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December 12, 2003
Enkei NSX by ~3dnutta is a great 3d modelling with realistic touches. Not just your average 3D model, you can see the work in this one. Makes me want a new car even more...
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Enkei NSX

By 3DnuTTa
This (should) be the final of the Racing NSX Wallpapers.
Hope you like it.
Please let me know any thoughts =)
Wow, thatnks for all the comments!!
I've got another render of this car in the oven, should be out in a while.
(Render time was about 9 hours on a 3gig P4.)
Here is the wip thread for this car for those who are interested:
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MarkusART's avatar
very good job!
Mp3Astra's avatar
Yum yum yum, shiny and sexy
adrian3Dart's avatar
Fantastic model!! Amazing detail work. Well Done. :)
3DnuTTa's avatar
Devil427's avatar
i really like all of ur works .... would like to learn some amazing 3D stuff as like yo ... hope to learn someday

fantastic work
3DnuTTa's avatar
COLIPSO's avatar
wow i think i got the need for speed
ragingpixels's avatar
oh yeah and what was the hardest part to make on it?
ragingpixels's avatar
good job, i love how you said cooking in the oven, lol, anyway what program are you using?, and how much are you going to sell that model for?, just curious.
3DnuTTa's avatar
Modelled this in Maya 2 years ago, had a few people offer to buy the mesh but always said no, can always make an offer.
Working on sum new stuff now
HellofEarth's avatar
hmmmm, odd, theres alot of noise, theres no noise on renders....
Rawspit's avatar
hotchin2k's avatar
wicked work.
keep it up
3DnuTTa's avatar
nienor77's avatar
Good work there,
I'm pretty amazed.
3DnuTTa's avatar

Not too bad for something thats over 2 years old =)
nienor77's avatar
I agree...
Funny but you are not the only that had done very awsome render work about cars in 2003 lolll
3DnuTTa's avatar
I never said I was the only one
I've seen other cars that are better than this.
whats ur point
ErnaRulz's avatar
nice car man! hope one day, i'll produce this kind of 3d model~~~AWESOME!!!!!
ZeROgraphic's avatar
nicely done. i'm very impressed. check out my gallery, i've got a couple PS renders in there.
3DnuTTa's avatar
not bad work you have there.
Quite a different skill from what I've been doing on the nsx.
Keep it up
X-plosion's avatar
wow that looks so kool
sidetracked's avatar
gorgeous modelling, keep up the great work!
1mpaKt's avatar
at GT live, they had a NSx meeting in the parking lot, there were like 400NSX's lined up. not the mention the race itself had several nsx's. (JGTC)
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