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Concept Car - Syd Mead Comp



This is my entry for the latest NV Art Competition - Accelerate.
The brief was to design a futuristic concept car in ths style of Syd Mead.

My car is designed as a luxury, chauffeur driven grand tourer, capable of comfortably seating 5 in the plush seats.
Gull wing doors and Retractable side mirrors help with the sleek look and to keep the car as aero-dynamic as possible.
Vehicle uses an advanced hydrogen propulsion system and emits no co2 (hence no exaust pipes).
The vehicles suspension system is capable of dynamically adjusting ride height to facilitate high speed stability while still having great ground clearance when needed.
There is also a small rear facing camera mounted in the arial for when the side mirrors are retracted.

Modeled in Maya, rendered at 9000 pixels wide with mental ray and composited in Photoshop.
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hotwheels of the future be like