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Chapter 1 - The Prisoner

"It's cold, Hermes." whimpered a shaking voice in the darkness. "Why is it so cold?"
The old stone walls echoed with the distant beating of spear against shield.
"What a ridiculous question." snapped Hermes with a bitter tone. "You honestly believed that your sins would go unpunished."
The beat of steel was accompanied by a unified roar of men.
"A sin is a matter of perspective, granted that it is regrettable that any man woman or child should lose their lives in this unholy conflict. Although, I recognise that there was nothing that could be done for the thousands that were sucked below sea." replied the dusty, weak voice.
"Perhaps if you had actually attempted to protect the island's shores you wouldn't be here."
"Are you implying that I abandoned them?!" screamed the man, his rage underlined by the screech and grinding of chains against rock. "I suffered within an inch of my life to save them! You know this! You witnessed it for yourself."

A short pause flooded the cell, before hollow footsteps bounded its length. Suddenly, the room was alit with a dim, sunburst glow. Hermes, engulfed in the light, stood before the shackled man. His gleaming, golden hair flowed around his slim, toned shoulders, as if joined in a dance with his shimmering drapes, which were strapped at his waist with a bold leather strap.
He crouched down to the mans level, resting his forearms upon his own knees.
"I told you that you have sinned, do not frustrate your regret by confronting me here. You know that your crimes in this world go hand in hand with those you committed as a God."

The shackled man raised his head, his face glistening as beads of sweat trickled from his creased brow, running along his chiseled jaw and dripping from his stubbled chin. His and Hermes shining yellow eyes locked, the mans oily black locks also began to waft. The pair stared in temper. Though it was abruptly broken by a prolonged howl of a massing army, heading to War. The mans attention quickly darted towards a small, barred window on the far wall.
"Hermes, why don't they allow me to battle alongside them? They know my abilities can at the least even the odds."
Hermes straightened his posture and turned away.
"Please! Free me! If you don't, more and more of them will march to their death! By leaving me contained in here, you, will be responsible for this."
Hermes quickly swung around, his cape giving a delayed whip.
"I was the being who forged those chains and aided the King of this land in keeping you imprisoned here!" His voice thundered with almighty presence.
The mans eyes widened as his chamber burst into light, yellow steams prancing around in furious elegance. His large, muscular figure trembled tamely, never before being present during one of Hermes's outbursts.
"And as such, I am unable to break those chains that bind you." He began to back away, his aura fading. "You have fallen from the realm above, in this land you are considered a monster!" Hermes paused slightly as  his gaze shifted to the ground, his expression sinking. "I am sure i need not remind you of the world that awaits you should you falter once more."

The prisoner gasped in realisation. "No! Hermes you cant leave me here! I may be mortal now but i was once your brother, a prince among Gods! If I am to be trapped in this polluted realm then at very least allow me to be present with my former greatness!" He pleaded. "Restore the power that I once possessed and-"
"Farewell…" Hermes began.
"You spineless bastard! May the Devil take pity on your blackened soul! A Throne of bones awaits you by his side!"
"…and may Father bless you, Prince Wrath." He concluded, his eyes filling up.

In a dense white flash, he vanished. A single tear fell and burst against the stone, drowning out the noise of the army, destined to die.

Wrath felt his throat tighten, a cannonball of sorrow pulling in his chest. "Please….don't leave me in this place. I…I can't…I don't…." His sentence remained unfinished as he began to weep. He rocked from his knees and crashed to his side, curling his body as he felt the chains tighten.
This is a draft version of chapter 1 which i have not yet had chance to proof read.

Let me know what you think :)

Feather to filth is the story of a God, Wrath, who has been stripped of his holy rights and is banished to Earth to protect mankind. When he fails, he is once again punished.

Paperback - [link]

Ebook - [link]
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