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2D game, multiple endings. How was organised by 3DShe 2D game, multiple endings. How was organised by 3DShe
I made a demo with 32 alternative endings ->…

In this image you can see how I organize the connection between each choice.

I just calculated how many choices would the player be able to do each time:
2 Choises per time.

Then I calculated how many alternative ending I would like to have:
32 alternative endings.

I then built the tree of choices from the "endding" to the "start"... but only using "A" and "B" letters.

With the tree ready, I started to write the story (between the "A" and "B") from the beginning to the end.

Then I just copied and pasted the text to a modular layer I made in a notepad (.txt) using HTML codes I knew exists.

Play my demo and let me know your opinion!

The story... I just created a Realistic world in my had with their objects and characters... then I just started to wrote those objects and characters reasons to normal choices a player would do.

I did 32 endings... most games don't have so many endings... And their endings are more in favor of the creators.. those endings would be more interesting if they ended complitly diferent. (Talking about telltale's walking dead).

One Idea that I have and that I would love to do is to create multiple choice stories on demand... for people who pay me to do so. 
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March 20, 2017
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