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May 11, 2009
Helena the archer by ~3dsquid is a beautifully realised character featuring exquisite modelling and texturing, and a perfect facial expression.
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Helena the archer



hi, this is my latest work, helena the archer..
software used is 3d studio max 9 and vray
tell me what you guys think :D
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A fine artistic image and fair composition.  The left hand, including the thumb, should be round the bow.  If the arrow is on the right of the bow then the right hand should be in the thumb release, that is the thumb is round the string and the first finger hooked over the thumb.  The bow needs more curvature if the string is that length and the arrow needs to be longer with the tip in front of the left hand.  The tip needs to be a lot smaller, the weight of that tip would make the arrow unusable.  Granted this is pure fantasy so you may say this bow will work.  From a technical point of view, no part of an object in a picture should touch the edge of the picture, it should be just inside the frame or just outside.  So in this case the bird's wing and her left foot are fine but the tip of the bow is wrong.  Copy the image is photoshop and then create a new image with the same dimensions but make is about fifty pixels longer, paste the image and move it down to the bottom, paint out the background to match the top of the picture, flatten the image and save.