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King Kong - New York 2

By 3DnuTTa
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In this shot I worked on a lot of buildings, roughly 20 city blocks while working at Weta Digital for the movie King Kong.

Please note, I worked on some of the buildings here, not the whole scene.

forgot to post this with the rest :)
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What kinda resarch did you and other people do at weta to make it look THIS accurate exacly? Because it looks just like a picture from the 30s.
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There was a lot of research done to make it as authentic as possible, I beleive we had people working full time working on this.
Going through archives & finding old photo's, maps etc.
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most welcome!
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sorry if i didn't ask your permission lately, i used your nyc building here [link] a plate in our class.
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What was the Main software used?? Maya??
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Maya was used, but difficult to say what the main software prog was
there are so many parts to this shot and was worked on my lots of people...
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Can you remember the specs of the machine??
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many machines, not just one...
I dont know what they were (render farm).
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You work at Weta?! I want to. It's a tough choice between workshop or digital for me.
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I worked at Weta, I work for myself now :)
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Ah. Was it as cool as they make it look in the behind the scenes videos?
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Yeah it was a great place to work, could be long hours some times tho ;)
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Yeah, I can imagine. Were you in the workshop at all? Did you by chance have any interaction with Richard Taylor?
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Yeah I have been into Workshop, the tour is a lot of fun, but you have to work at Weta to go on it ;)
Have talked to Richard Taylor on a couple of occasions, he is very polite and approachable. Great guy!
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Aww. :( He always seems like that in the videos. Love his accent. OK, how about Peter Jackson? Then I'll be done grilling you with questions. :)
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Well, I never had the chance to talk to him.
I saw him on the odd occasion, but he was so busy.
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wow, that's so kick ass!
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your work always amazes me!
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wow nice work, how long have u been at weta?
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Im no longer at Weta, I work for myself now :)
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It must be cool to say you worked on a movie :D

Looks really good.
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