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Bardsworth Fan Art--Fawn

Just a little quickie headshot of Fawn, (the adorable fairy) from the webcomic Bardsworth.
Character belongs to :icontarkulich:
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 I think this is the cutest (and predictably, my favorite) thing you uploaded in this batch. Such a lovely smile. :aww:
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Aww, that's cool, because I was thinking a lot about your own art while drawing her--trying to channel some of the charm you capture in your fairies. :aww:
(Fairies always seem to be such happy little creatures!)
TheJenjineer's avatar
Fairies are great. 
And that's very flattering. :)
makeyourownmusic's avatar
Cute! :3 my smart phoNe is being a niusance and not letting me fave :cry:
3Fangs's avatar
Thanks! :thanks:
Heh, what is it with technology and never working right when a person wants it to?
(Phones, computers, and internet connections can be sooooo temperamental!) :lol:
makeyourownmusic's avatar
I know! :lol: You'd think smart phones would be smart, but...Confused  I'm in the process of uploading new stuff, practices dome drawings (hey its hard to resist my little girl's wants :D ) I was particularly looking for programs/sites that do photo blending/merging, used to, but not anymore. The only such aps are on the smartphone, but of course the quality probably wouldnt be good when uploaded here. Any ideas on such sites/programs?
3Fangs's avatar
Yep, and that's when the "dumbphone" jokes get started. :giggle:
I'm afraid I don't know much about photo blending, but I know the GIMP can handle a lot of different effects that are similar to ones found in Photoshop.
The only problem being it can be difficult for a person to get the hang of it. (The GIMP isn't the easiest photo manipulation program to start on...)

For more basic manipulations, Picasa seems to be a lot easier. My dad uses it for different photo effects. It's easier for him since he doesn't have to worry about accidentally saving over the original jpg while testing (or undoing) the different settings. Then he prints right from there--though to upload a picture with the changes made, it IS necessary to save it as a jpg or whatever. (But I don't think it can really do any blending...Though I don't have the latest version, so maybe they've made some changes?) :shrug:

Wish I could be of more help! ^^;
makeyourownmusic's avatar
Dumphone - AHAHAHAAH! :lol: :lol: :lol: but you're so right, that name might be better in some situations :D I think sometimes the smart phone can take some getting used to. Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy I have has been amazing, except for the few times when it wouldnt post my comments on DA. Thank you very much for the suggestions, i think i'll try them. I actually have picassa, its great for sorting out my photos :) Does your dad work with photography?
3Fangs's avatar
A lot of people seem to have good things to say about the Samsung Galaxy products--my brother got a Galaxy tab3 and he's been very satisfied with its overall performance. :nod:

Aye, my dad's been into photography for probably something like 7-8 years now. He uses digital cameras and mostly takes nature shots. It's pretty much just a hobby for him, but I think he'd eventually like to try doing something in a more business sense with it. He doesn't go in for a lot of photo manipulation since the GIMP isn't easy for him to get the hang of, but he uses Picasa for sorting and minor adjustments. (Usually lightening or darkening an image. Or adding a soft focus for an artistic framing.) He uses an Epson inkjet printer and looks for interesting frames in various stores. Throughout the years he's given away a LOT of pictures...he used to take photos at a local pond here (not so much anymore, since it's gotten crowded and all the wildlife has gone into hiding) and he'd always have a big stack of pictures with him that he'd hand out to the people going out boating and/or fishing. =)
Tarkulich's avatar
AUGH!  How did I miss this??  This is amazingly awesome!  I wish I could draw her hair that well!  Thank you so much!
3Fangs's avatar
Awww, thank you! :thanks:
I had fallen out of touch with reading webcomics for a while and going back through Bardsworth was great fun--it's amazing how far the story has come, and looking at your art progression from the first page to the current is truly inspiring. Each new story arc shows new layers to the characters (I'll be really interested to see how this current one shapes Mike's and Crystal's relationship ;)) and new elements implemented into your style. I'm so glad that Bardsworth is still continuing strongly! Do you see Bardsworth as the sort of story that will eventually have a "definite" ending? It's sad to think about, but it's also rather exciting in a way...I'd be sorry to see it end, but it feels like, as we go through Mike's life, it's really building up to some big things. (And at least I know it won't end for many more years yet--there's still so many things to be resolved!)
I was also happy to hear that you've been more active here on dA (been meaning to go through your gallery at your new digs :w00t:), I just love your fairies!
(The fairy story arc with all of Fawn's sisters has to be one of my favorites. It was so emotional when Mike tells Raven he'd gladly be her spirit bond if he could...So sweet!!) :heart:
Estme's avatar
Cute coloring! I suggest using stronger shadows though. Don't be too shy about it, try to be more expressive and experiment some more :D
3Fangs's avatar
Thanks! :thanks:
Aye, using shadows is still something I fear--I've been taking baby steps in my coloring when I really oughtta just try jumping into the extreme deep end and seeing what happens.
(The worst is an ugly pic that I'll learn from! And that certainly won't hurt me.)
So maybe I'll try something dramatic to that effect. (Only question is...what to draw?)
I'm thinking about starting up the standard "100 Themes" challenge to see if it kindles some artistic flames.
Maybe make 'em all goblin themed. Well...or maybe AROTD, or JC. Something to connect them, anyway. :hmm:
Estme's avatar
A challenge is a neat idea. Damn, I think I need one myself, I really feel like drawing, but lack ideas. But I'd rather do something shorter than the 100 themes. Know any good ones?
3Fangs's avatar
100 seems to be the magic number around here...XP
But I noticed there was a version cut down to just 20…
(Seems more manageable.) :XD:

And I was rather interested in the color theme challenge...…

But actually I've been thinking about maybe creating my own.
(Since I love random tables and make 'em for creating RPG characters--I could probably manage something in a drawing vein.) ^^;
Estme's avatar
Yay! Make one please :D
3Fangs's avatar
As you wish. :bow:
Hey, I think I'll make several, covering different themes.
(And I'll design them in random-table format so that I can roll dice to make decisions.)
I'll see what I come up with tonight and post 'em tomorrow.

In the mean time...I owe Joey a comic page. *squirms guiltily*
IMMA GUILT WUUURRRM! :iconwormplz:
*or maybe a penis with a face, I dunno*

Eh...but fiiiiirst...
Before I log off dA...
*wanders off to your gallery*
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