of} so I'm just gonna say it. :heart: LOCKIE LEONARD :heart: On the same T.V as my other boys. I literally brang the house down from my scream when I found Naruto on again. I'm hoping it's the episodes from around 54... *tee hee. I'm so slow :3* ah, who cares. THEY'RE BACK ON MY T.V!!! Anyways enough of my screaming I'm gonna go to bed and wait for tomorrow. WAIT! Naruto and Lockie came back... AND IT'S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL TOMORROW!! alright. My. Life. Is. Freaking. Amazing. At. The. Moment. Imma go love my life. Hope yours is good as well!! :heart:

Hehe so many hearts lmao
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x= 1 point
/= 0.5 of a point

[/] You have a short temper.
[x] You often act on your emotions without thinking first.
[ ] You are very competitive.
[ ] You like to play with fire.
[ ] You are not a strong swimmer or you can't swim at all.
[x] You prefer warm weather over cold weather.
[ ] You often lose control over yourself.
[ ] You can be quite reckless.
[ ] You sometimes hurt people without realizing it.
[ ] People have often called you insane.
Total: 2.5

[ ] You have a calm, laid-back personality.
[ ] You like to go to the beach.
[ ] You rarely get angry.
[ ] When you do get angry, you know how to control it.
[ ] You think before you act.
[/] You are good at breaking up fights.
[x] You are a great swimmer.
[ ] You like the rain.
[ ]You can stay calm in stressful situations.
[x] You are very generous.
Total: 2.5

[/] You are physically strong.
[ ] You have a close connection with nature.
[ ] You don't mind getting dirty.
[x] You form strong opinions on issues that concern you.
[ ] You could easily survive in the wild.
[x] You care about the environment.
[x] You can easily focus on your work without getting distracted.
[ ] You rarely get depressed.
[ ] You aren't afraid of anything.
[x] You prefer to have a strict set of rules.
Total: 4.5

[ ] You have a free spirit.
[ ] You hate rules.
[ ] You prefer to be out in the open rather than in small, enclosed spaces.
[x] You hate to be resistained.
[x] You are independent.
[x] You are quite intelligent.
[ ] You tend to be impatient.
[ ] You are easily distracted.
[ ] You can sometimes be hyperactive and/or annoying.
[ ] You wish you could fly.
Total: 3

[x] You spend most of your time alone.
[x] You prefer nighttime over daytime.
[ ] You like creepy things.
[/] You like to play tricks on people.
[ ] Black is your favorite color.
[/] You prefer the villains over the heroes.
[ ] You don't talk much.
[ ] You are an atheist.
[ ] You don't mind watching scary movies.
[ ] You love to break the rules.
Total: 3

[x] You are very polite.
[ ] You are spiritual.
[/] When someone is in trouble, you never hesitate to help them.
[x] You believe everything you see or hear.
[/] You are afraid of the dark.
[x] You hate violence.
[ ] You hope for world peace.
[/] Everyone loves to be around you.
[x] You always follow the rules.
[/] You laugh/smile a lot.
Total: 6

:spotlight-left: Result: LIGHT :spotlight-right: :floating:
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So my last journal entry was really old and I thought I'd do a knew one :D. Life isn't too exciting at the moment... Just a few parties and tests but tests aren't exciting. I think I speak for everyone here bunt they're just down right annoying. I haven't had time to do ANYTHING related to my creative side. My computer isn't being very nice to me **I think it's going through it's teenage years {joking. I've only had it for like, not even a year}** and it's not letting me use Air to make AMV's to and I'm trying this new way but the files too big to convert to mp4 so I have to work out a way on the weekend. Not looking forward to that let me tell you. To go with all that I've gotten quite a bit of homework. Not A LOT but enough for me not to have time to draw. I really need to finish my Natuto OC 'cause I really like her but I just don't have the time. I've got holidays in about 4/3 weeks so I'll be doing drawings, amv's, everything so I can catch up to what I've missed. School has really been a pain in many other ways as well but it'll just take too long to explain :3
  • Reading: Dengeki Daisy
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  • Playing: Final Fantasy XIII - 2
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The holidays have finished for me. I wish half the year was school *cause we needa learn or else... the world won't look so pretty* and the other half was holidays!! I've finished planning out my 2nd Naruto OC on my iPad *WHICH I only use for drawing. I've restricted myself to not upload apps that don't have anything to do with drawing like Facebook* and she's so pretty!!! I've just gotta draw her up and do the finishing touches. She'll be my first drawing from my iPad if I ever get to finishing it since I've got school to put up with now. It felt so weird drawing a picture with a pencil the other day since I'm so used to drawing on the iPad XD OH that reminds me when I go back to school I have to kill my hands writing :'( Anyways I just finished watching Durarara!! and I'm in love with it, especially Kida Masaomi. Everything on my YT is full of Kida and my profile pic on DA is of him as well O.o I know he has a gf and stuff... but AW WELL my imagination is MY imagination hehe. I have to read this book for school "A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove" and I'm a SUPER slow reader so I spent all day yesterday reading it and I still have three chapter left >.< Well I've finished my ramp about school... so I hope everyone's holidays were amazing!! Bye for now Amber xx
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My holidays have FINALLY picked up the fun-ness. The other day I had some friends over and we had a massive gaming fest, tomorrow's my birthday *WHOO I'm so hyped up* and I get more balloons and cake, and then I go on holidays!! At my gaming fest I nearly won all the contests... which shows that my life isn't too exciting... I was sooo shocked XD Oh and tomorrow it's finally my birthday!! The date wasn't even in our school diaries so I couldn't get anyone to write it in when everyone else wrote theirs :'( Anyway I still get to celebrate it that's the important part hehehehe. GIRR IS SO CUTE WHEN HE DANCES >.< sorry had to say it :P I can't wait to go on holidays and just listen to my playlist with 80 night core songs in it and sit by the pool and I might actually be able to get a decent tan -_- IT HAILED. In summer. On the 11th of January. SERIOUSLY!? Sometimes I think someone's trying to tell me something through the weather XD So I hope all you people in the DA community are enjoying the holidays and are looking forward to school. Lol jks I'm dreading the feeling. Anyways bye for now! ^.^
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I've put you guys through a long paragraph of... well nothing really AGAIN I'm so sorry >: D

I hope everyone's Christmas was full of joy!! I know all you guys are dying to know what I got... lol jokes XD But I'm still gonna tell you... An iPad *although this is a SUPER early B'day present*, 15" MacBook Pro, Naruto Shippuden doll *Loving Naruto's spiky hair*, Eps 1-13 of Naruto Shippuden on DVD, Rayman Origins *PS3*, Super Mario Land 3D *3DS*, Pandora Jewlery, Guess bag, new hair-dryer *WHOO* and I just bought myself *with the money I received* Mario Kart 7 *3DS*. I probably left a few things out but oh well. I haven't been going on the computer as much these few past weeks cause I actually have other things I can do now :D The Christmas weather I was expecting was sunny. But actually, it looked like it was snowing with shattering lightning and the loudest thunder ever. Yet it was still muggy and the humidity was around 90-100%. I watched the news and other places got hail as big as golf balls so we were lucky to just get a few that were the size of ping pong balls. *Wow my metaphors have gotten better... if that even counts* Anyways I've been taking photos of my dogs Shadow, the Siberian Husky that lives in Australia and Mason, the Maltese x Shih-tzu. Taking photos at the right time has been a trait of mine for years!! I decided to try it out on my dogs and they came out so good I wanted to show you guys! ^.^ Apparently on New Years Eve it's going to be like, 36 degrees or something and that the fireworks are thinking of being banned 'cause of total fire ban... PLEASE DON'T BAN THEM! I'M BEGGING YOU. I'm still gonna light those little sparklers that you put on a birthday cake and wave them around though :P I love them they're so awesome I always write my name >.< I probably won't write another journal entry before New Years so Happy New Years everyone!!
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