One of our partners DaveCox have talked with me about this issue. Should we allow non-3Ds Max artwork adding into our gallery? Right now, we have many good pieces of artwork made by other 3Ds-Max-like programs. And our current rule, we allow you to put it in. I do believe that some of you may think like DeveCox, but just do not say anything. So this is a good time to vote.

A. Have only one big gallery without folders, contain good quality work from 3Ds Max and other 3Ds-Max-like program.
B. Work from other program is not allowed. They will be removed from the gallery.
C. Create another folder to keep not-3Ds-Max work, and keep the main gallery as pure 3Ds-Max work

:bulletorange: One man, one vote
:bulletorange: If you need other options, as more folders by separating the kind of objects, we will talk later.
:bulletorange: The vote will be done, after 1/3 of members choose the same choice.
:bulletorange: If the 'B' gets most vote, DaveCox will help us to manage our gallery.
:bulletorange: Please enjoy, and have fun. :)

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