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3DnuTTa's Car Design Tutorial

I've been asked by some how I've modeled this concept car [link] well these are the steps I used.
This is done in Maya 7, but I'll try and keep techniques as broad as possible so you can follow it in any other 3D apps.

Note: Please note I've not studied car design, so these are just my methods and may have some faults.
Also, I've not written a tutorial before, so I'm sorry if it's not the best =)

Have gone through and added some more detail and reworded some of this...
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These are great! Let’s see all these cool models in a viewer :D What do you guys think?

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do you think this will work in blender?
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This will work relatively the same way in blender. You will just need to understand how to use Nurbs the same way he uses them above. The soft modification tool is the same as Proportional Editing in blender-- Hit "O" in the viewport... O... not Zero 0
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use the basic ideas he's showing, and replace the nurbs with normal polygon object and add subsurface modifier to make it smoother
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Thanks for the tutorial, Currently modeling out a 1966 Ford GT40 Mark 2 , and see how it  goes.
Nice work did you design the red car too? Where are you located and what is ur contact info? Marc
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Thank u so much, I like many love your work
Also Where did you learn Maya? And do you know other 3d apps
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Thanks for doing this, is oddly enough not to find enough tutorials about car modeling with Maya
thanks for this tutorial but i cant under stand step 3, can you please explain in me details,,,,
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In step 2 I do all the curves in the side view so they are in 2D at this point (y,z)
This step is where I pull the points of the curves out in the 3rd dimension x.
I make sure that when I have them selected that I just move them in the x so
not to distort their shape from the side. To get the look right I play around with them till
I get pleasing results. Hope this helps :D
thanks for reply, but i have not understood the step 3, please can you explain me in details of step how to make instance of that group and to make mirror...
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edit menu/duplicate special then set to instance and scale to -1 on the appropriate channel.
If you get it on the wrong one, then simply change afterwards.
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I'm taking a 3D modeling class right now, and I could still never hope to do this! :wow: I'm using Maya 2010, I wonder if anything's changed? ;P Anyway, this car is amazing! I hope you're still doing 3D modeling!
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Thank you very much.
Yes I am still doing 3D, have just left a company I was working as the Lead CGI artist for
the past few years and plan to do my own stuff for a while, so hopefully have some updates soon :D
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Cool! :D I'll keep an eye out. ;P
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As someone who hasn't really done any extensive NURBS modelling before and is producing a car commercial for Honda as part of some coursework this certainly gives me something to go on, thank you very much!
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no problems, good luck!
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If I run into any issues with the model would it be alright if I maybe hit you up? I'll work through as many of the problems I might run into or there's no point in me doing it but it'd be nice to have another pair of eyes. Is that alright?
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See how far you can take it.
Will see what I can do but have quite a bit on right now :)
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Absolutely fine mate.

Like I said there's not really any point in me doing it if I'm expecting someone else to babysit me but if I run into any major problems I'll give you a shout.
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thanks for providing to the comunity with this information. It's really hekpful
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No problems at all, hoping to make some more soon
time permitting :)
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