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3D-Stereogram Tetris

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© 2006 - 2020 3Dimka
Here is a new version of Stereogram Tetris.

What's new:
1. Preloader Added
2. Pattern is changed - less strain for your eyes
2. Figure Hint - the next figure will be shown
3. Control the figure after you drop it
4. Pause mode (space bar key)
5. High Score table (hosted by www.hidden-3d.com)

High Score Table <- click the link for TOP 30 scores

Finally you can compete for the best score!
If you get 100 points or more, you'll be allowed to submit you score to hidden-3d.com. In the future they may have monthly winner contests with prizes, so keep training ;)

High score opens in a pop-up window, so if you have a popup blocker please make sure hidden-3d.com is not blocked. Try to get 100 points and see if it works, and then you can play your best. Don't forget to pause (space bar key) if you need to get some rest :)

Have fun!

Here's some tips how to view stereograms:

Basically you need to unfocus your vision and look through the stereogram. This makes patterns to overlap and gives each eye slightly different view, and that makes you see 3D image.

Get any still stereogram for training purposes or use the one on the bottom of game's Intro screen.

Step 1.
Look through the stereogram imaging that it's transparent. Your eyes should be relaxed and not focused on stereogram. When your sight is blurred try to move closer and further toward the stereogram, and do it very slowly. At some distance you may notice something happens and blurry relief may start appearing behind your screen. It'll be blurry, the next step is to make it sharp.

Step 2.
Try not to switch your sight onto the image - look through it all the time. Hold your head horizontally, don't tilt. Also try not to blink. It may take a little while until eyes focus properly by themselves. Do not force it because you gonna switch to 2D image. Eventually hidden image will become sharp and clear like a reflection in the mirror.

If you see a hidden image but it looks inside-out, it means you cross your eyes. You need to diverge them instead. If you see doubled objects - it means you diverge them too much (doublefusion), try to refocus.

It may take a while, so be patient and do this couple of times with different stereograms. It really worth it!

You may experience some eyestrain and even headache at the first time. It's ok and won't hurt you. It's also a good exercise for your eyes' muscles.

If you still can not see anything and wonder how it may look, try this online tool - Reveal the Magic Eye

Good luck and thank you for trying!

There are stereogram groups and communities, feel free to join:
1. 3D-Stereograms at Yahoo - currently 350+ members
2. Stereograms at Flickr.com
3. Stereograms at LiveJournal.com
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DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
Gorgeous work.
Lerkeer's avatar
LerkeerStudent General Artist
Cool work, keep it up
jcvorsteh's avatar
Such a very creative work..This kind of work is really incredible..I bow on you 3Dimka 
SailorOdesSa's avatar
Nice work man %D
KatTayle's avatar
KatTayleHobbyist General Artist
Got 1950... I suck at Tetris but it was fun playing it this way, really creative!
NerysGhemor's avatar
Freaking AMAZING!
Eisdax's avatar
A friend send me the link to the "picture" and I thought it is just a simple stereogram picture.... And after I saw that there are tetris blocks in it, I figured out that it is actually a game. XD
Great work! I love it!! XD
Dante-Strife's avatar
Dante-StrifeHobbyist Artist
That is Awesome!
im0chan's avatar
im0chanStudent General Artist
oh my goodness a stereogram artist <3
Malisity's avatar
MalisityHobbyist Digital Artist
Really good, easy to see and the shapes are clear.
The controls are little fiddly, especially the down arrow. Else pretty good :)
Eirik2103's avatar
Eirik2103Hobbyist General Artist
This is so awesome! :O
Noahela's avatar
nice :D very hard to play. i loose focus when i try to manage where to put the next figure
AngelOfCrepusculence's avatar
Yeah, yep, nope, I don't get it.
Noahela's avatar
dont feed the troll
Adante-Ora's avatar
Adante-OraHobbyist General Artist
703 points?
This is really awesome. I loved to play tetris on an old phone to kill time and I always found random dot stereograms amazing. I've never seen a concept of Tetris like this, I think it's ingenious !
It did give me a little headache though as was warned for appearantly, maybe try it with reading glasses or something x)
Clockspur's avatar
ClockspurHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is fun:)
Neelai's avatar
NeelaiHobbyist Digital Artist
I've never been able to view stereograms - but this time was a success! Yay! Incredible that my first experience was a tetris game. Very nice idea :-)
8-bitpunch's avatar
owwwwww, this is both dizifying and fun
MaryBethDarcy's avatar
MaryBethDarcyHobbyist General Artist
this game kicks much butt and put my frontal lobe into a tizzy
SamuFinland's avatar
Well, Imanaged to find this on my first try but I'm using a smartphone
InseIn21's avatar
InseIn21Student Filmographer
Oh my eyes!! It's fun haha
tekniko's avatar
That was fun!  Thanks!  Reminded me when I was 12 years old and I used to look for these images in the Sunday paper.
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