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King Kong - New York

By 3DnuTTa
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In this shot I worked on a lot of buildings, roughly 20 city blocks while working at Weta Digital for the movie King Kong.

Please note, I worked on some of the buildings here, not the whole scene...
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I wish you could provide a link to download it :(
I really needed a high detailed city 3d model for the creation of my game...

Please if you can provide me with a download link to this whole city :)
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Not possible sorry, that belongs to Universal Studio.
Good luck with the game.
10yaseen1's avatar
OK Thanks, well thats bad but I got Esri City Engine, it can generate huge cities.
My Luck :D
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mindblowing.this is very realistic and very well is also amazing.:)
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Thank you very much, it was a team effort that I was proud to be part of... :)
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I loved how NYs skyline looked in thw 30s and this really does justice to it. Great work!!!
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Thank you, it was a group effor that I was proud to be part of :)
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when I saw this scene in the cinema, I was like falling down. amazing graphics and amazing film!
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Thank you, was a great experience being part of it :)
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that is fcking crazy! I love it dude!
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thats need real forbearance
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*bows to your awesomeness* How long did this take?
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Hard to say, I wasn't the only artist involved in making this movie...
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Ah? ^^ sorry, I meant, how long did it take to do your section of NY?
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Well I worked on the movie for over a year and I worked on parts of this thru out that time
as well as other parts of the movie, so hard to say...
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ok, no problem, just wondered. ^^ Great work though.
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Which Buildings did you work on? I'd love to know.

I love 1930's New York.
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Its kinda hard to point them out. There are blocks of buildings at a time.
The easiest group to see would be the group of buildins just before the park.
From the far left of the screen to the hudson bridge, and about 5 blocks deep.
There are other sections too, but yeah...
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Looks an awful lot like a screenshot, because of the minor noise (especially visible in the lighter parts of the background). Was that intentional?
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This is not a screenshot thank you very much.
I worked on the movie and this is part of the sample
work that was provided from Weta...
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