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There is no escape from me

So I decided to create a bit more of complicated scene today to offset the simple renders I usually do. A lot of custom stuff in this scene, my favourite being the chains.

I hope you like it
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:+favlove: Very Dramatic :+favlove:
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This is really nice! I particularly like the natural weight you've given the chains - so many artists make them stiff instead of flexible.

The chains look really nasty with the embedded spikes. The poses are excellent and the demonic woman is scary. Nicely done - thanks for sharing...
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thanks. The chain where the most fun to setup. Initially I wanted the girl to actually pull against the chain with blood streaming down her arm though to the spikes in the chain. But then I got lazy hehe
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thank you sir
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Great work throughout!
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Thanks Mate, I just wish I had inspiration like this more often
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Oh I'm sure you will :)
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Love the creature!
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Yeah she is really evil looking
This is such a masterpiece!! The distress of the human and the 'devilish' authority of that creature, not sure what to call her but she gives me a wicked chill down my spine. Love it :love: i just get soo many ideas looking at this artwork. Fantastic job!! :D
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Thanks, it was a lot of fun to create
3D artists have all the fun :D
I read you originally intended for the woman to pull on the chains with blood dripping down her arm :) that would be an amazing follow up image ;) it would go nice as a very short set with the woman's futile attempt to fight the creature.

Again, wonderful work ^_^
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