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Maldives, 3D-Stereogram

I can't help myself not to submit this stereogram! The original photograph (by Terry Joshi) is so nice!

I converted it to a stereogram with a Stereogram Lab free software. The depth map is very simple. I took pelican's image from some other photograph. All together took 4 hours to finish and polish this stereogram.

I would suppose it will be hard for some people to see it because of big parallax. Report me about difficulties if there are any...
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Wooow niiiice =D
No difficulty on trying to focus... in fact, I got it right away =D
... Awesome man, I love your stereograms and Magic Eye... I hope I had the time to comment on all of them =S
... Anyways, I probably saw most of them =P
Stereograms !! ! :iconhornsgrinplz:
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thanks, but you don't have to comment them all.
I'll be happy if you just look at them without breaking your eyes :) LOL
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this one took me about 6 seconds it was a bit harder than the others, or my eyes could have tiered after playing the tetris :)
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mmmm... i like this way of stereogram, ... its like not an enigmatic image, its sort of a generated new depth....
may you tell how get satereogram lab?? you told is fre software and that you wrote it... so maybe a link o other stuff may be apreciatte it.... i have other program in "my power"... but as you see on my gallery, i posted onlu rds (random points stereogram) cause its more visible than the tileable images i worked on... may you give me some hints maybe??
thank you!
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Thanks for comments
You may find free copy of Stereogram Lab at this yahoo group:
You'll need to join the group in order to get access an to its Files - [link] (stupid yahoo policy)
If you don't want to subscribe, I can send Stereogram Lab to you via email.
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so much thanks.... i think i dont need some more email accounts... i already am full of things to consult, so i ll tahe the second chance...:) ill send you my email on a note.
thank you.
3Dimka's avatar
No problem. The group is also great to share and learn tricks. Unlike dA I usually get fair critique there which helps me to improve my skills :)
kike3k1k's avatar
thats because it is a very concentrated group of one kind of work i believe....
they know a lot, and share.
iam an amateur, but i really think your work is really nice.
3Dimka's avatar
it's up to you, the group mostly consists of lurkers, you don't have to post anything or to be an expert ;)
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Shame i can't see the 3D element...I have astigmatism in my eyes and therefore dont have binocular vision and hence limited depth perception. Stuff like this more likely to give me a headache than an artistic experience.

3Dimka's avatar
It's sad indeed... Sorry 4 the headacke
thanx 4 comments ;)
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I see, I see! WOW... That is really cool. I'm amazed at how you do that... Is it the same kind of technology that makes holographic objects?
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Thank you, SushiQue, I've been making them over 10 years and invented many new techniques. This one is made of tileable 2D picture and its depthmap (b/w image of elevation). This is a photostereogram, I also make Hidden image stereograms and inverced perspective stereograms. Check my Gallery and Scraps, there are my deviations and experemental 3Ds there.

Holograms are other type of 3D images and require using of expensive technologies. These are just stereoscopic (binocular) pictures which give an optical illusion of depth you can feel like it's real ;)

Have fun!
3Dimka ;)
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confused on how you made this, but it looks really cool!
3Dimka's avatar
Thank you SushiQue, hope you saw it in 3D ;)
This is very new form of Stereogram art. I've used Stereogram Lab program I wrote by myself.

Have fun!
3Dimka ;)
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Wow, complex... How exactly do I see it in 3D? I'm not sure that I saw it in full on 3D... is there some trick?
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Do you remember those Magic Eye pictures - [link] ? If you stare at it and look through, you may see either hidden 3D object or the picture becomes relief and you can see object on different levels of depth from you. Really nice optical illusion. Thisi is parallel viewing method, your photograph could be viewed with crossed eyes and if will look relief too ;)
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Ahhh, okay... yeah I remember those. HaHa (makes me think of Mallrats). Okay, I'll try that now
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Shame on me I haven't watch this movie ever. Should have to ;)
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this looks nice and odd too, good work
3Dimka's avatar
Thank you 4 feedback, Oma-Thule
This looks odd because it is an inversed perspective type stereogram for parallel viewing. For cross-viewing it would have traditional perspective, but cross-viewing doesn't give such good depth reseption as parallel-viewing one does.
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