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NAME: Jennifer R. Sharp

GENDER: Female

RACE: Human

HEIGHT: 5’2-ish

SEXUALITY: Bi-sexual

ITEMS OFTEN FOUND ON THIS PERSON AND CLOTHING: A hoodie (often with the hood up) a high school class ring, her glasses, pens, her phones, a portable charger, almost always wears dark colored clothes, always has hair up in a ponytail.

LIKES: Reading good books from the fantasy genre, playing video games that have a storyline and don’t end when the storyline is finished, using the Internet to chat with friends and to look up fan-made art from her favorite movies, books, and games, drinking coffee and eating dark chocolate (loves the bitterness of it), writing and reading poetry, drawing, playing piano and guitar, spending time alone thinking about life in general, and when with others, telling dirty jokes or just listening to others complain about their lives (something else about this: she keep secrets if told or asked to do so).

Jen Sharp’s DISLIKES: Country music, bad liars, dirty jokes about her (unless it was deserved), being the center of attention (especially when speaking in front of a group), talking about herself and her past, loud noises and people, being really close to others (needs personal space), control freaks, mornings without coffee and not being able to finish her cup of coffee, white chocolate, shrimp, spiders (eww… kill it!), horror movies (is a screamer), working out (PE classes), and high level math classes (hates math in general, but will do the basics).

TALENTS (ABILITIES): Is an artist who has a decent amount of followers on a web site called “deviantART”, an online hangout for the creative rebels of society, or people who set their own goals instead of reaching those set by society, writes poems (has had two published when she was in high school), is able to take charge of a situation when she knows what needs to be done, can tell when something that has been written by someone else has mistakes in it and how to fix them (but can’t do it for what she writes on her own), can guess the title of a song around 55% of the time, and guess the artist 50% of the time because of how much time she spends listening to music, helping others find things that have been lost (“sharp” eyes), amazing attention to detail, and organization skills (OCD).

WEAKNESSES (DISABILITIES): Short attention span (unless the topic interests her), loses focus easily, can’t follow multi-step directions, wanders off (and gets lost often because of her bad sense of direction), daydreams, is a compulsive liar (relatively good at it depending on who she is lying to and about), feels like a short person among giants (most of the time this is true), her shyness keeps her on the outside of groups and causes her to have few real close friends, spends most of her free time watching TV shows and playing video games (lazy), can’t read facial expressions or body language (gets her into trouble all the time), and often does not know when to shut up.

PERSONALITY: stubborn, often considered to be cold-hearted, is lazy, is energetic to the point of annoyance, can be talkative when the subject is one she knows about, attention span of a child, mind almost always in the gutter, hangs out with people younger than her, would rather show what she means instead of say what she means. She avoids confrontations at all cost, but if avoidance is not possible, will fight to get away, often will not fight “fair”, meaning “cheap shots” don’t mean anything to her, “all’s fair in love and war”… etc., is quick to anger, does not forget who made her angry, and will often seek revenge or get payback in an unexpected way, and does not let her desire to remain in the background stop her from putting someone in their place when it is necessary.

Quote: “If today was your last day / And tomorrow was too late / Could you say goodbye to yesterday? / Would you live each moment like your last? / Leave old pictures in the past / Donate every dime you have? / Would you call old friends you never see? / Reminisce old memories / Would you forgive your enemies? / Would you find that one you're dreamin' of? / Swear up and down to God above / That you finally fall in love / If today was your last day”.

Favourite Visual Artist
no clue
Favourite Movies
too many to name...
Favourite TV Shows
don't watch a lot, maybe Supernatural?
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Avenged Sevenfold and Bon Jovi
Favourite Books
anything that is not real
Favourite Games
Devil May Cry 5 (DmC 5) and the Dragon Age series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360 and my tablets
Tools of the Trade
3D Builder on my laptop and good old paper and pen(cil)
don't think this is what this is for but... oh well... I am looking for anyone who is focused on Naruto/Boruto characters. the main characters please. if anyone of you have any art that is from those series in the works please keep me in the loop for...
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ok, I've got a problem with some of you... having to do with art I post. I have said that I realize that I do not own all of it, but I am posting it to find out, through all of you, who is the original creator of the art. if it is yours, send me a NO...
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Rosa Starblade (Shadowhunter oc bio) (link to base bio, need to see this before you understand who this is) BASIC INFO NAME: Samantha Starblade/Samantha Half-Tooth/Samantha Sootstar NAME MEANINGS: Starblade is a Shadowhunter family name, Sootstar is her Warlock name, and Half-Tooth is her Werebeast (Werecat?) name NICKNAMES: Sam, Sammie, Ember REASONS OR MEANINGS BEHIND NICKNAMES: Sam is the short form of her name, and is what Alec calls her (she loves it too), Sammie is what Magnus and only Magnus can call her, because she thinks that is funny, and he thinks it is perfect for her, and Ember is what her mom has called her since before Sa
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Thank you very much for your favorite on my "Mindgames" drawing. Please take a look around my gallery if you'd like. I'm always happy to hear some feedback.

Love, Manna
Thank you so much for the watch :aww:
Thank you for the :+fav:! :huggle: :rose:
Yogurtdoll fav by YogurtDollArt  Thank you so much for the fav!!!Hug 
you are very welcome!
Thanks for the fave!! Cry forever  rainbow heart