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Santa Barbara Stereogram

This is 3D-Stereogram aka Magic Eye picture. If you stare at it, you will see hidden relief, objects will be in different levels of depth.

I made the stereogram from the photograph I took in Santa Barbara, California. I edited it in order to make source picture tileable and drew a depthmap, which defines elevations (distance) of each pixel of source image from the background. Finally I rendered this stereogram in my software (Stereogram Lab) and here it is.

If you saw all my deviation stereograms, check Scraps pictures, I put some 3D pictures there because they not so good, but it's fun to see them in 3D anyway ;)
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Beautiful artwork!!
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This is one of the best stereograms I've ever seen! Great work! :)
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Great depth in this one. Love all the details, all the little people around the palmtrees.
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Thanx so much ;)
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woa....ooks nice....andi think i had some questions.... i made it via notes :d
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I love your work. This one though, the images that are supposed to join together were a bit too far for me to connect them :( But it still looks awesome in 2d. :p
I just need more practice...
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Thanx for feedback :)
It depends very much on a monitor's size and desktop resolution you using. Making the parallax smaller will reduce useful space and also some people may "join together" not neigbour clusters, but next to them. It causes incorrect hidden image/relief.
You can try to stereograms in a program which allows to scale images and find best size for you :)
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interesting work, definatly looks like santa barbara
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It it Santa Barbara. I took this photo during the vacation from the pier. Could you view it in 3D?
tasteofkerosene's avatar
no i couldnt see it in 3d, i wanst sure what to look for
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those are magic-eye stereograms, remember there used to be such books in 90s with an abstract carpeting, if you look through the stereogram, a relief appears. Very cool optical illusion, haven't you heard?
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yeah i know what ur talking about but i havent been able to see a new image, what pops out when u look at it?
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Santa Barbara doesn't have any hidden image, but it becomes relief and objects will be on different levels of depth. Check my other stereograms, maybe you'll find something easier for you. Do you know how 2 view them?
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Wow, nice work on this! I haven't seen one of these for years ... ;)
First one I've ever seen like this ... awesome job! :D
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Thank you very much for feedback! :hug:
It's quite innovative type of stereogram. I have more of these in my Scraps - [link]
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Thank you again, Kitten-of-doom :)
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That's a really nice effect on this one!
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This is very innovative type of stereograms I'm playing with. I have more in my Scraps folder. Come again soon ;)
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