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3DnuTTa's Rim Design Tutorial

By 3DnuTTa
Here is a tutorial I have put together on designing wheels, the tutorial is done in Maya 7, but I’ll try and keep techniques as broad as possible so you can follow it in any other 3D applications.

Note: Please note I've not studied car design, so these are just my methods and probably have some faults, so I'm sorry if it's not the best =)

edit: I have added a new step, all comments welcome :)
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How do you create the surface from image 4 (curves) to 5 (mesh)? This doesnt seem to be explained?
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I wrote this as a quick design tutorial rather than a modeling tutorial which there are a lot out there.
I would recomend starting with one of the spokes, create a poly plane, then snap the points to the two curves.
You can then cut this and snap the new points or extrude n snap. That will get you started...
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I appreciate it, thanks :)
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this is just plain :iconawedanceplz:
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Hi there,
Please tell me this works on C4D? i would like to try ;)
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I haven't used C4D enough to know, but I would be suprised if it didn't.
The tools will possibly have different names tho...
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Humm.. i understand i will look forward and try this tutorial of yours when i finish it i will show you the results ;)

Thank you for your reply ;)
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Hi again! I'm in the process of modeling my first wheel here.

I do think you should've made the additional steps 4 and 5. I'm pretty much clueless on how exactly you did the modeling. Very distracting to first see only curves and then BOOM there's an almost full 3d model in the next step!
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Sorry, this was developed for artist that already had an understanding
of 3D modeling and was more focusing on techniques to help design wheels.
I figured there were plenty of resources on the modeling side.
Time permitting I will be adding to this accordingly,
thanks for your input :)
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Funny thing cos I can't seem to find any. :D For Maya at least. I guess they're not coming up on google search.

I got the base model made though. Now it's the rim frame and lip up next.
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They are out there...
Have a look here for another source: [link]
They have at least 1 in Max, techniques are the same :)
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Oooh that's an excellent site! Thanks for the link.
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No problems... :)
i'm working on a rim right now for a bmw 3 series but having problems. How did you get from step 4 till 6 ??

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sorry, that modeling 1 basic spoke, duplicating the mesh as in step 3...
Sorry was quite brief on this section.
Was more trying to show the techniques in broad strokes ;)
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im doing this tutorial im Maya 8.5, but i cant find an "instancing" function, so i pretty much cant move on from step 1. Help me if you can please!
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its under edit - then next to duplicate special click on the box
Within there you will find instance...
Good luck :)
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