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May 15, 2009
all we do is linger.. by =3Heartcore has colors which are both calming and smooth. The emotion in this work is extraordinary. The wings and horse blend together in a natural fashion. Just gorgeous!
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Suggested by horsenia
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all we do is linger..

    edit - may 09: thank you so much ~horsenia and ^cosmosue for the daily deviation :faint:



So all throughout the making of this I felt extremely frustrated/anxious/worried/guilty. I have an english IGCSE exam tomorrow, and so wagged today to study. And what do I do, I go on Photoshop to play. I'm going to fail, but I can't really blame anyone, can I? I like what I have right here. It's strong and powerful and I wish I could be that pegasus. He has his own life in his hands and makes decisions for himself. That's something I would like to be.

Oh and don't go telling me his wings are huge. :XD: if they were as small as you'd like, the poor fella would have a hard time getting airborne. Physics, guys, physics!

=Tracie76Stock ~Finsternis-stock ~razoress-stock ~greencheek
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This is dope!
OCADarts's avatar
Your talented you should check out for an eduction in Art and Design…
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It's awesome ! :)
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Just awesome, il love it ! ♥ :dance:
chungacassie's avatar
This is fantastic! Love the colours, atmosphere, and positioning :)
Parietinae-Umbra's avatar
The picture suits my mood right now... it's beautiful. Thank you. :+fav:
AllelujahLOUISE's avatar
Lifting and beauiful
i love it great job
Cupcakeheart's avatar
terrible foto!!(L)
Jewl-Star's avatar
Are you joking, if so, please disregard this... It's not a photo, it's a blend of [link] [link] [link] and [link] in something called a Photo manipulation, and, this got a DD - a well deserved DD. If you can explain what about it sucks, please do so in your comment, rather than just calling it terrible.
Cupcakeheart's avatar
im sorry i think u didnt understand..

"terrible" is like saying its more than awsome, let me give yo and example

que terrible mujer= what a beautiful woman!
terrible casa = wow what a gorgeous house!!
terrible tatuaje= rad tattoo

im sorry i should have known that in a translater it would come awfull
Jewl-Star's avatar
Oooooh! Okay! Sorry about that then. The idea that it wasn't English hadn't crossed my mind. I'm going to go hide in a corner and be ashamed of my idiocy. Really sorry about that.
Cupcakeheart's avatar
i must be more careful or u wont be the only one wishing my death jaja
Jewl-Star's avatar
No, I don't wish you dead! :icongwompplz: You might want to check your translations with a dictionary though ^^; at least you can speak two languages (I'm too scared I'll say something bad to even try).
ducky-designs's avatar
Gorgeous! :heart:
This has been featured in my journal. :love:
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This is breathtaking, gorgeous work! :omg:
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it's really nice!
o--tebem--o's avatar
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This is my favourite piece of yours. ^^
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I picked just afew of my top recent favourites and posted them in my journal, this was one of them
thought you might want to know : )
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