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Emperor Penguins. Stereogram

This is innovative form of a stereogram I found recently - 3D Photo Stereogram. I made it from 2D photograph (by Hubertus Kanus) by converting it to 3D depthmap and then rendering it with a Stereogram Lab software. Besides it has blended hidden text, can you read it?
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I actually have a medium-sized Emperor Penguin in my room. I bought it from Hong Kong Disneyland store. I got it because of my now 19 years of Linux experiences. :)
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Great Work 3Dimka!!
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It's so refreshing!
wonderful :)

do you have another photo stereograms?
hey, isin't text made in other depth than penguins? cause i cannot look at penguins and text at once T.T
Beautiful, and the Save Us! written at the top is very clever, took me a bit to see it.
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Oh, that one is quite old, I have a better newer version - [link]
thanks for the complements!
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Man, with the big pollution that we produce i doubt that message! Unfortunately...
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I like the hidden message. =]
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These are really nice. It really looks like you are looking over an ice field full of penguins.
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Astounding work - and wonderful message!
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thanks 4 comments, I also have learnt new English word today :)
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Save Us! Is the program free/can you get a trial
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Ah, thanks for lots of comments, AngelLover89, somehow I missed them.

The Stereogram Lab is free and you can get it at [link] in Files section

If you don't want to register at yahoo group I can send it to your email.

Also you may want to try free Hidden Image Stereogram software - [link]

Good luck!
3Dimka ;)
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'save us'! Aww this is so cute ^__^
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wel i have an eye problem, so these are very tricky for me. i have to look away before any shapes come up, but ,, i ADORE penguins so it was worth it for the penguins =D
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Thanks. I heard watching the stereograms helps to keep eyes trained, could be a truth ;)
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Yep, this one is a bit trickier to see.

Since you said you used someone else's photo, I hope you've gotten permission or else you're breaking one of the biggest rules on dA regarding copyright infringement. Be careful with this stuff or you could get banned. Perhaps try some stock photos? Make sure you have explicitly expressed permission to reuse other people's work.
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It is a stock photo from free resource. Also I always show credits of author and do not use it for commercial purposes. Unfortunatelly all photographers I wrote to never replied me back ;(
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K, I was just checking. I think you should probably include the stock information in the description just so people don't get the wrong idea. And have you tried the stock categories here on deviantArt?
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This is really really good, especially the fact that it comes from a 2d photograph...
Really stunning :nod:

I've been staring at this one for some time now =P
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Thanks, I really appreciate it! ;)
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