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Published: July 20, 2018
Hello everyone,

There are awesome written chapters here in deviantart. And it would be lovely if we convert some into comic books!

We want to create comic books from written works! Let's do It! :)

What we need is your (everyone's) help to create 2 "Favorite" folders in your own profile dedicated to both "Stock" and "Base".

"Stock" and "Base" dedicated to characters pose. The Poses will help us to easily preview how the comic book will look like. And later, according to those poses, the final drawings will be made inspired in those same poses.

If you want to make this project a reality just comment in this journal the link to your 2 folders from your favorite gallery. In those folders you can keep adding bases and stocks that will be usefully for use to create comic books.

Everyone in our search team collecting these stocks and bases will receive revenue everytime a chapter is complete. Let us call this team the "Base and stock search team".

We will later create another team who's job is to make a preview of how each comic book page of a chapter will look like. That preview is super easy! Just copy and past each base and stock to the correct painel to match the writen work of the novel book. Let us call this team the "panel preview makers". And yes, thus team will also receive revenue for doing this important part of the work.

Now the last team, which I would like to call the "comic dream team" will use 3 references to complete all the final part of the work.... That is the complite drawing of the comic adaptation of the novel book. The 3 references are the:
1. all the comic character is T pose,
2. All panels with the preview poses of how the T characters should pose.
3. Part of the written text that is given to for the work.

In which team you would like to be?
A team: "Base and stock search team",
B team: "Panel preview makers",
C team:  "Comic dream team".

We need quickly the A team!

Questions and their answers:
- How much to convert a chapter into a comic book?
- How much will cost each drawing?
€5 (This amount will be used to pay each one of this 3 teams).
- How many pages will have each chapter?
32 (every chapter... no more pages).
- How many panels will have 1 chapter?
160 (Each chapter will not have less or more then 160 panels.)
- Will the novel author able to see every panel before paying?
Every payment should be sent to 3DShe. 3DShe will hold that money until the work is completely done. If the author sees all preview chapters half of the payment will be lost. This will prevent the author from give up the project. Because at this point half of the work is already done.
- Will everyone will have access to all the work done so far?
No one will have access to the complite work. All work will be splited into multiple teams.

What do you think of this job?

Once again:

"In which team you would like to be?
A team: "Base and stock search team",
B team: "Panel preview makers",
C team:  "Comic dream team".

We need quickly the A team!"

Thank You!
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