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How does this works?

Go to this youtube video:…

1- I write a short story with a new words.
2- I write between 2 and 4 alternative ways to continue the story.
3- You comment to vote which alternative way should the story continue.
4- I will then loop steps 1, 2 and 3.

Let us see how nice this story will become :)

You can't vote in this deviantart journal you need to go to this video ->…

At the moment the story is just like this:

Part: 1 -> video here ->  [link]
You just woke up. After thinking for a moment you remembered that you are female.
Then after thinking a little more you weren't able to remeber your age! However after checking you realised you were older then 14! Perhaps 19 years old!
Some noises come from a door behind you! The room is really dark without any light! You just can see a red light below the door.
You thought it would be better to stay in your room and search for some usefull objects in your room. After Some time searthing you have found many objects. But you are not sure which one you should take with you.
You choosed a Baseball bat! And just steped out of your room! The red light is all on all the hall!
Something started to run towards you! What do you do?

a) Run away!
b) Use your baseball bat to defend yourself from any kind of atack!
c) Atack using the basseball bat!

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May 30, 2017


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