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XBOX 720 concept

ok this is the XBOX720 ...
after read your comment in my last creation (and for this big thx to all) i decide to made new one more realistic concept so i enjoy if you like and send me your comment or suggestion :)
my tools cinema4d R11
***please click full view :) ***

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no redistribution thx for your comprehension .
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Hey man! I love your design on the XBOX720! My name is Harry and I am a student of the A Levels art course, and I need an artist to interview on about their video game console design, is there a way i can contact you to interview you by questionaire format?


Sincerely yours,
Harry Sze
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I love this. I like the concept of a slide out keyboard, i think it's slide out, right? Although I think it might need to a bit larger, it looks that it would be a bit to hard to hit the keys.
I also love the left panel, would it also be a joystick control?
Would there be a tv-output as well? USB?

Beautiful packaging as well. You deserve a cookie.
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Thats awesome I want one of these XD
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thx buddy is really appreciate :)
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Nice to see something original and creative for once. I fail to see how it will work without a controller though. Please enlighten me :)
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Good job but seems like its still not even possible in Microsoft's dreams!!
Keep it up pal!!
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Awesome concept dude :)
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thank you so much i enjoy if you like this concept ;)
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sure it's awesome :)
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Holy jebus, that is one wickedly bizarre invention :D nice werk but
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Beautiful work mate. The realism is impressive. The lights, tones and scene are perfect. I wish I had your knowledge :) But, someday... :) For how long do you use 3d software?

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thank you so much ;)
i made 3d for fun for 3 years now and industrial design for 5 years :)
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Wow man, this is incredible. I admire you. If you have any hints for a beginner, where to start, with what, etc.. I'll appreciate. Thank you.
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if you have question don't hesitate for send me notes ;)
but my English is basic ;)
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I like the keyboard ;D
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I thought it was real...I such a doof! But real cool design, I'd buy something that looked that sleek
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thank you so much :)
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