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Bardsworth Fan Art--Mike and Crystal

Another couple quick headshots...Mike and Crystal from the webcomic Bardsworth.

Characters belongs to :icontarkulich:
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 I love how you managed to catch so much personality into these two headshots.
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And these are great, too!  Mike has just the right amount of naivete to his expression and Crystal has just the right amount of... well, "Crystal"!  Thank you again!
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You're welcome--and thank YOU! :hug:
Mike and Crystal make for a really cute couple...though I'll admit there have been times I've wondered if this is a lasting situation. :hmm:
Mike seems like the sort to really want to settle down into a relationship, whereas I'm not sure just how serious Crystal is about the idea.
(Though then again, it could be that Make will be the guy to make up her mind on the matter...)
It should be somewhat telling to see what comes of meeting Crystal's parents! =D
Whatever happens, I know Mike won't be losing any friends--he's really good at collecting and keeping them.
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Great to see you uploadng pictures again! *has hapy*
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Aye, it feels perty goooood. :la:
*takes yer hapy so has hapy too*
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What the hell?!?!?! I mean SERIOUSLY!!! This is the must you've posted in over three years! I can't remember the last time you posted this many pictures! ...Some of them are older, but I don't have a problem with that. It's that, some of them I'VE never seen, despite the fact that they're older. I know I'm never around, but I'd still like to see any sketches/unfinished pictures you draw. I'd like a chance to see and compliment them. Nice coloring. And I like the shape of the lips/teeth. :D
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Well, I was kinda hoping to make something of a come-back. ^^;
So far I haven't done too awful bad with that goal in mind. We'll see what the rest of this year brings, but February wasn't too shabby for me after my apparent "death" around here.
I'm not up to DAILY updates, but it's a start! :XD:
I admit most of my art from last year I just didn't bother showing people because 1) there wasn't much of it, and 2) I didn't feel particularly proud of it.
I wasn't sure I wanted to give people the impression I was back to being interested in drawing, since I wasn't 100% sure I really WAS re-interested. :blushes:

Aw, thanks--I felt I kinda rushed the coloring, but decided to post it regardless. :lol:
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