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Help, I want to model the character's head, but I do not really succeed. Tell me what methods you can use for better results.
i like to add some free models created y me to your group . ive feree shipping container and game ready fence . on cg trader . its already got some likes nad like to add to your community 

promise this not rubbish spam can contact me here or see my profiile
Thanks for adding me to the group.
Check out my model. Link to a tutorial :) themikester86.deviantart.com/a…
I'm really new to 3ds max, can someone explain why my selection is a single line that is really buggy and doesn't let me work right? postimg.org/image/3kjxprt37/
Any ideas on how can i improve the reflection on The Green Vase ? Any suggestions ? [link]
Anyone with tips on how to make a good crotch on a female model? A simple one, mine keeps getting weird bumps when i smooth it :(