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UPDATE: 9th of July 2019: The test was made thank you :)

Thank you for all comments :)
I made a card game according to cosplay topic.
It would be interesting to make more card games by topic, like... tradicional drawings, fotos, even literature! Original characters  and more.

I need 2 players to test this cosplay card game live on YouTube.
I will be showing you which cards each player has in their hand using deviantart notes. And everyone will be able to watch the video live on YouTube!

Let me know if you can help me now send me a note or reply this journal :)

Here is the journal with the 50 cards under the toptic of cosplay:…

And here is the promotion video I made to feature these 50 cards in a 3d space:

You can also watch this video using this link:


Updated Indo 2019June 24th:
I belive our card game should have only Original Characters! :)

Hello everyone!

Here is the first card of our group! This is the first card out of 14 featured in our special journal "Honor Roll": HONOR ROLL - Where Winners are remembered!Then acordding to the votes left in our Deviantart polls, 1 winner will be featured in our winners history list HONOR ROLL! Meaning that if our deviantart youtube channel becomes famous in youtube more people will see your name in the HONOR ROLL. This is better then a simple prize, because you will be remembered!
Our group's Rules


Bullet; GreenSeason 1:…


Card E0001 by 3DShe Art by oldboy93 Card design by 3DShe

Your artwork can be converted into a card game (TCG) aswell! All you need to do is:
- comment in this journal a deviantart link to one of your original artworks!
- Decide if your card is a fighting card or a magic card.
---- If your card is a Fighting card you must use only 15 skill points to increase your card's 4 status: "attack points", "defence points", "health points" and "Stamina points".
---- if your card is a magic card you must write a small text explaning the magic effect of your card. (you can be creative)

There will be live tournaments with rewards (steam games).

The live tournaments will have 3 live videos!
--- Live video 1 - exclusive live video for player 1;
--- Live video 2 - exclusive live video for player 2;
--- Live video 3 - Public live video for everyone to watch!

I will make these 3 live videos! Both players must use "Live video 3" 's chat to publicly reveal the next card move.

After a fight is complite, a video will be uploaded featureing these 3 videos at the same time and saved in youtube.

Join now! With your Original Artwork! Every card has a QR Code with links to your artworks pages! And your deviantart name will be directly in your card :)

I will print 2 copies of each single card! :)

Join it will be fan and it is free :)


All card at the moment:

Card E0001 by 3DShe Card - E0002 by 3DShe   E0000 - Base for QR - 8 by 3DShe   Card E0015 by 3DShe   Card E0019 by 3DShe   Card E0026 by 3DShe   Card E0020 by 3DShe
Hello Everyone!

Let us make a 3D Gallery featuring your original artworks!!

You will be able to play this Computer game in your PC or you can just watch video's that will be made for youtube named Daily Artists Season 7!

In this game you will also be able to see screenshots of your artworks and screenshots of other artists in their own 3D galleries!! And everytime there is a 3D models, you will be able to watch that same 3D model in 3D!! (You can have a 3D low-poly version of your original characters!! More info one original characters low poly ->… )

Submit all your artworks that you want to see in your 3D gallery game, into this folder: ->…

It is free to have your 3D gallery in this game! And the game is also free!

If you want to spend deviantart points in our 3D gallery, You can add decorative objects, Increase the size of your 3d gallery, draw a new building concept to be created in 3D! Have a VR video tour!

All this starts for free! Simple submit your Original Artwork to the folder hos link is above :)
Hello everyone!

Do you have a normal paper printer and your own Original Character? Great!!

See the exemple below!
We make a low poly 3D model of your character and you can print it and build it at your home!

The first 2 original toys are for free. Be the first 2 to comment and request!!
The next ones will be for 850 points each!!

Example of work made for UtilityVehicles:

A night together by UtilityVehicles 20190622 194929 - Cpia by 3DShe   UtilityVehicles' character as a mini paper toy by 3DShe

To do list:

Lights Out by TiniestTinsel

Referencia de Kitten by xbgr99
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About our group


Welcome to 3DShe-YouTube! It is free to join this group!

Some folders are free to submit your artworks to, others are paid.

Green Fridays journals:
10 August 2018:…
17 August 2018:…
24 August 2018:…
31 August 2018: There was no Green Fridays journals this Friday.

Locations of Site Visitors

Admin works:
1. Group creator: 3DShe
2. Verifying each Artworks submited to paid folder: 3DShe
3. Requesting artworks: Jose-Ramiro Kimberly-SC
4. Repling comment left in our group's homepages: Kimberly-SC
5. Voice Actors and Actresses:
-- Males) kuren247
-- Females) KenzyKoo DAGAIZM

This group projects:
2. Convert your OC into Mini 3D Printed Toy:…
3. Book with compilation of original artworks:…
4. Be a Voice Acting:
5. Ask for Voice Acting Service:

We have folders for diferent categories. Each category has 4 indepedant folders. Each 1 of these 4 folders have diferent prices! Free, 1 Point, 10 Points and 100 Points. (Remember that you can submit to free folders, howevery you need to pay points to submit to the paid folders.)

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Hey 3Dshe-YouTube you have my submit my Deviantart to your group of yours.
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thanks for your request:) (Smile) 
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Hi! Please check out my gallery and commission info  Emoji08 by Emoji-icon 

[Commission] Valentina by Meryosie   Sailor Moon: Usagi by Meryosie   [Commission] Vel by Meryosie   [Commission] Neria by Meryosie  

Commissions info
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Heyy a Llama for a Llama!
Support me pls with donate <3

Also I've opened COMMISSIONS

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Pluviophile by Yamikou    They Spotted Us by Yamikou   Are You There? by Yamikou

I Open for Commission
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Eggs Adopts:
(6/6 OPEN) Eggs Adopts - Auction OTA by nubilum93

TLoS style Dragon - Egg Adopt (+video) by nubilum93  
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Giving away invite codes for offers!…
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Hi uh, what is this group about? You requested my image in here but this group seems dedicated to sharing on YouTube and doing other things with artwork. I don't want my art used.
VyiaPotato Featured By Owner May 26, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Alright how do I explain this?
Um, I’m Vyia a neko who has a weird art style and I really want to promote my art !
i have my own channel but i’d like for other people to notice it at least -w- so I hope you guys could accept me?
SorchedEarth Featured By Owner May 1, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Hi, I'm a new member of the group. I am a Writer so I don't hold much for drawings except maps from my fantasy world. I will try to comment and reply when I am on dA. Hope to interact and add some friends from the group. if interested in fantasy then let's become friends! :)
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Hey there! I'm Kells, and I'm a Graphical Artist with 10+ years of experience (a Poet as well). I provide Novel Covers, Discord Graphics (Profile Pictures, Server Banners, and Server Icons), Presentations (Workplace & Personal Usage), and Literary Editing.

All of my prices are semi-negotiable and reasonableRefunds are offered in certain circumstances, and quality is assured in each Commission. If you'd like a Commission from me, read the Journal below and Note/message me.

Thank you, and stay awesome! :la:

Kellsyy, Admin of 5 Groups and Founder/Publisher of Art Exhibiton. :heart:

Kellsy's Commissions
Kellsyy is a Graphical Artist whose offers Commissions of great quality for USD or DA Points. As of April 22, 2019, at 5:35 PM EST, her Commissions are Open!

She offers four types of CommissionsNovel CoversPresentations (Workplace & Personal Usage), Literary Editingand Discord Graphics (Profile Pictures, Server Icons, and Server/Channel Banners).
For further information on each type, read the entirety of this JournalBy asking for a Commission, you imply that you've read and agree to all of Kellsyy's Terms and Regulations.
Terms of Commissioning.
When Commissioning Kellsyy, keep in mind these Rules.

ToC 1: Payment, Requesting, & Pricing. 
Payment must be given before Kellsyy begins with your Commission. USD trans

WP Cover 11: Chasing Lights. by Kellsyy WP Cover 16: Lost and Found. by Kellsyy WP Cover 2: Walls Fall Down. by Kellsyy WP Cover 7: Shades Of The Night. by Kellsyy
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Thank you for your post Kellsyy! :)
Kellsyy Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! :D
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Outfit Auction 003 - (OPEN) by AKoukis

SB: 10€ or 1000 Points
MI: 5€ or 500 Points
AB1: 60€ or 6000 Points (You can request minor color changes.)
80€ or 8000 Points (I'll draw your OC wearing this outfit with the above base. You can request major color changes.)
3DShe Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2019  Student Interface Designer
Thank you for your post AKoukis :)
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WIP Romantic beauty by LHLadyHalloween   Dionysus by LHLadyHalloween   That boy is a monster by LHLadyHalloween   Lady Kim by LHLadyHalloween   Fifth by LHLadyHalloween  
3DShe Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2019  Student Interface Designer
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