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Boy Bend for Yuni

This was inspired by the artist Yuni yuni.deviantart.com/
I hope Yuni likes it and adds it to his collection :D
and I hope others like it too.
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A great homage to Yuni . Very well done .
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Oh my, he's so adorable and sweet!! It's really interesting to see this pose done by such a young boy, reminds me I first fell in love with contortion when I was around that age myself, assuming he's probably 6 or so. I tried to do contortion back then but the best was getting the feet to touch my head... and it felt awesome!! But doing what he does here would probably send me to heaven alive :D

Anyway, I respect children and they sure have a world of their own, however, I can't help but imagine what beauty he will be by his middle teens, specially if he keeps that hobby alive! He has so much natural beauty in him, I simply adore his face and hair, hope he'll never think of cutting it shorter!

The background here is intriguing and makes my mind really wonder what's the explanation behind this scene... Could this be a library in some academy for boys where this extraordinarily talented child had inspired one of the teachers to write an illustrated article about contortionism? Or maybe he's an adopted son of a mad scientist who's fixed on the idea of inventing "the ultimate flexibility potion"?

Or maybe just a young talent who needed to do his warm-ups before his performance at the academy, alas it was such a significant day that every room was occupied, luckily the principal personally invited the boy to do his warm-ups by the fireplace in his office.

Or yet another one: a poor boy from an orphanage which is in a very bad state, wants to help around and makes friends with a group of street musicians that he sees around often, they let him join them on condition that he could learn some flexible poses to attract more people to stop by, so putting his foot behind his own head worked for him right away, but learning to sit in the split took almost a week and bending backwards until his head was between his own legs took almost a month but eventually it was his best pose and the one that attracted a certain wealthy man/woman who admired contortionists and decided to give the boy a bright future and a spectacular career.

Either way, thank you for sharing this experiment, I think you did incredibly well and can't believe it's your first try of a contortion pose! I specially love seeing the other pictures of him in your gallery, reminds me to do that more often and sometimes show my contortionist boys in some normal poses too! Also I'm really sorry about this late reaction but I had no idea about this picture until it was posted to the Bendy Men group that I'm subscribed to. I better watch you so I don't miss any new pictures of this cutie!
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Now you have inspired me to do even more ^_^ 
I am so glad you liked it. more to come for sure!
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Hoping to see more of his talent in the future! Here's a picture I drew of him that I hope you will enjoy ^_^

Fullmoon Madness by Yuni
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Great! :D Maybe you'll do more of him some time!
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Definitely more to come :) 
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How the heck did you manage to bend the figure to such extremes? Gen4 models would literally break even before reaching such extreme bends! Very nicely done and a suitable tribute to an amazing artist.
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I took advantage of the pose controls and changed the limits of the waist and hip bends. I have not messed much with Gen4 as I have not found a satisfying setting for what I want. but I am still working on it. for the time being I will continue to use Gen3 :)
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Ooh, by Gen4 i meant the pre-Genesis characters, Michael 4, Victoria 4and the Kids 4. Anyways, keep up the great work.
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ah the millennials.. yeah they will break lol
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