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Reveal the Magic Eye

By 3Dimka
If you never were able to see hidden images inside the Magic Eye posters, try this tool. You won't need to diverge or cross your eyes, animation will help you to see it. Even if you have depth perception difficulties or binocular vision problems, you can discover hidden 3D world with this method.

1. Paste or type in the URL of the any JPEG image and click the [Load] button *
2. As soon as the image is loaded it will begin to shake.
3. Adjust Focus slider until a hidden image appears.
4. Adjust the Speed as well for better viewing.

Different position of Focus will "open" different level of depth. Play with it and uncover the scene layer by layer.

* Some images will not open from the web - you will need to download them to your hardrive first and then enter their location, instead of URL
* Some image formats and some versions of JPEG are not supported by Flash - please convert or resave them with any graphical tool you have.
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Just now found this tool. I'm one of the lucky ones who looks at a magic eye image and just sees the 3D, but for some of my friends who aren't so lucky, this tool has proved very useful for them.
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I can't see anything! ;( I've never been able to work Magic Eyes and eventually my science teacher, while we learning about visual perception from transduction to the Gestalt principles told me a small percentage of the population never can, grrrr. GRRRRRRR. at least now i know from the comments and my results it really is futile and i am retarded. ;( awesome device!
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Have you been to 3D movies? If so, were you able to see 3D? If yes, then you should be able to see stereograms as well.
veeohlay's avatar
I have never been. :o Thanks for the info.
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This is just plain awesome. I cannot find another word to describe this. =)
3Dimka's avatar
I do not need that too but it is great thing. If I only had this 10 years before, when I was struggling to see pictures.
Can I download this flash animation?
I get swc file but I can not find reader for swc?
3Dimka's avatar
Thanks, you can still swf file from here - [link]
which picture is the easiest? And what animation speed?
I don't get it yet.
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the car and saturn are the easiest I'd say
you need to play with focus and speed yourself
Nyght-Driscol's avatar
Wow! Thank you for this! It helps a lot for people who can't see them. Wonderful job man.
3Dimka's avatar
Ah you are welcome Hallie :hug:
miss-elaineous's avatar
Oh yay!! Thanks for sending me this link. I finally can see them, even though I don't have any depth perception! The terminator one especially seemed to work for me. With the others I could just see the outlines of the object and the rest of it seemed flat. Perhaps I need to play around with the speed and focus some more. Thanks for this tool, I really appreciate it!!
3Dimka's avatar
You're very welcome. Some poor stereograms do look like just an outline shape.
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How cool!! I've never been able to see these before! I have one eye that kinda doesn't work to well, but this tool you made let's me finally see what these look like! XD thank you!
3Dimka's avatar
thank you so much, your comments mean a lot to me ;)
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All I can see is a wobbling image - paralax as it were. Do I need to be able to see both images at once?
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you don't need to do magic eye with this tool, it shows animated 2D picture so that you can recognize the hidden image with normal vision. It's intended for people who can't see magic eye at all.
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Ah. I misunderstood.
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That's a great idea for a Flash. I know many people who can't view Magic Eye pictures, though I have a feeling that some of them still couldn't see them even if they used this tool. I like the way you can use just about any picture with this tool.
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awesom codes!!!!
crossbrace's avatar
Thanks for this.
harakirio's avatar
Cool tool< i dont personaly need it but still it was a good idea =D
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