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Beep Beep It's a Cheep Cheep by SirMadameTheKnight
A bunch of Dittos (T-shirt design) by Drawirm

Mature Content

Colors!3D: Angels of Death's Isaac 'Zack' Foster by AncientEchidna
Avatars and Pixel
DSi by MiiJolly
Icon Base - Sad DS Lite by Kiki-Myaki
DS Light Avvies by stariearth
Has a DS in it
Request from TheWolfBunny by Kiaou
Request TheWolfBunny by watashi-wa-mangaka
Holiday Haul part 1 by artdragon1
Pictochat by blasianonna
Wesker  DS by VIOLET-2010
pictochat cat by Spongebobluvr66
Alex Pictomation by jonathanvair
FlipNote Studio 3D - Heart Animation Practice by AncientEchidna
FlipNote Studio 3D - Sonic Fan Character Animation by AncientEchidna
Fatality gif by Yclan
Swapnote Nikki by Mariohenri
all current stationaries by FuPoo
Nikki by milkybee
Don't Forget Me by CanasOminous
Drawn With Other Games and Apps
Nintendo 3Ds IB Garry by 0toto
Matt Mello on Drawn to Life DS by Sillaque
Photos of DS
Nintendo 3DS by roxas431
My Nintendo 2DS Bundle by QueenSilvia95
update to nintendo handhelds collection by inurenton
Taken with DSi and 3DS Camera
White Blur by leppaberrie
Kitty Close-up by leppaberrie
Leafed Plant by leppaberrie
Having a little chat by CrazyFoxMoon
DS Games
Pou 3DS by SpektrumSP
My Life - The game by Hatchey
Animal Crossing WW and NL
My AC New Leaf Birthday Wish by Neutron-Quasar
Colors and Colors 3D
Tavros Nitram finished by animaster888 by Animaster888
Venusaur pokemon stylus by dragonitetrainer
DS-tan The Humanoid DS
My Nintendo DSi as a Pony: Black by Dewa-chan
3DS Mii
Nintendo 3DS Mii Characters: Papyrus, Sans, Frisk by AncientEchidna
Find Mii
Cramped Cage (Find Mii) by StarRion20
Poketch Drawing: Pikachu by abgarok
Cases, Skins, and Decorated DS's
Nintendo 3DS XL Yoshi's New Island Special Edition by Casval-Lem-Daikun
Iwata-Mario Nintendo 3DS Stamp by Bowser81889

Mature Content

Nestor on my Nintendo 3DS by AncientEchidna
Daily Art - 351 - WHY?! by SuperSiriusXIII
Pushmo, Stretchmo, and Crashmo
New Flannery Crashmo by BradtheBS
Art Academy Series
Stitch Fan Art by 29steph5
Tomodachi Life and Tomodachi Collection
[2015-05-05 - 12,17] by mimi-min
Pixel Paint




About Us

This group is for DS related art.
Avatar by KishiFishy FREE AVVIE: DS Lite White by KishiFishy

List of DS art apps, plz accounts, and models
Ways to make art with a DS/3DS:

- 3DS Apps:
Swap Note
Colors! and Colors! 3D
Game Notes app
Photos taken/manipulated with DSi or 3DS camera
Inchworm Animation
Butterfly: Inchworm Animation II
Pictochat (DS/DS Lite only) Animations can be made with it too)
Flipnote Studio 3D
Flipnote Studio (DSi only)
Mii Maker

- DS and 3DS Games:
Art Academy game series
Animal Crossing Wild Word, New Leaf, and Happy Home Designer
Pushmo game series
Let's Draw!
Comic Studio
Tomodachi Life and Tomodachi Collection
The Poketch feature of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Crashmo and Stretchmo
Drawn To Life

- 3rd Party Apps:
New Flipnote Hatena (Check out videos uploaded to the old Hatena service)

You can also:
Take photos of DS's
Make drawings of DS's

Plz Accounts:

Related Groups:
:iconnintendo-ds-artists::iconds-doodles::iconnintendo-ds: :iconpushmo-pullblox::iconartacademy:
- DSi:
- 3DS:

List of DS Models:
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DSi XL
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo 2DS
New Nintendo 3DS
New Nintendo 3DS XL
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