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Blade Runner Alternative, Minimalist Poster

Blade Runner - Alternative Poster

This is my second attempt. Tried to make this a little more 'minimalist' as well as a little more like a traditional film poster

I hope you like it : )
All photoshop.

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Thanks for looking : )
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Is there a bigger resolution of this artwork ? I would really love to print it and have it on a wall :D
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Still an awesome poster six years later.
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Sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks very much for this. I still like it too. Trying to find the time for a twin, BR 2049 piece : )
hanman37's avatar
This being one of my favorite movies, I must say, that is a powerful image you've created. I can imagine had I never seen the movie, this poster would make me interested in knowing more. Great work!
3ftDeep's avatar
Thanks very much. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. It's funny that I did this quite a while ago & still like it myself. Doesn't happen very often. Cheers : )
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Looks like you tried to go for more of a noir kind of angle for this. Good move for a minimalist poster. 
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Thanks very much : )
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Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it (and for my 127 hrs poster)
Are you involved with that site?
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Very cool iconographic idea. I didn't even notice the dove until my second look.
3ftDeep's avatar
Thanks very much. Very kind words. I really appreciate it : )
where can we buy this? I love the alternative bladerunner posters but can't find anywhere to buy them!
3ftDeep's avatar
Very sorry. Not sure if I replied to this. I know it was a while ago.

Please see here >> [link]

Thanks & sorry again.
Koriolander's avatar
I'm sorry, but this is just freaking inspired. It has everything a minimalist poster should have! Great work, man! :D
3ftDeep's avatar
Thanks very much for this. I appreciate your kind words. Cheers : )
TimothyAndersonArt's avatar
Wow, man, one of my favorites, and you've got a ton of great ones! Nice work!
3ftDeep's avatar
Thanks very much, Tim. I appreciate your interest in my work. I actually stumbled across your Matrix comic cover, which is terrific, as a result of my recent Matrix piece. The Good, Bad Ugly images are really great too; very Rock Star Games'esque.
Thanks for stopping by : )


SpaceMarines2's avatar
Very well done. Only criticism I'd have is that 'HARRISON FORD' doesn't really look like it fits with the rest of the poster. The text doesn't look aged at all, it's just sorta sitting on top of everything.

Other than that, I love it.
3ftDeep's avatar
Hi there. Thanks for the crit. I've altered it a little. Is this better?
Because of the way the texture layers interact with everything, it's a little tricky to alter things without messing up something else up.
I appreciate what you meant though. That text was being affected by the textures but just not enough I guess.

Thanks again for taking the time.

Kind regards

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It was great before, it's even better now. I really love these fan-made retro posters for great films. Gotta try my hand at it, one of these days.
3ftDeep's avatar
I'm glad you approve.
You should give it a go. It's very therapeutic ; )
Thanks again : )
julius1880's avatar
There is little I can say but "WOW...WOW...WOW!!!" This poster takes the look of spagetti westerns and Jaws and James Bond and throws it together with a simple, yet well thought out space for the mind to wander, both the first time viewer and the veteran. I am truly amazed. Just get Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer and Sean Young to sign every copy you make...I'll buy the first 10 just for me!
3ftDeep's avatar
julius wrote: "Just get Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer and Sean Young to sign every copy you make...I'll buy the first 10 just for me!"
Lol. That really did make me laugh. Thanks very much.
I actually have all three of them coming around today to clean my gutters so I might ask them then ; )
Seriously though, I'm very flattered by your comments.

Cheers again. I really appreciate it.

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