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Hi guys,

I made a new Version of th ED209. :) I just tried to make it a bit more realistic. Here is a frontside view of it.

Here is the Mesh of this shot...: [link] ...and here is the backside view of it: [link]

It is rendered in Cinema4D with Vray4C4d 1.2 in 30min, and for sure I also used PS to elaborate the metallic look a bit.

So, I hope you ll like it.

THXs for watching :)
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cool, awesome classic :clap::+fav:
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awesome :3 just.. don't put any steps near it xD
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ED was totally misunderstood.  Nice work.
MillenniumFalsehood's avatar
I love it! You did a fantastic job of making it new without deviating from the original design too much.
Screwmon's avatar
...I have no words to describe ...
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Would you mind if I use this picture in a disaster photo manipulation please.
3DPORTFOLIO's avatar
Yes, sure! But send me a link to your work please, ok?!
splendidland's avatar
i thought this was a figure at first haha
i'm dissapointed that i can't own one, but also amazed at your 3D skills!
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Awesomeness :)
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It's make me want to learn how to use Cinema 4D... XD
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nice m8.... I made an animation of my ED. I think mine was as detailed as yours, but just different a bit...
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nice model,one of my favorite mech on the robocop movie,even though it doesnt know how to climb stairs :D
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I know you were probably just showing off his size. I just wish the angle was a bit higher so it showed more of his shoulder pad.
I absolutely love this guy's shape. I always have.
If I didn't lose my beloved ED-209 figure back in Kindergarten. (I still can't believe my folks let a five year old watch that movie...) It would be prominently displayed on my entertainment center.
:wow: so awesome, lmao when he went down the steps and squeal.

I always wanted an ED and Cain robot as a toy, had Robocop but no Ed.
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looks like somthin from robo cop :XD: :meow:
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Freakin' awesome work but Cain is cooler, you should model that walking pile of badass (i wonder were he kept all that ammo for his minigun....he never ran out of it) :)
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"Put down your weapon!! you have 5 seconds to comply!" And then I will blow you away. :D

That looks exelent! every detail is in there I think. Even the leg locks. did you find pics as references or something? anyway it looks fantastic!
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do you have a blueprint of it?
ArkadioRainrix's avatar
always thought that the metal gear rex from metal gear solid [no not ray from second] looked like a brother to the ed209
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Oh my god! Epic Win!!! :iconclapplz:
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The coolest thing about the ED-209 was the thought as to how the legs 'worked'. Even though at first glance they are simply 'chicken-walker' legs, when you sit down and look closely you get an idea as to how both simple the mechanism is and yet how wide ranging such a set allows in its motions/movements.

:w00t: Awesome work. :)

Much cheers to you and yours.
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